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  1. So BC on April 1st 2021 during a pandemic decides it's a good idea to make people pay more for heat in their house, and gas for their cars to drive to work when BC already pays the highest across Canada. This province is the JOKE today.

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    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      @Chronic.Canucks.Fan Yeah NW is on their own little grid over there, sounds pretty bad what they did at the start of the year dirty. Although I remember years ago NW was actually much cheaper then say Burnaby for utilities(electricity) not sure if it's still like that, but sounds dirty what they did though. 

    3. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      This carbon tax crap is really pissing me off here in B.C. I don't mind having a tax it should be 5% for gas not the 9.9% it is now. Why I'm so mad about it, is because they shut down AirCare because vehicles were becoming to clean, but they'll now blame the hike on the tax because of the cars on the road polluting. If they were polluting that bad why not have AirCare going to make sure it's clean, you won't because then the truth will come out. Garbage Carbon Tax Scam.

    4. canuktravella


      screw our government they just screwed restaurants over they should be sued for lost money on food orders that restaurants  spend on  before they  shutdown table seating what a bunch of assholes. But ya no biggy a million people can go to costco and walmart nof problem. Also be nice if everyone in hospitality and education could get vaccinated as well 

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