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  1. Welcome! I look forward to destroying you.
  2. The Seattle Kraken are super open for business but we might also wait until you all strike out in free agency
  3. Mostly, through no work or your own. / I'm sorry we're rivals now so you better get used to this s***
  4. You did a $&!# job of acquiring new picks D-
  5. It's super easy for me because all of my RFAs are guys I stole from everyone else. / You know who they are.
  6. A dollar twenty-five is the best I can do. Let me call a friend.
  7. I apologize for how PO'd I was yesterday. I'm feeling much better now.
  8. I thought Mike was allergic to draft picks. Huh
  9. Now that the entry draft is complete, the Dallas Stars are looking ahead to making big moves in Free Agency and on the trade market in an effort to make a strong push for the playoffs. With the unexpected claim of Gustav Nyquist by the Seattle Kraken, we will enter the rest of the off-season with over $26M in cap space despite a nearly full roster.
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