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  1. RIP Rick, you will never be forgotten by me or anyone else. God bless.

  2. Mueller apparently close to signing in Calgayry...damn.

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    2. DollarAndADream


      Lose Jokinen, sign Mueller. They still suck.

    3. Drybone


      Ferris Mueller's year off? Lets hope he can regain his form

    4. Jaku


      The guy has be so injury prone, he won't be a game changer in Calgary. I wouldn't worry about this at all. Calgary will still suck.

  3. Please think of Brett MaClean everyone...hope he's okay.

  4. Yay Gaunce answered my question :)

    1. Grape


      What did you ask?

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ..if the Schultz rumours were true ?

    3. Kassian


      nah, I just asked what he was doing in the off-season besides training...

  5. Lu would fit GREAT in Toronto. He would never have to worry about the playoffs :D

    1. Kassian


      that was a joke...not trying to be negative.

    2. Wilfred


      He would carry the Leafs to the playoffs single handedly like he did in 06-07, 08-09 for us

  6. Jensen has 5 goals in 2 games(so far) for the Chicago Wolves. Only 1 was an empty netter, also has a few assists.

    1. LostViking


      To be fair, his hattrick the other night had a tap in goal and an empty net. Still pumped about him scoring though!!!


  8. Hoping the Oshawa Generals lose today so Jensen can play for the Wolves the rest of the season. Niagra up 1-0 from a goal by fellow canucks prospect, Alex Friesen.

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    2. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      Jensen can't play in the AHL until the end of next year. So cheer for those Generals!

    3. Kassian


      Jensen is under an entry level contract, if they were to be eliminated he would be assinged to the Wolves like Corrado was today.

    4. canuck_trevor16


      he can sign a tryout with the wolves

  9. Lappy with a 3 point night

  10. Are we going to be using the Panthers' Message Board this year for the playoffs if CDC crashes again?

    1. DefensivePlay


      its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

    2. EmployeeoftheMonth


      When CDC goes down just go to an alternative canucks board.

  11. What an absolute joke.

  12. Gained a ton of respect for Don cherry after watching this documentary on him.

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Grapes is way past his due date time for a new face on HNIC that is just plain smart business move. the mind of the modern hockey fan has changed so much in the last 10 years he really has no relevance anymore

    3. srsface


      Can someone recap what happened?

    4. 22Sedinery33


      Missed it but I will be sure to check it out

  13. Kass is starting to go bald :o

    1. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      getzlaf is pretty bald for his age lol

    2. Mr. Anderson

      Mr. Anderson

      I am sorry but Mr Leon Richard Kass still has quite a bit of hair.

  14. Old name = Lappiere.

    1. g_bassi13


      Why didn't you change your new name to "Kaasian" instead?

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