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  1. Take that boo birds. Team is undefeated after two road games, but yes let’s fire the coach.
  2. Edmondump 4 Canucks 2 Gwg - Connor mcjeebus Canucks first goal Bo Horvat Thanks for doing this goalie13. GCG
  3. Like many on here, I fell in love with the idea that we had a pretty good prospect pool. Now that a lot of them are not panning out, my optimism is dwindling. Here’s hoping that we can have a great season. Gotta start building a prospect pool. It’s time to hire someone that is committed to drafting and development.
  4. Vesey has a lot of tools in the toolbox. Just couldn’t put it all together. A fresh start might help this time. Having said that, he’s had a lot of fresh starts.
  5. US citizens playing in Canada, don’t pay an American citizen tax. They have to file a US tax return and calculate taxes payable. Then they claim a foreign tax credit for Canadian taxes paid. Since Canadian tax rates are higher than US tax rates, the foreign tax credit reduces US taxes payable to nil. One possible solution is for the Canadian federal government and provinces to institute a jock tax for all players on US teams who play games in Canada. My involve is in the mail.
  6. Too many concussions during your playing career will do that, as a guy gets older. Didn’t Scott Stevens absolutely destroy Francis with one of his patented “keep your head up” hits, back in the day?
  7. Relax and try to enjoy the moment. Now is not the time to scapegoat JB. GCG
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