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  1. I really don't know much about LPG but quick look I see it's cleaner and even claims better for engine so that's a good thing. I've owned a few vehicles my last vehicle was a 1984 Honda Accord , I did finally buy a newer car but it wasn't electric, but a 2019 Kia Forte they actually took my Honda for $300 for trade in . The car has 3 modes, Smart, Normal, Sport, I always drive in Smart and try to keep my L/100km the lowest possible, I want to think by not having a heavy foot and not having the revs up higher burning more gas in Normal and Sport mode I'm helping a bit, and saving money on gas Edit: When driving along highway 1, I did a test after filling up had it in smart mode and put cruise on my commute was 36mins check out my fuel L/100 ridiculously low.
  2. Funny quote actually just regarding other issues on here recently. I know we can't, but that's just an example of how easily someone could feel when other countries just aren't taking it as serious, definitely lingers in the back of my mind even when I still believe I deserve to be taxed because I drive and pollute.
  3. I was having a conversation with family(Grandma) just tonight regarding this climate change and it imo is definitely real, but when is every country going to be doing their part? Is the UN going to step in and enforce it? Is another group going to have to come in and do it? Hey it's nice a country like Canada or Sweeden has implemented stuff to help cut down on emissions, but when places like China still pollute at a ridiculous amount it almost feels like what we are doing is useless, the same standards across the world need to be implemented somehow but who will do it? And then you have the Amazon Rainforest issue that is not being addressed at all which is another HUGE factor, is anyone going to try stop any of it?
  4. Look yesterday I decided to really voice my honest opinion here and explain why someone like myself who isn't vaccinated and still isn't getting it, in the past I've come here occasionally and posted an article or something of a new study that has come out regarding the vaccine, not to stop people from taking the vaccine but to help inform them of recent information that does come out, people still have a right to know this information whether the news channel wants to show it or not because it doesn't fit their narrative all of a sudden, people still have a right to know if even it is a small amount, no information should be kept from anyone. I knew it would create a response it's something I've actually tried to avoid here because I knew this exactly would happen, I've read in here so I do know how many feel here, but I felt I have a right to my opinion and heck maybe some people might actually enjoy talking and digging up my mind a bit to really figure out why he doesn't want to get the vaccine. To see that I'm being labeled as this troll now or this anti vax fake news conspiracy or whatever people are calling it heck I don't even know. My opinion has been like this since day one when Pfizer tried to make the claim their vaccine was 90% effective then days later after Moderna said theirs was 94.5%, then Pfizer was now 95%, I never trusted this hence when my skepticism started on this vaccine and on top of it the rush and quickness with emergency panic use. I didn't need no fake news or people influencing my opinion I made this opinion up on my own from the start, and as this virus and vaccine has gone on my opinion still hasn't change this is why I addressed it with so many posters in here when they quoted me, I wanted to show you why I'm making this choice. I'm not here telling you or anyone to not take the vaccine, never once have I said this or will. Now everyone knows my stance, I will also add I haven't ruled out taking the vaccine completely but for the moment I'm not taking it, I think I voiced my opinion on why I am skeptical still, and I am well aware of what everyone responded to me with to help change my view on the matter, the same stuff I've been receiving and reading from family members. I've seen how the vaccines are definitely helping in the reduce of deaths I'm not denying any of that information, like I've stated I know their intent is to help people and not hurt them, it's obvious they're still learning as this goes on and how effective the vaccine is dealing with mutations and such, or other side effects that people may encounter with the vaccine, even if it is small their still learning. I think I'd be more comfortable once they have determined and found out all the side effects of the vaccine. Personally though before the vaccine came out and when we were first dealing with this virus, I wanted the whole world to literally shut down for 2-4 weeks. I felt this would of been the best way to deal with it to eliminate it at the beginning, but of course the way the world works they felt financially this wasn't pratical and can't be done, I'd argue yes it would of hurt financially a bit, but it would of been much less of a hit then trying to live with it for 2 years and lockdown multiple times in between to hurt financially way more. Anyways that can be an argument for a different day. I will step out of this topic, but if I do read something that comes up that imo people have a right to know then I will come back here and post it to show them, and I understand some or many may not agree with it because it may not fit the narrative that's going on at the moment, but if it's a study even if it's a small amount of people it effects, I will let people know especially for the ones who have got vaccinated because you do have a right to know, even if the News channel doesn't tell you, and just because the News didn't say or show it doesn't mean it's fake, there is some stuff they decide not to say or show still, they're not all as bad as Fox News, but they have their secrets to don't think they're all perfect now.
  5. And how does he know if people who catch it with the vaccine won't have long term effects of covid after? Because he says it not serious for them.... GTFO Yes I am aware of Indonesia and the vaccine it's definitely hurting them, but it's the KIDS who are dying from Delta 5 and under, but you're just going to ignore that I guess, and just blame not getting vaccinated go figure.
