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  1. And this signing was far from being a terrible signing. (in my opinion). Cheaping out on your backup goalie can bite you if the TML experience with that is anything to go by. Usually I’m ok with FL. This time he struck a nerve and I called him irrelevant. 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. So would that safe space also be for posters who get can’t handle it when someone says anything negative about our local media? I don’t mind the contact and I’m not afraid to know the details of it. We can disagree about the contract all day long.
  3. The rush to judgement is hilarious. Never seen him play…..but don’t like him Now that Edler and a few others have departed, there’s a frenzied search for new whipping boys. Nature abhors a vacuum. Welcome to Vancouver Tucker.
  4. He actually stayed a fact and added his opinion, which was meant to be negative and also to diminish what JB accomplished. If Mr Lalji would have left out the Luongo and Holtby references and instead said that if Halak played well enough to meet his bonus targets, it could mean that the Canucks will make the playoffs and win a round or teo. In that case, would Mr Lalji still be staying a fact? We’ll never know because Mr Lalji put negative spin on this excellent signing. Just doing his job.
  5. It doesn’t quite mesh with the local media narrative that the Canucks were unwilling to spend money.
  6. A desperate cry for attention from an irrelevant media shill. If Halak plays well….it’s bad news. Okie dokie.
  7. Relentless pessimism like that should be shared on other teams forums.
  8. Tofoli had his moment in the sun until he disappeared when it mattered most in the playoffs for the Habs. He was on the fourth line in LA when we picked him up. He racked up some points during the season and then got hurt in the playoffs. A streaky scorer, who may or may not replicate this season’s results next year. Tanev had his first injury free season in a long time for the Flames. He may or he may not repeat this in the seasons to come. OEL has fallen off a bit playing for a crappy Yotes team. He may or he may not return to his previous form as a top pairing
  9. Yes and he really crapped the bed on the Demko contract. If there is nothing to complain about today, some have to dwell on past mistakes.
  10. Aw c’mon that was a Rolling Stones reference. Not even a bit sarcastic. I wanted more in return too, but it didn’t work out, so I’m moving on. I regard my self not a an opinion changer, but More like someone who likes to chime in.
  11. Maybe he’s going to show Winterpeg fans the Steve Francis lower lip drop at his opening presser. (obscure VCR Grizzly reference)
  12. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you might find, You get what you need. And we need cap space.
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