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  1. 6 hours ago, rekker said:

    Big mistake by the Leafs letting this happen. Trade Nylander to open up some cap for a real player like Hyman. Or even the unspeakable. Trade AM. Trade AM for a decent young center plus, plus, plus. They would be better off with a home run return for AM. He can shoot, but is easily one of the more overhyped players in the NHL imho.

    Nylander and Spezza were the 2 who decided to play in the playoffs this year, it would be a mistake moving Nylander I think, they have to move one of the big 3 imo, those 3 are taking up way too much cap space, they have to move 1 of them I believe. 

  2. 33 minutes ago, Coconuts said:


    Most who welcome the idea of him being retained have said they'd be fine with a short term, small-cap deal, and expect he'd be playing a 4-6D role 


    People are saying he's still a valuable player on the right contract, not that he should be a 1-3D

    Funny when I said yesterday he can't be relied on for big minutes seems like everyone here wants to facepalm me for saying that, so they must be excepting him to play big minutes then still if they disagree with me saying he can't play big minutes...


    beating a dead horse wtf GIF

  3. 12 minutes ago, The Lock said:

    Like I've said, I can see where the frustration comes in. I'm not anti-Benning though at this point as I haven't really seen anything lately that's made me question things so I guess I'm hopeful that he's learned. I  guess I'm more on the fence than anything.


    It still goes to show though that Tanev didn't go for nothing, partially caused by a series of contracts that proved to be too expensive in the end. Although, perhaps it was more the term than anything as ideally if those contracts were over at this point they wouldn't even be a problem.

    His drafting has helped keep some people at ease with him, but I even question some of those now tbh, I feel they're just undersized a bit, obviously time will tell, but his player acquisitions have been very bad over the years, and the Toffoli thing was kind of the nail in the caufin imo, but I guess Benning is like a cat and gets 9 lives here.

  4. 8 minutes ago, gurn said:

    Fine, name a team that traded off their number one goalie just prior to the trade deadline.

    Patrick Roy...


    But no I understand it's not something you normally do, I get it I'm definitely ranting a bit, but at the same time maybe Benning should of tried to get their feet wet the year before then, so he could of moved those guys the following year, seems like the year he chose to go all in was the wrong year because he had to keep those guys and couldn't move them, so again poor management. 


    20 hours ago, gurn said:

    Tanev had an 8 team NTC

    Markstrom didn't have any clauses.

    Can you name any team in NHL history that traded their, then #1 goalie just before going into the play offs?

    Just before going into the playoffs... The trade deadline in 2020 was February and the playoffs didn't start until August.... You can't trade just before the playoffs start.

  6. 3 hours ago, The Lock said:

    Doesn't matter if you're a contender or not, money is money in the end. We didn't have the money for Tanev. Simple as that.


    Unless if you somehow think being a contender completely coincides with your cap situation (which is clearly does not).


    I get wanting to keep Tanev, but it's not as simple as just resigning him when you're up against the cap like we have been. Some blame Benning's earlier contracts for that which I think is legitimate although I'm still not anti-Benning despite that.

    We don't have the money because of the poor management in place and clueless in the approach he's taking, which handcuffed himself because of his poor decisions from previous garbage contracts.


    Tanev should still be a Canuck and Edler should of been gone 4 years ago, just horrible management. 

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  7. 21 hours ago, oldnews said:

    facepalm yourself.


    were you expecting them to rent these two guys right before heading into the playoffs.

    get real.

    not a single GM in the NHL would trade two of their most critical players at the deadline in those circumstance.

    the joke is your expectation that they would

    Again if your plan is to not be ready for 3 more years, why spend to the cap just to get the feet wet to then lose for 3 years after, and on top of it let guys walk for nothing to be bad for 3 more years, just ridiculous horrible management. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, oldnews said:

    get real.  I wasn't high on signing Eriksson - I simply pointed out - took me literally 60 seconds to do so - that he was a two way forward, multiple Selke candidate and 60pt 30/30+ player - the year this team signed him.  laughable revisionism to pretend this team signed a declined player - that was entirely post-arrival.

    but carry on with your irrelevent necro nonsense where  you quote literally nothign - and evidently have no response to Edler's actual outcomes.

    And again, making a comparable of him - to Edler - is absurd. 

    Edler has been a hard minutes, work horse of a defenseman - this team's #1 right through to this past season - a season with a ton of mitigating circumstances where literally every veteran on the roster was gassed and looked completely spent. 

