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  1. So BC on April 1st 2021 during a pandemic decides it's a good idea to make people pay more for heat in their house, and gas for their cars to drive to work when BC already pays the highest across Canada. This province is the JOKE today.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Don't get me started on restaurants, inside dining should of been shut down from the beginning if this province really cared about this virus to begin with. Hey there's a virus out there and to stop it from spreading we need to wear a mask, but hey let's let you go hang out inside an inclossed space with your mask off, it's not like the virus spreads at all when you have your mask off.

    3. canuktravella


       in all reality if govvernment had locked the border  a yr  ago wed all be at bars and restaurants  not having any worries  but now people in hospitality industry and small business are going bankrupt its fully bs   no reason when international anyone is coming to canada and albertans and ontario people shouldnt be allowed in province either.  thats why the province covid numbers are skyrocketing  o ya and why are kid germ spreaders still in school explain that one to me after the familys go off on spring vacation 

    4. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Yeah it's a joke in how they have handled it, instead of trying to eliminate the virus it's all about containing it and prolonging it and how to manage life with it, instead of trying to live life without. 

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