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  1. I've been stuck at 149 Pokemon on my Red Version for soo long. Been playing it off and on for a couple months without success. Damn Scyther and Tauros are so hard to catch..
  2. Ive had pretty bad luck with tinder, either they were crazy boring, or heavier than their picture. Last one I got right catfished. Ive had much better luck with ladies I meet in person
  3. I never > watched > friends
  4. Im in Nelson. Not too drunk, but was chatting up a milf when an older gentleman came by and started chatting with us. I did t realize until after it was too late and made some "bro" comments about having a private room at this hostel and finding someone to keep bed company with and things being liberal here with drugs and oh $&!# is he hitting-he's totally hitting on me and I totally just told him I have a private room and now he's talking about the nude beach here and oh god I don't wanna go there tomorrow yes I know its liberal here with drugs and that thing we both know you want but I don't want to participate in Eventually said I was tired and was heading to bed, he talked about how he was in this room right over there, but must be nice being in a private room where is that one? "Top floor night! Nice meeting you!"
  5. Had the Killer Bee Porter by Tin Whistle last night. Delicious.
  6. Lost my best friend of three years because our careers took us on different paths in life, forgot that meant I lost my balls and grew a vajayjay on cdc. shows me for having feelings in a confessions thread
  7. Went for coffee with my ex, who I haven't seen since December a little after the breakup. Was really good to see her again and catch up as friends, but goddamn it I didn't realize just how not over her I am, and just how much I miss her..
  8. The Bones of Jr. Jones - St. James Bed Such a beautiful song. Got a certain nostalgic feel to it..dont know if its the song or certain emotions resurfacing because of it..but almost feel like crying a little
  9. Ah, just had this happen to my #1 goalie, pretty big piss off. Tried to trade him before it happened (Regina was gonna give me two 1sts and a player) but the OHL team signed him before it could go through. I'd have to say that and trying to resign staff in the CHL are the two worst things ive encountered so far
  10. Maybe your running off of an older update? I haven't run into that problem
  11. Signed as in you released them and they signed somewhere else? Or they got poached?
  12. The draft is in the middle of the finals, and still in the no trade period. So you basically have to do all your trading up/down before the season. So I traded a couple of prospects/late picks for a guy named Justin Almeida, who as a 17yo WHL rookie is ripping it up right now. 12G 8A in 11GP, good for #2 in the league right now.
  13. Ended up coming 7th in the conference my second year, but went to the WHL finals where I was beaten by Brandon in 6. The 50 man reserve list with the 15 round draft is really killing me. And not being able to trade at the draft means I gotta release people to get under the reserve list.
  14. Dammit I'm found out On a more serious note, if either of us become famous, the other has the inside track to be hired as the stunt double
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