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  1. Tesla researcher says new Battery could last 1 Million Miles, definitely will be interesting if they can make this...

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    2. LordCanuck


      How does something that has an 8 year warranty, have huge repair costs? battery prices have been crashing for years now. its nearly $100 per Kwh. the usual stuff u have to maintain on electric cars dont exist like oil changes, transmission stuff  and no gas to buy, youd save a whole bunch even switching now.

    3. ChuckNORRIS4Cup



      Tesla is the only one that covers the whole cost for 8 years, so every person should only buy Tesla? And make sure you buy a brand new car every 8 years I guess... What if someone doesn't have the money to buy one brand new, and decides to buy one used I doubt they get warranty off someone for 8 years... Nissan Leaf will do 75% of the cost for 8 years up to 100,000 miles, Chevrolet Volt will do 60% of the cost for 8 years up to 100,000 miles, even under warranty for 8 years you still pay. Unless you're buying Tesla brand new, your argument isn't very valid for all electric cars, and if you're not buying brand new expect to pay out of your pocket for repairs and they're not cheap. 

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Might be a long term goal with a graphene battery. 

      The 2020 Roadster is claimed to be 1000 km range, and a 200 kWh battery. 

      That's 620 miles. 

      Honestly if I had the money I'd get a Jaguar I-Pace. 

      470 km range is just fine for me. 

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