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  1. That would involve a rectal search. Are you sure you’re up for that.?
  2. Two little balls of hate riffing off each other. History repeats itself.
  3. Proud boys are rejoicing tonight. Dear leader said stand back and stand by...... Would a white supremacist really do that
  4. Trump is the mentally unfit guy who can’t stop predicting a fraudulent election. Sounds like a guy who expects to lose to me. Or maybe the boy who keeps crying wolf. DT couldn’t out debate Sleepy Joe, who is mentally deficient, or so Trump says. I’m not confident that those tactics would be successful in a trade war with the Chinese. Of course since Trump manages his business empire so successfully, I’m sure he’ll manage the US economy just fine.
  5. Trump can’t have a thought period. Say something intelligent Donald! Can’t form an idea during his allotted time so the sh!t keeps tumbling out of his mouth, when it’s not his turn.
  6. Trump has no real valid arguments that he can advance in his allotted time, so he talks over both the moderator and Biden. That is not strength, it’s weakness. I’m seeing a desperate guy that just can’t stfu. Maybe a guy drinking too much at the bar is impressed, but clear thinkers, not so much. Biden has too much class to take the bait. If you want four more years of chaos, then for sure Trump is your man.
  7. Not all is lost. She gets to walk away from 50% of the debt and she could sign a book deal before all of her things are packed.
  8. There are no reports of Biden or Clinton not paying their taxes, so that just leaves Trump, who’s getting all of the attention. Justifiably so, because he’s fought tooth and nail to avoid disclosing his tax returns. Had he done so after the election in 2016, this issue would be long forgotten, due to the short attention span that the average person has. Sure you can claim legitimate farm losses against other income. Having said that It’s never a “good look” to brag about paying less tax then the junior guy in your company. I’ve been a tax advisor since 1982 and I’ve pretty much seen everything. I guess your comment just hit a nerve. I’ve dealt with a lot of CRA farm audits, mostly in the 1990s because since then CRA has backed off on the farmers. Instead, their picking on small business corporations. Sincerely hope that your farm becomes successful ( not being sarcastic). I worry about the huge amount of debt that DT is carrying. He is incredibly vulnerable to interest rate changes. More importantly, he is totally beholden to his financiers, making it impossible to act in the best interests of the US public. The guy is in a total conflict of interest. He can’t even take a crap without having to phone his financiers to see if it’s okay to use three sheets of toilet paper instead of two. He’s up $&!#t’s creek without a paddle, and the Presidency is the only thing keeping him afloat.
  9. Biden paid into Social Security for years, so he’s entitled to collect on it. Same as anyone who pays into CPP in Canada. I’m sure he’ll pay taxes on it, unlike the smart guy who runs up losses for activities that aren’t really their chief source of income You’ll get away with that until you stop getting away with it If that happens we won’t be seeing any boastful posts about how you had to pay back taxes penalties and interest. Just a little social justice for the junior guy in your company who pays more taxes than you Sleep tight.
  10. Can’t make enough money to pay tax, yet so many trust him to manage the economy. Trump has a shanaplan of his own it seems.
  11. Laff’s board must be blowing up with talk of how AP wore Leaf jammies as a kid. Getter done Doobas