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  1. On 6/5/2021 at 10:13 AM, UKNuck96 said:

    In 3-3 and on larger rinks you also get the situation that if you give more space you get a more tactical possession based game. So games can be a lot lower scoring because they play slower and keep puck as opposed to basket ball style rush back and forth. 

    gebrally speaking lower quality players normally results in higher scoring games against compatible levels of completion as the Goalies and D are not to the same level.


    better doesn’t equal more goals, better often results in less. 

    I'll agree to an extent, the 3 on 3 the NHL has right now I personally believe it should be 4 on 4, not 3 on 3, but the whole purpose of it was to try and prevent less shootouts and generate more scoring in OT by giving them more space. Like you said we see the puck possession more, whether it's so they don't give up an opportunity with all that open space, or just hanging on for a chance in the shootout, I'd rather see 10mins of 4 on 4 and get ride of the shootout. 5 on 5 on international ice isn't like a huge dramatic change like 3 on 3 to 5 on 5 is on NHL ice, we wouldn't be seeing that puck possession crap for 60 mins, you might see more of that if it was 4 on 4 on international ice but not 5 on 5, they're fast enough now.

  2. 11 hours ago, IBatch said:

    If more ice meant more scoring, why do Euro/KHL leagues have such low scoring leagues?   To me it always comes down to talent level.  It's taken forever for the league to catch up to expansion.   Had to remove the redline and change the rules to make it easier to score.    21 teams.  16.  6.   It's finally getting close again.   Just hope expansion is finally done.   Diluted talent.   

    You pretty much answered your own question there, talent, that's why you don't see it in those leagues as much because those aren't the best players in the world playing, just a handful of some good players. A good example is when NHL players played in the Olympics when you put that type of talent together Canada on a bigger ice they blow out some countries 15-0, 10-1 that's talent big difference, but when they play against like USA or Sweeden or Russia they're better games and it's not low scoring games always, it's normally entertaining games.


    If you really don't think more ice creates more scoring... So in your mind then why is regular season overtime 3 on 3 then? Just for show....

  3. 4 hours ago, UKNuck96 said:

    More ice equals bigger area to speed up in, smaller ice more crowded can slow down the game. 

    the issue isn’t needing more space, it’s about needing to embed a culture of player safety through out North America from when kids first pick up a stick right the way through the NHL. The league also needs to up its game.


    part of the problem is that the NHL and other leagues in North America are leagues unto themselves and not part of a standardised governance. So the way each league refs and manages and treats certain situations is different. There is no continuity 

    More ice yes makes the speed go up even more which then makes it even more entertaining, but it also gives the players a lot more time to react to situations then in a crowded situation which is just asking for trouble. Overtime is a prime example of the league tinkering with the rules to generate more scoring with more open ice, not sure how you haven't see this yet.... How many players are being injured in overtime when it's 3 on 3, all that open ice for it to speed up hasn't created more injuries.


    The issue is they need more ice, and they need more ice without changing the amount of players on the ice, it needs to stay 5 on 5. If they want to keep hitting in the game they need to give the players more time to react to protect themselves. The longer it stays the way it is, the worse it's going to get for injuries, unless they remove hitting completely from the game and imo that will just ruin the sport completely if they do that. To avoid doing that, changing rules after rules, changing the amount of players on the ice to generate more scoring, just make the ice bigger already, it's honestly the best for the game going forward, for entertainment value, safety value, and even help the referees to make the right call.


    The game is to crowded right now and it's just going to get worse as players keep evolving into faster and better players, like for instance Hoglanders move behind the net lacrosse style goal, you'd probably be able to see him do that a couple times this year if the ice was bigger, but since it's not it's over crowded he doesn't have the time to try and pull that off, that's just one example of what we are being limited to see. With all these young talents coming into the game we probably could be seeing some very impressive moves out there, if they had more ice to try these things, but because they don't have the ice and time to try these we can't see them, and that's the entertainment side of it. 


    This is an issue I've been arguing about since 2011 when Crosby was blindsided and was given his concussion, even since that one incident I've been on board for bigger ice and will continue to be on board with it until it's actually done, one day it will but until then I will continue to say they need bigger ice.

