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  1. Travis Green making his way out after the season.
  2. Yup having the same experience when batting and it's on freaking rookie . Wow that's insane, games tough that's for sure.
  3. I kind of like it, I found pitching pretty easy, but hitting wow that's tougher imo. I find by the time I locate where pitch is going and go to swing I'm always late, the only way I'm not late is if I don't pick up the pitch and just guess where it's going and then swing, then my timing is good. Just seems like there's not enough time to locate the pitch and then time your swing unless it's right down the middle, definitely tougher then I originally thought, but I also haven't played a MLB game since MVP Baseball 2005 one of the best baseball games ever.
  4. I'm rooting for Tellez I like his big bat, but he better figure something out because if he continues at this pace I don't see him being here long, I want to say Pujois but his knees are done.
  5. First Edler for his knee now big Mac, league cracking down on this dirty Canucks team I see , I guess the refs will continue to be against the Canucks for more years to come great, will never get out of the dog house from them
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