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  1. So what's plan B if Demko gets injured? Halak.... Demko had a minor lower body injury in morning skate last season, what's to say something doesn't happen this upcoming season? Holtby struggled when facing that many shots under Greens system, I don't believe Halak will be much better, but if Demko does get hurt this team imo will be in huge trouble. 

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    2. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      That's precisely why Halak was brought in...

    3. goog16


      what about that Zamboni driver for the leafs???

    4. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      @Herberts Vasiljevs Do you then believe Halak is better then Holtby? Cause that would make your statement more accurate, but I don't believe that's the case. Halak is here so Demko can have an off day so he doesn't play every game and cheaper than Holtby, Halak wasn't brought in to be #1 if Demko gets hurt, they had that in Holtby but decided a cheaper route.



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