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  1. Horvat is the epitome of a good captain. Dude has his priorities right. These tough times will galvanize the team. The future is bright.
  2. Canucks should go with load management to the maximum extent possible. There is no reason to risk careers to appease the league’s short term needs.
  3. Sekeras is hot garbage. Friends don’t let friends quote Sekeras.
  4. Just watch baseball or hoops. Don’t worry, beer consumption might even go up.
  5. Exactly. Who wouldn’t want to have a teammate like JT Miller. Even if he is just a cap- dump.
  6. Throwing a little shade JB’s way. I’d expect nothing less from you. .
  7. Whiners will continue to whine long after Benning and Green have moved on. There will always be whipping boys and scapegoats aplenty. It’s the nature of the beast on CDC. Says me, who whines about the whiners.
  8. Yes. A lot of gms are totally missing the boat on AG. You’d think there would have been a bidding war for him. Paddy Kane should be sh$tting himself because AG is gonna come in there to replace him on pp 1. Just kidding.
  9. You had me worried so I got my crack team of statistical experts to run analysis on what the value of a late draft pick is, and the answer is, not very much Pistol Pete13, not very much at all. I’ll sleep a little better tonight.
  10. There’s always something to complain about isn’t there? Thanks for posting that. As a guy that has to listen to people complain about their tax returns all day long, your post was a refreshing break.
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