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  1. 10 minutes ago, Dumb Nuck said:

    There’s too many Green lovers here, personally I prefer pretty much any other Color except Brown.

    I've been a Green supporter since day one, but I've watch Myers this year jump up into the rush way to many times and it handcuffs us after, yet he continues to do it and the coaching staff doesn't seem to give a crap, so I've now officially given up on this coach and coaching staff I'm done with them

  2. 6 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

    You had two runs at him in short succession.


    It's been established yeah, this is the GDT and not the Fire Green brigade.  It gets to be trolling if it's repeated over and over.

    Well I'm going to speak my mind on the GAME I'M WATCHING and respond in the appropriate thread for that game, maybe you should just ignore posts that get you triggered because it wasn't positive enough in your eyes, sometimes the truth hurts and unfortunately on this board some fans just can't handle the truth sadly.


    But hey keep blaming the refs for not calling a penalty, see enough of that crying on here all the time

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  3. 3 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

    Just. Stop.


    We get it, but we're limiting to one Green rant per minute.

    Well this is my first rant ever so I got a lot a minutes accumulated from not ranting before, but hey last time I checked this is a message board to speak your mind, now you're controlling what people say in a free speech message board... Wow 

  4. This Coaching staff is GARBAGE, how many times are they going to continue to allow Myers to jump up into the rush like he's Quinn Hughes, but of course Myers is slow and then can't ever get back in time, this coaching staff is absolute GARBAGE



    I finally have given up on Green and this coaching staff, I tried to give them a chance for the past few years, but they're just bad

  5. 1 hour ago, KeslerWho? said:

    Remember the interview with Sutter (I think), where he states the nicknames that you don't like are the ones that stick

    You're correct though regarding that in general, which sucks because he doesn't even like it yet now it's stuck, sucks that he has to be kind of upset every time he hears it though, yet some people obviously could care less how he feels if they call him it, great fans :gocan:

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  6. 1 hour ago, N7Nucks said:

    Also said it's a fun nickname if you feel like quoting his entire stance on it. I am sure he doesn't lose sleep over it and I am sure he understands the fans enjoy it. But hey, feel free to keep crying about it on his behalf. I prefer calling him Petey anyway, albeit a much lamer nickname.

    Says it's fun with his head down the whole time lol keep trying though :lol:


    Me crying? You're quoting me  because you don't like me relaying what Petey said, do you need a tissue?


  7. On 12/28/2019 at 1:23 PM, Xbox said:

    I didn't even know Boras was Ryu's agent. Glad he's working with the Jays again, he has a lot of big clients.

    Yeah neither did I, but I also don't even know half of his clients because he has so many lol. I'll be honest not a big fan of Boras, yes he gets the job done for his clients normally, but he really can handcuff an organization doing it though. He can normally get teams to pay top dollar or overpay for his clients that's why he's good at his job, but don't get me wrong it's good what he's saying, but he doesn't care to have his clients take a cut to add more depth for a team, hence that's not his job, so acquiring his clients could limit how many you can acquire in the long run, just got to be careful with him.

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  8. How many ex Canucks get put on waivers by their new team, but when they're with the Canucks they never get put on waivers, they ride them out until their contract expires, and people find ways to argue they deserve to be here, then see this kind of stuff happen all the time.


    I swear some Canucks fans over value some players way to much, always felt Granlund wasn't the greatest he always looked shaky on his skates not strong enough, but people would always argue with me you don't know what you're talking about, what Granlund does for this team is so much, he's so valuable to our team he kills penalties blah blah blah, at least other organizations see their flaws and deal with it instead of dragging it out like Canucks normally do, cough cough Eriksson.

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  9. Boras: Free agents are going to look differently at Blue Jays after Ryu signing


    Super agent Scott Boras is confident the Toronto Blue Jays have now changed the perception the club is unwilling to spend money following the signing of his client, Hyun-Jin Ryu.


    "I think in next year’s round of free agency there’s going to be people looking at this team a lot differently than they did two years ago," Boras said Friday during Ryu's introductory press conference in Toronto, according to Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun.


    Boras admitted the Korean left-hander was intrigued by what the Blue Jays offered beyond the four-year, $80-million pact.


    "He said I want to come here to be a winner, I want to come here to be a leader," the agent said.


    Boras also praised the team's ownership group, Rogers Communications, for giving Toronto's front office the green light to spend.


    "I think it’s really about winning," he said. "The wealthiest ownership group in baseball sits right here."


    The tone of the comments is a dramatic change from last offseason when Boras criticized the roster for a dip in attendance at the Rogers Centre, citing the Blue Jays' inability to bring in attractive names.


    Meanwhile, Ryu, the National League Cy Young runner-up in 2019, instantly endeared himself to the Blue Jays faithful on Friday.



    The 32-year-old led all qualified starters with a 2.32 ERA while with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season.

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  10. Seems like Jays have been rumored to be trying to acquire a lot of ex faces lately, EE, JD, Price, wonder where it stops or does it... Do they try to go after another one as well....:bigblush:

    Just for the record this was from a month ago, but I guess you never know....


    Now, at 39, the former Toronto Blue Jays star says he’s not thinking about retirement just yet.


    In an interview with’s Nathalie Alonso, Bautista, who hasn’t played in the majors since 2018, said he doesn’t really know what will happen next in his career, but he doesn’t feel like he needs to retire right away.


    “I don’t think that’s necessary right now,” Bautista told Alonso. “I haven’t given it much thought. I haven’t considered it yet.”


    The Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, native says he’s enjoying life while awaiting the next chapter of his career.


    “I’m focused on spending a lot of time with my family,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. I can’t predict the future. I don’t really know what will happen with my career.”