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  4. They need bigger ice, they're to fast out there now, for the safety of the players they need more room and time to react, but instead they just keep changing rules and making 3 on 3 hockey instead, players are still getting faster so it's not slowing down, it's just going to get worse and if the NHL doesn't change the ice size it might be just 4 on 4 instead of 5 on 5 one day and that will ruin the sport if they take that aprroach to the game.

  5. When I first watched the highlight of the hit, my reaction was well he's just trying to make the hit to prevent him from scoring in the empty net of course. But then I watched this guys video of him breaking it down, and if I'm the Jets I would be pretty upset with Scheifele, because he easily could of prevented the goal but literally decided not to.



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  6. Vaccination error: A dozen youth mistakenly given the wrong COVID-19 shot in Vancouver


    Vancouver Coastal Health is apologizing and says it's updating its immunization processes after confirming a dozen incidents in which youth were given the wrong COVID-19 vaccine.


    The health authority says the errors happened Friday and Saturday during the first full week that kids aged 12 to 17 could get their first dose.


    It says in a statement that 12 youth received doses of Moderna rather than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is the only COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in those between 12 and 17 in Canada.



    It says Moderna recently announced that clinical trials for adolescents found its vaccine to be safe and effective, but its use for people under 18 has yet to be approved in Canada.


    The statement says Vancouver Coastal Health medical officers do not believe the use of Moderna will impact the 12 youth who received the shot.


    It says the people who administered the shots recognized their error and disclosed it to the clients and their families, and additional education and processes are now in place to help make sure it doesn't happen again.



  7. 57 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    cancel culture is just a made-up term that means different things to different people. Censorship is an actual legal thing. 


    Don was fired because he said a stupid thing, and refused to back down. He chose that hill to die on. Its too bad, because he was in the wrong and should have backed off, but he wasn't capable of that. I'd rather hear him than Ron, thats for sure. 


    But what if Don didn't say it vocally and wrote it in a tweet instead... Is there any difference?  You're voicing your opinion whether it's written or said vocally, but because he said it with his mouth and different write it, that's considered cancer culture, but if he wrote it as a comment that would be censorship... 


    With this guy in the year book I see it more cancer culture, I could see censorship if he was using inappropriate language that's not PG, but that's not the case he's just referencing a book title with his freedom of speech and not using inappropriate language to do it, this is cancer culture taking away his freedom of speech. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Alflives said:

    Didn’t Trump pass an Anti Semitism law, that would include this student’s comments?   If so, then this would be warranted censorship, and not cancel culture, no?  

    Not sure what Trump did or didn't do to be honest, didn't really follow what he passed as president. But in the states the first amendment actually protects people and their freedom of speech from censorship, hence why I deemed this situation more of a cancer culture because it can't be censorship when it's his freedom of speech, when making a comment. 

  9. 27 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

    its censorship if you think he has a right to publish what he wants to, i.e. the year book comment. 

    Publish.... He's not publishing anything, he didn't make the book and he isn't making a book... He's writing a comment using his freedom of speech, just like anyone who writes a comment or post on twitter and is flamed for it, it's cancel culture, not censorship, you're getting the two mixed up here.


    Here I'll ask you this question then, do you think Don Cherry was fired because of cancer culture or censorship?  Going by your logic here on this situation you would say it was due to censorship, but curious what you believe regarding Cherry then.


  10. 20 hours ago, Brad Marchand said:

    He's also the major league leader in OPS, total bases, offensive WAR, and adjusted OPS+. Basically he's been raking the whole year.

    Yeah he's in beast mode, and this was the player I expected a few years ago that we would eventually see. Everyone was losing their minds when we lost EE, but I knew Vladdy would easily be his replacement and better offensively down the road, definitely seeing that evolve now.

  11. On 5/29/2021 at 12:49 PM, Jimmy McGill said:

    you are confusing your outrage's. This is censorship, not cancel culture. 

    How is this censorship? He's not the one making the book.... What's happening is his freedom of speech is being taken away, because a culture doesn't think he should be allowed to like a certain thing, that's cancel culture not censorship. 


    It's the same as all these other issues when people write on twitter and then they get fired, that's not censorship :lol:, that's cancel culture because they don't like when someone uses their freedom of speech, and that's exactly what this guy did in his year book.


  12. Cancel culture at it's best :bored:


    Whatever the reasoning was for it, the fact that this society will remove those words written so people can't see it, but will allow the sale of the book so a company can make a profit of it instead as deemed okay.... Society lost.

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