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  1. Fanning the flames of the “election fraud” has it’s benefits The guy who said that Don Junior’s actions were treasonous and that Ivanka is as dumb as a brick gets his pardon from Urine man, at the 11th hour. The “we build the wall scam” is evidently just water under the bridge. I wonder who is next
  2. Well not entirely. A chunk of this thread consists of posts by new users, and reincarnations of previously banned users. usual themes include: - Biden is just as bad as Trump. - People who don’t think Biden is just as bad as Trump are hypocrites. - Trudeau is bad too. - Trump’s medical plan will be announced in two weeks. - Trump’s response to Covid has been flawless. - Trump says a lot of weird things, but you can’t go by what Trump says. His actions are what matters. - Trump has the dirt on Biden. Just wait two weeks. - Biden’s laptop. Announcement coming in two weeks. -Trump won the first debate because he said more than Biden. - Bide has dementia and Trump is a stable genius. - Trump is playing 4d chess. - Person, woman, man, camera TV. See, I told you that he was smart. - The 2016 election was rigged but Trump won anyway. - The 2020 election was rigged because voting machines, dead voters, stuffed ballot boxes...... - Dems are radical left wingers who will burn your cities and drive down the property values in the suburbs by allowing minorities to move in. - Republicans are good at the economy. Dems will destroy it. Just to name a few. Oddly enough, many of the Trump supporters who show up here preface their remarks with “I’m not a Trump supporter but....” There has also been some interesting debates and discussions. I’ve learned a lot and have been encouraged to read more about US politics, thanks to this thread. Political system in the US could use a bit of an overhaul. An extra party or two probably could help that along. This either/or system does not seem ideal. For sure, these last four years have been tumultuous.
  3. Of the 239 million registered voters in the US,, 74 million , (30.96 %) voted for Trump. Corporations can buy their merchandise from whomever they choose. Maybe these corporations don’t want to buy from manufacturers who donate inordinate amounts to shady politicians. Those donation costs get passed on to the buyers. From a buyers standpoint it sucks to hear that donations expense is greater than cost of goods sold. No wonder they don’t want to stock the pillow guys garbage. I don’t think that people should be worried about speaking their minds or expressing their views. On the other hand, you can’t walk into the airport and yell “bomb” and you also shouldn’t be running your mouth making unfounded allegations, simply to benefit yourself. A bank executive can’t run around town telling everyone that all the other banks have run out of money, just so that he can drum up business for his own bank. It is hardly oppressive to show some restraint in these areas.
  4. Dotard will be pleased that more people attended his inauguration then Biden’s. Even with 25000 national guardsmen in attendance to fluff up sleepy Joe’s numbers. /s
  5. He was. But he was also on pp #1. Our powerplay has been missing him. I hope he hits the ground running tonight and sparks the pp. Otherwise this thread is going to be gruelling.
  6. Trump boot lick Peter Novarro seen helping the Dotard move his art collection.
  7. I like “Covid Invite” or “Trump Sucker Punch” Dude holding the flag looks like a roadie and pasty faced guy behind him is on keyboards.
  8. Didn’t you know that everything about Trump and his followers has been pre- approved by Jeebus? These guys believe that they’re doing God’s work.
  9. You mean the EP... All we are saying, is give Trump a chance? Only coming out if Dotard pardons all of them.
  10. Footage obtained by the New Yorker of rioters stopping to say a “prayer” in the Senate chamber on Jan 6th. Crazy times.