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  1. 13 minutes ago, theo5789 said:

    Did you watch the documentary? They seemed to indicate surgery was the best option (of course he would have the best doctors/surgeons working with him). I certainly have no knowledge in regards to this aside from what I saw from the McDavid documentary which made it seem like what he did was "groundbreaking" and against what doctors had originally recommended, but simply to get him back on the ice as soon as possible and still be on top of his performance. But like I said, I suppose having the top facilities and staff to work with him provides a different outlook and outcome as opposed to regular joes.

    I have not, I just read the article. I am planning on watching it though just because it does hit close to home.


    I am amazed what he’s doing based on personal experiences as I have confidence issues stopping on my skates one way lol.

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  2. 4 hours ago, theo5789 said:

    I guess the documentary was an over-exaggeration then? They seemed to indicate surgery was the best option, but because he would miss a year, they looked for other solutions to recover faster.


    But I guess the options are generally different for 100 million dollar players versus average Joe's.

    I’d suggest looking into how the process is with a PCL reconstruction, I saw Dr. MacDonald in Winnipeg as there were no surgeons willing to do it in Saskatchewan that I found. He told me that due to the procedure I’d be out of work a minimum 12 months. He also told me the best option is just physiotherapy to strengthen all the muscles around the knee to compensate for the less stability.


    I doubt you’ve seen the brace McDavid is wearing. I have a picture of mine if you’d like to see it lol.

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  3. 17 hours ago, theo5789 said:

    I wonder if he will opt for a McDavid type rehab or not. Whatever it takes.

    Unfortunately for Hertl he tore the 2 major support ligaments. They support is side to side and forward/back motions.


    Surgeons told McDavid they can fix his which was a PCL tear but the risks outweigh the rewards.


    McDavids injury is far tamer and some would say insignificant in the professional standards.


    Source: I have a grade 3 PCL tear (same as McDavid) and doctors told me to suck it up cause it’s not needed.

  4. 23 hours ago, Stamkos said:

    Something like this could completely upset what a team has worked to achieve and ruin them. Imagine losing Petey for a tweener? We'd be out of the playoffs for another 5 years +

    I know it’s irrelevant, but the odds of a team losing their best player (when Seattle joins) is 1/23,808...


    Math - 1/32 picked, 1/31 picked, 1/6 positions 1/4 players... if you add in players in the farm it gets more astronomical.


    P.S. Math might be wrong haven’t done statistics in a long time, but still the odds of it picking 1 specific player is rare.

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