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  1. So I found out yesterday how Toxic Twitter can be, still shocked. I decided to tweet someone who was responding to a Trump tweet, and what happened after that, was ridiculous. I had 5 people attacking me, 1 of them started going through all my past tweet history to spew fake stuff, started calling me homophobic names, literally harassed me all day. So I ended up blocking that person, get on Twitter today and there's a new person now picking up from the guy I blocked had about 12 replies from them, but what shocks me the most is they try to claim they're Veterans, I feel sorry for the real Veterans because these trolls are really putting a bad image for real vets.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Yeah man it's crazy, I bring this up to warn others not to get sympathy, but for people who maybe thinking of using Twitter one day, just be careful out there. There are some very rude and mean people online, but moral of story, it's better to just not interact with them, and instead just block them.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Less is more. I've always avoided FB & Twits-ville. Sh*t..I've never even had an Iphone, & don't think I ever will.


      Admittedly it's hard being nostalgic for how folks USED to be 2 or 3 decades back, but I personally feel society has been duped with this meaningless junk.


      It's also hard being the 'last dinosaur', but it gives the Missus something to heckle me about.


      So I say opt out. F*ck'em..these tech companies don't give a pinch of crap about anyone's mental well being. These tech elites likely advise their own offspring to take a wide berth around the very gadgets they have exploited the masses with!

    4. BettyWhites44


      I want to join Twitter now! :lol: 

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