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  1. VA spreading the ball nicely. 6 different receivers in one quarter. Opening up a can of whup ass on the Stamps so far,
  2. Going through Active Pass right now. Ferry going the other way through our front window
  3. He did. It happened in Vancouver at practice. Blues coach Craig Berebe, said “no, let them go” when team mates tried to stop it. Totally galvanized the team.
  4. He’s the dude that Robert Bertuzzo punched out to get the ball rolling in the year that the Blues won the Cup.
  5. I wouldn’t be upset if Canucks took a flyer on Jujhar Khaira, who is available. Big, tough, has some offensive skills, and is a local kid.
  6. Adams keeps throwing into double coverage. Gotta throw to the right team. No gonna win with 5 ints
  7. No quit in these Lions. Hatcher is a beast.
  8. C’mon easy does it. This remarkable Leaf team won a playoff series!!!!! This is going to stoke Leaf Nation for decades to come. Strong defensive play, outstanding goaltending, unbelievable offensive talent. As good as Dubas was, Tree living is even better. The Shan-a-plan is recognized as the best of the best. /s. Lol
  9. What gives. I was led to believe that Canucks don’t have a plan.
  10. A man I on the right board? Where are the predictions that Duchesne is going to the Habs, and nowhere else.
  11. Edmonton Oiler first round pick Tyler Benson, now starring for your Bakersfield Condors.
  12. Benson has the physique of Gary Bettman. That size may not translate well in the Big boy league.
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