    I have little doubt that Edler will have a better season under 'normal' circumstances - and I'd expect the entire team to - a team that literally had more than half a lineup of replacement, waiver, and AHL callups on the ice for a large portion of the season.  I'm going to go with the far larger samples and indicators than to fishbowl Edler.

    I'd love to hear the alternative proposals though - from people that have no answers, simply premature sandbagging of one of the franchise's best of all time.

    Get real maybe you should of got real instead of attacking posters for all those years defending him, how are you still trying to act like none of that happened get over yourself already,  admit you were wrong already for once, why is that so hard for you to accept?  


    You can't rely on Edler for big minutes at all, but the way this team is formed you almost have to and that is why it's a mistake. He's going to be put into top 4 roles and relied on still when in reality he can't be, and to why he shouldn't be resigned in the first place to be even put in those roles anymore, go find some other players first then sign him after you find others for his role first.

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  9. 18 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

    Why would you let some posters opinions on the situation shape yours? I'd suggest basing it off of what he does this offseason. Or whatever you feel, but not on someone else's opinion. Just my opinion.....that you don't have to take.

    Because it seems like the more I talk to them about it the more I see how bad it really is now :lol:

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  10. 16 minutes ago, oldnews said:

    yawn.  cool story. 

    And Eriksson's 'advanced stats' are not his problem and never have been - it's producing here that has been LE's problem.  Btw - LE was not the guy I wanted in that free agent class - but literally none of them turned out regardless.


    Using him as a 'comparable' to Edler is just laughable though.  I'll take his actual outcomes over the countless one-liners in here, every time.

    I have zero problem with 'defending' Edler - he's one of the best defensemen in franchise history - and it's the usual suspects fishbowling in here.

    I'd love to see what Edler takes in free agency if this team were to pass on signing him.



    Yawn exactly it's the same thing coming from you again to defend a player who's just not as good as you think anymore.


    Okay you didn't want him, but you spent countless hours arguing with posters on here trying to defend him as a good player for the Canucks, when you clearly just had to watch the game and see he was useless, but no you continued to ignore this and argue with advanced stats and how good he was defensively for this team.


    Again you're doing the exact same thing again with Edler instead of watching the games and seeing his decline on the ice, you relying on advanced stats to keep him, the same thing you did with Eriksson, but now people are supposed to take you serious and trust you... I don't think so anymore, hence why I said good luck with that, you can think what you want and try and convince posters your right all you want, Im not going to stop you, but good luck :towel:


    Oh and I see you seem sad with all those emjois your giving me all of a sudden so you must be sad here have a hug.


    Adventure Time Hug GIF

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  11. Now I'm actually on board to fire Benning, at first I was willing to give him this year coming up before completely turning on him, but thanks to some posters I'm definitely on the get ride of Benning train now, he's horrible this team has gone no where under him and still aren't going anywhere, what a mess and disaster and even our young core guys are soft and weak, this teams a mess.

  12. 5 minutes ago, Kenny Blankenship said:

    You really wanted JB to trade them away in the middle of a playoff push? Lmao

    Well if your game plan is not expecting to be ready for 3 more years then yeah I do.

  13. 4 minutes ago, oldnews said:

    good call.

    The one thing I did see you do yesterday which I'm actually glad you did, was try and defend Edler with his advanced stats which I had a feeling you would try and do as well. This is exactly the deja vu that I was hoping for from you, you did the exact same thing for Loui Eriksson a few years ago trying to defend him as a good player still, by using his advanced stats to try and prove posters wrong, and now you're doing the exact same thing for Edler, good luck with that one.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    Actually, yes.  Experiencing playoff hockey is huge for a young core.  Not many young cores have a linear development.  They make the playoffs, get a taste, and then step back.  But that first taste is really important.  

    Yeah then they just loss for 2 years after and are miserable again, I'm sure that really helps....

  15. My frustration with this organization has been going on since 94, I'm tired of losing and I'm tired of being happy with mediocre crap, I'm tired with this organization not wanting to let go of dead weight, I'm tired of hearing that everything is going to be okay when in reality it's not, but so many continue to turn the other way thinking everything is just peachy and fine when it really it's not. 


    It seems like when you look at defensive stats for last year, the Canucks are in the bottom 6 it seems like in every category, but what do the Canucks do... Just bring them all back, wow :picard:

  16. Just now, Alflives said:

    You mean trade Marky and Tanev at the 2020 TDL, because the thought is those two guys will not be extended?  Those two guys were pretty important to the team getting in the playoffs, and winning a couple series.  

    Yeah what was the point really? Just to get their feet wet to then just accept failure for another 2 years... What a waste.

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