  6. Funny you know exactly where I got that from, yes one paragraph taken out of the report, nothing altered or changed, copied right from it.
  7. I said forget about the vaccine long term effects then because that's what we were discussing and that it doesn't concern you at all, so that's why I said lets forget about it then so we don't go back and forth on it, and after watching the video you posted and seeing how upset a doctor is or supposedly a doctor is over people using a mask, then I asked if you care about long term effects of covid if you do catch it, because according to the video you posted he doesn't. So why post the video then if you yourself don't agree with everything.... This is now the part I don't understand at all, are you posting it to educate people on his opinion? Because that video is actually his opinion not facts. It doesn't make sense why post it then? Especially when you want to talk about facts...
  8. Well your making a claim how bad it is for us to drink water, so isn't the first thing to try and fix it? Isn't that what were doing with covid? Isn't that why a vaccine was developed to help fight it and fix the issue? So why wouldn't the same logic be used with water since you want to bring it up and compare it.
  9. Ignorant for worrying about injecting myself with a vaccine that's not even approved technically, okay then bud thanks for the info cheers.
  10. Also that video someone posted that claims to be a doctor, has anyone bothered to look at what's happening to Indonesia? I checked the world meter last week and looked for any countries that stood out Indonesia stood out because their deaths were really high, so check them again yesterday last night, it was a little alarming to read and see especially with what's happening to the kids actually, but hey that docotor on YouTube claims Delta isn't that serious... Seriously just google Indonesia and covid and take a look for yourselfs.
  11. I didn't even know it was fox tbh I agree I'm not a fan of Fox, my mother sent it to me because she wants me to get vaccinated I'm going to get mad her actually because she knows better and even hates fox, but anyways regarding it being approved by the FDA are you acknowledging that part is true or ignoring it because it was a news report by fox? That is legit truth though the vaccine has never been actually approved, it was only emergency approved for panic use, here read the definition. What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)? An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA. I still don't understand how something that's not actually approved is not considered experimental, obviously the person over at Fox sees it like that, I see it like that, I question why is hard for others to see it like that tbh.
  12. Misinformed when it says this.... hmm okay... Until full approval is granted, all three of the coronavirus vaccines currently offered in the U.S. are technically considered experimental treatments.
  13. Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine expected to receive full FDA approval by Labor Day, report says KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) – Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine may soon be the first to be fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The New York Times reports that because of the delta variant and the number of surging COVID-19 cases, the FDA accelerated the timeline to fully approve Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine. According to the New York Times, the agency wants to grant full approval by Labor Day. Millions of people have received Pfizer’s version of the vaccine since the FDA granted the company emergency use authorization (EUA) late last year. Moderna’s and Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines also have emergency authorization. Under the EUA, the FDA allowed the use of the coronavirus vaccines even though they weren’t fully approved because COVID-19 was considered a life-threatening emergency and there was no other alternative treatment available. Since granting the EUAs, the FDA has spent months evaluating the vaccines and data from different studies and the vaccine companies. The administration takes all of those findings into account before granting full approval to a drug. So, why is full approval important for something millions of people have already received? Until full approval is granted, all three of the coronavirus vaccines currently offered in the U.S. are technically considered experimental treatments. Hospitals, universities, and other businesses have said they don’t feel comfortable requiring employees to get vaccinated until the FDA gives its approval. Once that happens, the vaccine will no longer be considered experimental. They also hope it will prevent legal ramifications that could surface with requiring workers to take an experimental vaccine. Health experts have also said many unvaccinated people use the vaccines experimental status as a reason they don’t want to get the shot. Once it is fully approved, experts hope it will convince vaccine-hesitant people that the vaccines are safe to get. “I think that is a game-changing moment. It’ll be fully authorized. I think you’ll see a lot of businesses and other places say we’re going to require vaccination. I think that’s going to start happening sooner and sooner. And I think that’s probably in many ways, if we’re going to protect ourselves as a society against COVID-19, it’s going to be the right thing to do,” Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer at the University of Kansas Health System, said Wednesday during an update with the hospital. “There are very few other drugs, if any, that have (been given to people) … a billion times and studied across the world.. I think there has been a lot of focus on these medications, and lots of reports that this side effect or that side effect that people had to go evaluate. And because it’s so many people, we’ve been able to run down all those side effects. So I’m very confident that especially these messenger RNA drugs are going to be very safe,” Stites said. Moderna filed for full FDA approval on June 1. The FDA said it needed the company to submit additional information before it would be considered for full approval. https://fox4kc.com/tracking-coronavirus/pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-expected-to-receive-full-fda-approval-by-labor-day/ But I'm the one who is crazy for thinking this has been experimental, yeah whatever you people say.
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