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  1. I swear USA is a 24/7 reality show there's always something going on, if it's not Trump, if it's not Biden, if it's not Dr Fauci, it's now Chris Cuomo.... Just never ends down there, but I will say this I don't know much about the Cuomo one, I do remember Biden being accused of kissing children, but Trump was accused by 26 women but he never resigned, why does Cuomo have to?
  2. With all the dead weight contract players they took on this off season I'm shocked they still need to sign players
  3. Yeah that last statement I bolded, I hope shows why I have a hard time believing everything Kane says.
  4. When I first checked out her IG profile I remembered seeing a picture of her in Paris so looks like they traveled to Europe, then hearing she's making claims of him partying in Europe I started thinking maybe Kane found another mistress over there anyways and was having an affair, because I know they're getting divorced. Then I just read I guess she is making a claim that he is out partying with his ex Mara Teigen, so went and checked out her profile looks like she has been in Rome Italy for the past week having a vacation.... Then I found this other story regarding another mistres
  5. Fun Fact: If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever. :lol:

    1. 6of1_halfdozenofother
    2. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      Fun Fact: Chuck Norris removed his closet, and Bruce Lee is now homeless. 

  6. I understand I hear you, but my advice would be just have an open mind a little more, especially with what's happened in the past, again I don't agree with airing dirty laundry on social media like this but attacking them for it is not right either, but I definitely have to keep an open mind especially with the red flags as previously mentioned regarding the whole issue, especially when addiction is involved.
  7. Here look at your very first post in here you even bolded it yourself, you're already judging them and her, like you know their life situation more then they do, how do you even do that?
  8. Maybe he wants everyone to think she's trash so no one will like her and then he can scoop her up knowing she is single now
  9. In the previous quote with me you just said you believe her story is faulty, ok maybe you didn't use the word all, but you're saying you don't believe her story.
  10. I don't know how you can just ignore the situation and blame her mostly, when Kane filed for $27M in debt prior to the season for gambling issues, those red flags aren't enough? Really? She's just making this all up?
  11. Didn't you claim at the beginning she's spending hours and hours on instagram?
  12. Yeah we don't know for sure, but that hasn't stopped you from saying because of his stats I doubt he would do this, yet when there is evidence of someone else doing it who was actually stats wise better then Kane, now you say we don't know for sure. Funny how you'll come to your own opinion on the matter but when others have a different opinion now you have a problem with their opinion and hey you should keep an open mind. In one of your replies to someone you just trash Kane as person in your opinion, then literally the next reply you say people should take a minute
  13. Just because he had good stats doesn't really mean much, that shouldn't exclude him for the past 11 years of playing now especially when he's an addict, again a guy like Pete Rose who was also an addict to gambling but also had insane stats, holds the MLB record for most hits, that couldn't stop the addiction urge from betting on his team. So I'm supposed to believe that a guy who's addicted to gambling and was $27M in debt because of his addiction didn't bet once on any hockey game in the last 11 years.... Really... So if a drug addict said to you I only do drugs in the town next to mine I ne
  14. I wasn't born until the 80's so never had the chance to grow up watching them, heard stories but that's all, so when I saw this video I thought it was cool especially with those two names going at it.
  15. I found this thing on youtube yesterday it was so cool, from back in 1959 it was a weekly Home Run Derby show they had with certain players from almost every team, 2 hitters, 9 innings, 3 outs an inning, and who can hit the most home runs winner moves on for the following week matchup. Check out the first episode Mickey Mantle vs Willie Mays.
  16. Last time the Canucks and the Olympics happened, Canucks ended up 1st in their division, and only 4 teams in the entire league had more wins then them, so it seemed to work ok for them last time. You have to let them play and represent their country, that's a huge honor for anyone, I get there is a risk, but lets be real there is a risk everyday no matter what, driving a car is a risk, sometimes you just have to let it go, I think it's worse saying no to them and not allowing them to play, that's just a huge slap in their face.
  17. The NHL seems to target the Canucks no matter what, that's another reason I'm suggesting him, but obviously the main reason is to protect guys like EP, Garland, Hughes, Hoglander, Boeser, and it's the same question every year is any Canuck going to stand up and protect any player.... Fans see it in the games all the time and cry about no one standing up for them, this team needs a Wilson type player, why leave the door open to allow teams to take shots at our stars without repercussion? This core needs to stay healthy to have success, and their not the biggest players out there, seems like a g
  18. Yeah that's kind of why I brought that up due to what's unfolding in the Chicago scandal and how some players decided to do that to them over there as teammates, just bad. This is also why it's hard to believe what players coaches management say to the public, everyone always thinks because their professionals they never lie and always tell the truth, I believe that Chicago scandal is showing this a bit and issues are still happening on teams.
  19. I do have one other concern with this story and curious how true it is, she claims his team gave him that book for gambling for dummies, I want to know how true this really is. Because a team should be trying to help support a teammate especially when he has an addiction problem, not giving him books to mock him that's not helping someone with a problem at all, and I have an issue with that if it's true.
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