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  1. 4 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    I would like to see more production out of Podz too, but you're ignoring the context completely. Linden Vey was an established player that had done well.at both the CHL and AHL level, and had already played in the NHL. Podkolzin was still a teenager up until about 3 weeks ago. He's still developing and hasn't been gifted the minutes and opportunities Vey has. Let's also keep in mind that, considering every one of his coaches knows he's NHL bound, they don't really have much incentive to develop him.


    And when he finally did get a chance to really play during the playoffs, he shined.

    I'm just going by all the hype I see regarding him on here, and with all the hype I see and read I was expecting more results especially when seeing a guy like Linden Vey doing better them him a guy who can't find a NHL job. 


    I get that he's young, but the KHL isn't no NHL, the NHL is a tougher league with better players still if there was one league close to the NHL it would be the KHL but it's still no NHL, and if a younger player is struggling in a league that's weaker then the one he's expected to eventually join, then I have questions and start to question maybe he is over hyped a bit, Canucks fans do tend to do that a lot with their players :lol:

  2. 11 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    Linden Vey has always been a great player in lesser leagues. His CHL, AHL and KHL numbers are a testament to that. Some players are just like that. I'm can't be assed to look into specific examples, but I guarantee in the CHL and AHL Vey outperformed a number of guys that went on to have great NHL careers. 

    I believe Vey size factors in for the NHL, at least he found a place to play, but he is a fringe NHL player still, but when I see a top 10 pick who is constantly praised on this board as the next superstar coming, to then see Vey out produced Podz, in Podz 2nd full year, that's not something that looks promising especially for all the hype I see he gets here.

  3. 13 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    You clearly don’t understand how the KHL works then. They brought Vey in as a veteran import and gave him top 6 minutes. 

    Podkolzin as a 19 year old had to fight for his minutes. That’s how they develop players there.


    That was Veys 10th season as a pro vs Podkolzins 2nd. Vey has been pro since he was 20 years old (older than Podkolzin) and put up points in every league he’s been.


    To compare the two shows a lack of understanding about the KHL and AHL and the difference 10 years makes for a pro.


    When the hype is that high around here for this kid he should be able to out perform a fringe NHL player, his skill should of bumped him up the lineup but looks like Vey had his number.


    So are you trying to imply that the KHL is tougher then the NHL because they have men playing.... That's your excuse for why a young skilled player was out played by a fringe NHL player? So the young kids who come into the NHL won't be able to out perform a fringe NHL player because by your logic a fringe NHL player has more experience playing with men over a young player.... LOL okay

  4. 2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    It says that Vey was 29 years old and Podkolzin was 19…


    Do you really expect a 19 year old to outperform a 29 year old In a men’s league?

    It also shows this was Podz 2nd full year with them and this was Veys first. And yes I kind of do when a fringe NHL player is out performing a top 10 1st round pick, I will start to ask questions then. 

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  5. Is this guy over hyped a bit? I decided to look at his stats for this year, and what shocked me was to see Linden Vey out performed Podz this year, by quite a bit and Linden Vey isn't anything special so what does that say about Podz....

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  6. 5 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

    Not sure what you mean but my point, is that the young core JB was able to build will perhaps give the Canucks a good chance of competing for a cup.  Ofcourse, there are no guarantees - so who knows; and it will be our descendants to witness the Canucks winning the cup

    Basically what I'm implying is I'm skeptical, but I get your optimism with them, no question I see lots of skill in them not ignoring that, but I also see undersized vulnerable players hence being skeptical.

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  7. 21 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

    Yeah, Gillis has all the trophies and JB has the picks to perhaps give him the one trophy that trumps them all - fingers crossed.

    Has any of his picks in the last few years been injured at all....


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  8. 29 minutes ago, johngould21 said:

    This team has paid for the Burke/Nonis and Gillis teams because of those successes, and taking late round picks. Name one on the roster from that era. Poor drafting from '06 to Horvat, and that cost a damn good goalie prospect at the time. Only in the last 5 years have we seen the results of good drafting. EP, Hughes, Boeser, and that's just the start. 

    Really so the only reason Benning isn't as good as some of the previous GMs is because they made it harder for him... That's the excuse people are going with.


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  9. 2 minutes ago, The Lock said:

    Actually, if you look at the times before the 2000's, we were a terrible team overall, only ever reaching the finals by fluke and missing most playoffs for the 1st 30 years. If you consider that, the overall trend is still upwards. I dare you to look at our record from the 70's and 80's.


    We also won't know how Benning matches up until later on when we've seen the effects of his tenure here. You didn't even include Nonis in your analysis for whatever reason as most of Gillis' team was made by Nonis.


