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  1. Take that boo birds. Team is undefeated after two road games, but yes let’s fire the coach.
  2. Edmondump 4 Canucks 2 Gwg - Connor mcjeebus Canucks first goal Bo Horvat Thanks for doing this goalie13. GCG
  3. Like many on here, I fell in love with the idea that we had a pretty good prospect pool. Now that a lot of them are not panning out, my optimism is dwindling. Here’s hoping that we can have a great season. Gotta start building a prospect pool. It’s time to hire someone that is committed to drafting and development.
  4. Vesey has a lot of tools in the toolbox. Just couldn’t put it all together. A fresh start might help this time. Having said that, he’s had a lot of fresh starts.
  5. US citizens playing in Canada, don’t pay an American citizen tax. They have to file a US tax return and calculate taxes payable. Then they claim a foreign tax credit for Canadian taxes paid. Since Canadian tax rates are higher than US tax rates, the foreign tax credit reduces US taxes payable to nil. One possible solution is for the Canadian federal government and provinces to institute a jock tax for all players on US teams who play games in Canada. My involve is in the mail.
  6. Too many concussions during your playing career will do that, as a guy gets older. Didn’t Scott Stevens absolutely destroy Francis with one of his patented “keep your head up” hits, back in the day?
  7. Relax and try to enjoy the moment. Now is not the time to scapegoat JB. GCG
  8. That is true. A lot of fans just don’t have the stomach for contract negotiations for star players. Hopefully having these stars is an indication of future success. A few years back, it was said that Canuck fans wouldn’t have the patience for a rebuild. As it turned out, many Canuck fans didn’t have the patience for a rebuild. So here we are. Can’t handle success and can’t handle failure. What a ride it’s been, here on CDC
  9. The longer this drags on, the more tempting it is for the team to start looking for trading partners. If you are going to lose the player(s) it’s best to sell high. I hope that the matter can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, but if not then let’s get some players that will put this team in solid contention.
  10. You make some good points and I’m glad to hear that you got a great deal on your condo. Prices fluctuate in accordance with neighborhood, and many other factors. Players renting near the rink are likely to pay top of the market prices. Sales tax doesn’t always favour the wealthy. A rich young hockey player usually buys high end vehicles and products, eats at restaurants, and pays a lot of sales tax. Less fortunate people, don’t buy luxury products, ride the bus, eat at home and buy second hand stuff. Sales tax issue is not as cut and dried as you suggest. My point was that income tax was not the only consideration. I didn’t bring up other issues like medical costs, as these are usually paid for by the team, living environment and safety for the player and his family, etc. I still remember driving down the highway from Jacksonville to Miami, a few years back. Roberto Luongo was on the radio extorting Panthers fans to come on out and catch a game. . To be fair, I’ve also seen games at Amelie, and the atmosphere there is pretty good.
  11. There’s a lot being said about the Floria teams tax advantage here, so I’m just going to chime in on that issue. According to numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities, consumer prices including rent are 12.33% higher in Miami than they are in Vancouver. Sales taxes range from 6-8%, depending on the county and local tax jurisdictions. Every time you use a highway there’s tolls. On and on it goes. Income tax isn’t the only thing to consider.
  12. Everyone is doing their job to this point, hence the protracted negotiations. Eventually a deal will be hammered out, and things will go back to normal. Meanwhile the press is selling subscriptions and newspapers by stirring the pot with rumours, innuendo, and idle speculation. Petey’s in Sweden, now he’s in Vancouver, no he’s in Michigan…….whatever! Stern Jim, just has to stay the course and block out all the chatter. Get these two fine hockey players signed on the dotted line, at the right price, and into camp and let’s play some hockey.
  13. We don’t do things the Leaf way in these parts. Ask quickie artist Dubas, how that’s working out.
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