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  1. How do you delete your profile on here? Tried asking an admin but they obviously can't reply back, and really don't want to be part of this bias opinionated board anymore.

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    2. morrissex95


      @Dazzle @ChuckNORRIS4Cup  I'm interested in knowing which admin you're talking about as well.


      Also Chuck stay on here man you'll be missed 

    3. VforVasili


      Huh. As an observer with no dog in this fight I saw the whole exchange and it looked like you went off on a rant about firing Green in the GDT a couple of times in a row, Deb told you to stop and keep that outside the gdt and you didn’t stop and started beaking her. I don’t know either of you very well so that was the impression you gave off. Was there something more to it than that?


      All I would say is take some deep breaths and maybe ask yourself honestly if your actions contributed to the injustice you are angry about. 

    4. Xbox


      @ChuckNORRIS4Cup Understandable. Hopefully I'll see ya in r/Canucks and r/TorontoBlueJays. Take care 

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