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  1. Possible COVID-19 cure??? NCBI report below the video....looks promising.
  2. You're correct...thanks for the correction.
  3. A double whammy! A map showing how close Hunan province is to Wuhan province.....
  4. comment should have read: " Neat. Let's NOT respond to legitimate inquiry and valid questions and go with non-sequitur statements and straw-man arguments. Legit inquiry? Yes! If we've learnt anything by recent historical events (ie: 9/11, the subsequent war on terror, etc..), it's that it's very dangerous to sacrifice our critical faculties to the whims and opinions of the "official" fact checkers, the ruling political influencers of society or the court of popular opinion. Those who question the official explanations for the coronavirus outbreak aren't rejecting the science of epidemiology or virology. That the virus CAN be found in and/or transmitted by both domesticated and wild animals doesn't necessitate that it is the ONLY way that humans can get the virus. It's documented fact that the Winnipeg level-4 NML lab has for some time been growing certain strains of the coronavirus for scientific research. Such research has been used to develop bio-weapons programs. This isn't to say that this specific outbreak is the result of nefarious actions, but such an scenario does exist in the realm of possibility. Attempting to refute this possibility with nothing but a label of "conspiracy theory" might appease the simple minds of the ignorant sheeple, but it's of little value when attempting to uncover or explain the truth. Doubt nothing, question everything!
  5. Neat. Let's respond to legitimate inquiry and valid questions and go with non-sequitur statements and straw-man arguments
  6. We shouldn't arbitrarily accept the "official" explanation that's being pushed and propagated by all these modern Orwellian ministries of "truth". Neither should we arbitrarily reject the official story.... For inquiring minds.... Doubt nothing, question everything!