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  1. I really don't think it will change anything unfortunately, she's just a puppet on a mic being told what to say, same thing will happen with the next person. It's bad in Canada when per capita we're worse then USA now, and in the US there being told to not travel to Canada now, oh how the tides have changed.
  2. So now I'm reading Dr. Henry is wanting residents to avoid travel in their own province, but the province is still open for anyone out of province to come and vist still.... When I see crap like this I can't take anything they say serious anymore, what a joke.
  3. Not really weird when his wife literally said before the season started she wasn't going to listen to the Canucks or NHL precautions, and then Adam is the one who tested first and then the whole team had to deal with it. All speculation, but kind of weird to just ignore her comments actually.
  4. Doesn't surprise me especially after all the videos I watched about a year ago from incidents where police abuse their power and just are clueless in what they're doing sometimes, this just adds to that list now. Yet people still will claim it's just a few bad apples their not all like this, true their not all like this but there's a lot and I mean a lot more than just a few bad apples and I'm a little sick of hearing people use that sad excuse for this crap that continues to happen. It's the training that's the bigger issue and that is what really needs to be addressed. And they s
  5. Bennings contract expires at the end of 2022-23. All that cap space in his contract year
  6. Looks like Vladdy losing that weight is paying off for him, just looking at stats and it looks good .348. Leadoff hitter Semien was 0-5 batting .200, Biggio batting .154 2nd hole, these spots need better production if you want to win tight games.
  7. Did no one inform Benning and the Canucks April 1st was 7 days ago.... Their a little late with this joke......
  8. That's what I've been reading and seeing, so when I saw that tweet from the CDC I had to read it a couple times because it could almost be interpreted as something else.
  9. I'm shocked by the crowd that's just insane. MLB doesn't care about their players, when there is a pass ball and the catcher has to go grab it at the screen there's no way that's 6 feet distance from the people at the screen there. What about a foul ball down the line now the players have to interact with the people to catch the ball or just say screw it I'm not going for it...
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