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  1. You’re off by at least a couple of days. I guess the New York Post didn’t report the fact that Biden campaigned in North Carolina on Sunday. It doesn’t support your narrative of four days, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story? The President on the other hand is wasting a lot of time preaching to the choir. Soaking in the adulation of his true believers for two more weeks is all he has left. Enjoy it while you can Donald.
  2. If the New York Post didn’t report it, then it didn’t happen. Amirite?
  3. He’s preparing for a debate. You’re connecting the wrong dots. How many Trump associates are behind bars? And yet Hunter Biden walks among us. Amazing.
  4. Rudy going down the toilet bowl of history, but the money’s good.
  5. And some guy on a hockey forum in Canada knows what is on a laptop that is allegedly Hunter Biden’s. Remarkable. I think Biden senior is too busy trying to win an election to waste his time answering allegations about his son. His lawyers will look after this nothing burger that Trump is desperately pushing at the 11th hour. You’re hanging your hat on the notion that a lack of published denials equates to guilt. Nuh uh. Biden has bigger fish to fry. Like a smart athlete, He is tuning out the chatter and keeping his head in the game.
  6. There was bound to be some criticism of JB at some point in this thread. I was just about to post.....in before someone posts something like where’s dimjim in all of this?
  7. A lot of posters on here have quick twitch reflexes on their typing fingers and poor short term memories. Moves made yesterday are quickly forgotten if no moves happen today. Must be a lot of day traders on CDC.
  8. Dude gets all of his info while checking out at the super market. Lot’s of great information in those tabloids. That’s why there’s no links or proof.
  9. Yes you are. You can have your leader who sacrifices the lives of his citizens, so that he can get re- elected. I don’t like JT either, but at least he is letting the doctors and scientists call the shots. Your guy has 220,000 and counting. Then he claims that if he listened to Dr Fauchi, it would be 500,000. He’s all yours
  10. If he’s lucky. He deserves a nice warm cell in a super max penitentiary in the good old USA.
  11. You’re not welcome in Canada, Drumpf. I’m sure a lot of other countries wouldn’t take him in either.
  12. So, I point out a Supreme Court of Canada decision which confirms First Nations rights and instead of reading the Case that I spoon fed to you, your response is to ignore the proof and spin out a goofy response that the courts need to specify ...... if “natives” are exempt. It takes a brave man to admit that he prefers to base his opinions on ignorance. So you have that going for you.