    No I'm comparing Benning to the actual good GMs to see where he fits, because a lot of people still are trying to defend Benning as a good GM, so I wanted to compare him to the other Canuck GMs who have been successful or considered good here. Even a guy like Burke who came in after Keenan and was still able to make the playoffs 4 out of his 6 years here, after drafting the Sedins as well. But a guy like Benning who has been here 7 years and only 2 playoff appearances(one luckily due to covid season stoppage) and this team is still supposedly a couple years away still, how is Benning even considered a good GM here tbh... He's just not as good as some believe period.

  10. 25 minutes ago, knucklehead91 said:

    Totally agreed, we need to slide him down the lineup. We relied on him pretty heavily this year and IMHO he was one of our better D. But if we could have a guy like Edler as our 2nd or 3rd pairing guy and a true #1 dman with Hughes, we’ll be in a very… very good position.

    If they want to sign him after filling the spots I'm okay with that, but if he's being signed to fill the spot first I'm totally against it, time for new blood.

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  11. 20 hours ago, The Lock said:

    The way I see it though, it's easy to have a hyper-focus on the team you love. You see this with fans of other teams as well where we would look at them and it might not seem as big of a deal.


    I've heard so many fans of other teams at this point state how they feel our future looks bright given our drafting, so is nit-picking every little detail at that point worth it? Personally, I just don't have the time nor the energy to worry about every little detail that's gone on. It doesn't bring anyone any value. It's diminishing returns.

    I'm seeing a trend here it feels like, after 94 came the dark days and Messier was not fun, took 16 years to eventually get back there and fans still question the GM for how he did it. Last year watching some games got a dark days vibe again, at least no toxic players like Messier, but it definitely got a dark days vibe watching them a bit this year and did not like that. We're 10 years past our last opportunity, and we're still not a playoff team, at least the last time they went through this they we're a playoff team for a while before 2011, I'm not seeing that this time yet....


    Let's take a look at how Benning really matches up, imo it's horrible. 


    Pat Quinn 10 years 

    Stanley Cup Appearance

    1 Conference title

    2 Division titles

    7 Playoff appearances


    Brian Burke 6 years

    1 Division title

    4 Playoff appearances


    Mike Gillis 6 years

    Stanley Cup appearance

    2 President Trophies

    1 Conference title

    5 Division titles

    5 Playoff appearances


    Jim Benning 7 years and counting...

    2 playoff appearances





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  12. 20 hours ago, knucklehead91 said:

    It would be nice if we didnt have to rely on Edler for the big minutes like we did pretty much all season. If we could sign him for less than 3mil and move him to a 4/5 spot and have him take on a bit of a lesser role but still be capable of shutting down guys, I feel like that would put our back end in a very good position. He is still a solid dman and plays some really tough minutes, if someone came in and took over his role and bumped him down the bench a bit, it would be great for us

    He's a 6/7 guy, his body needs rest more, he probably would look better if he played every 2nd game and stayed more fresh that way tbh, he's being relied on here way too much and he's just not that same player he once was, you just can't rely on him for those big minutes anymore and expect him to play at a top level all the time, he just can't do that anymore. 

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  13. 21 hours ago, gurn said:

    People are talking about no change to the defense, I've just given multiple changes, some that have already happened, others that are likely.

    Why  do you include Myers and Schmidt when I'd previously mentioned them as possible moves, one through ED and the other via trade?

    "Canucks relied on those guys you mentioned last year instead...."   Who the heck said that?




    Why do I include them? Because they're still here, come on man really.... Until their actually gone gone, then the guys you listed would have meaning, but until then nothing is changed until their gone.

  14. 21 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

    Whether he can be relied on for big minutes and whether he's retained to play big minutes are two different things. But yeah, that's tough to puzzle out. 


    Teams like to, you know, have players who can step up and eat minutes in case injuries happen and yadda yadda yadda. But that's nothing to worry about as the Canucks organization has a long history of being extremely healthy throughout the season. 

    Yeah this franchise is so lucky that guys like Edler never get hurt.... I'm just totally against relying on Edler anymore, the amount of brain farts he does at the blueline for the past 5-6 years has been a struggle to watch, and because every year he gets slower and slower he just can't catch those guys anymore who steal the puck from him at the blueline all the time. Then what does Edler do... he hooks them all the time because he's way to slow and can't catch them anymore and then just takes a penalty to hurt the team for another 2 minutes, thats not helping the team at all. This isn't a once in a blue moon thing either, this is something that has been happening for years but we continue to accept it as okay, this is garbage, and why it's time to move on and find someone new. 


    Why not just bring Luongo back and play, might as well tell the Sedins to suit up and play, heck take Burrows away from his coaching gig and tell him to suit up, this team obviously could care less about improving and is content with sticking with old mediocre players, so might as well bring them all back while we're at it.

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