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  1. 2 hours ago, Bob.Loblaw said:

    They are close games because of excellent pitching, but the Jays are more reliant on their bats as a team.  This is why they failed against KC last year.  They need to focus on getting players on base and then getting them home.  Or else players like Bautista will continue to strike out.


    Well hopefully they learn from the last 2 games, and if they aren't hitting the long ball they have to start playing small ball. I'd give them one round of at bats next game and if they aren't hitting after they go through the line up once, they have to play small ball right away.

  2. It's a 7 game series lots of ball still to play, as shiznak said they were down 2-0 to Texas last year and came back. I'll be a little more worried if they go down 3-0, but as for now still have confidence in this team to turn it around.


    Also it's not like we have been blown out of the games we lost, 2-0 and 2-1 very close games. These kind of scores are expected in October playoff ball especially when the last 4 teams are left. Of course you'd want the outcome being the other way around but oh well, as long as the bats can get going next game the momentum should shift and being at home will help that a lot I think.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Squamfan said:



    Next inning not this one because they were still at the bottom of the lineup, hey I predicted it when they faced Baltimore in the wild card and had a gut feeling they were going to do something the next inning and they did! Don't get these feelings often but normally when I do something does happen just saying!

  4. 2 hours ago, coastal.view said:

    the qualifying offers are just to ensure the club get compensatory drafts picks should these players sign elsewhere

    i doubt bautista is back . he wants big coin and the jays won't be offering that

    encarncion has always said the jays are his first choice

    so it just comes down to whether they can agree on the numbers and the term

    jays are in the best position still to sign him

    but i'm guessing it is at least 6 years at $25 mill per year.. maybe higher salary in the first part of the contract and lower at the end


    Well that's the thing they can at least go back to the fans and say we gave them qualifying offers. I don't see the Jays offering what Bautista is going to be wanting, but they may budge a bit on EE and spend to keep him, hopefully.

  5. Report: Blue Jays plan to offer Encarnacion long-term deal


    Edwin Encarnacion's career-year appears to have convinced the Toronto Blue Jays front office that he belongs in their plans moving forward.


    The Blue Jays reportedly intend to make a long-term offer to Encarnacion, according to Jon Heyman of Today's Knuckleball, who notes they plan to extend both Encarnacion and Jose Bautista a qualifying offer.


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  6. 14 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Once upon a time, posting this kind of stuff would get you a warning, if not a suspension. But whatever, I don't put stock in these types of rumors and I'll leave it to those who do to sling the mud around.


    Wow that's your response, from saying maybe have an open mind....  Hey it may of never happened, but it may of happened, everyone has a right to their opinion and if you don't agree with it that's your choice, try leaving it at that for future.

  7. 28 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    That "story" turned out to be complete BS...


    If your talking about the Burke one, I'd keep an open mind. Just because Burke said No it never happened, doesn't mean he's telling the truth, why would he admit to it....


    To many red flags imo, Burke was finally getting Toronto into the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, but they decided to let him go half way through the season... Hazel Mae was no where on TV at the time it was like she was on a leave of absence.... And a source of mine had told me prior to Burke being let go, that he had heard it happened between them two, then a couple weeks later he was fired.... 

  8. 8 hours ago, TheRussianRocket. said:

    Odor trying to play hero swinging for the fences. Relax tough guy :lol: 


    Looked like he got "punched out" in that at bat:towel:


    8 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    I think we may have lost if they kept Happ in...he was being clobbered


    Hard to say if we lose or not, but no doubt they were hitting him pretty good, just seemed like a matter of time until the flood gates opened. But no doubt hands down, to Happ for bearing down to get out of those first 4 innings with 2 runners on, great job, but right call.


    8 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    I like Hazel Mae  for the most part but something about her bugs me...she is almost 50...doesnt look it


    Not sure if you know the stories or not..... But I lost all respect for her when I heard some stories with Blue jays and of course why Brian Burke left Toronto.....

  9. 1 hour ago, ShakyWalton said:

    What is sportsnet now and how does it work..is it a mobile app?


    I haven't used the mobile app yet but I know it has it. I just use it on my laptop and into the TV. Last I checked about a year ago you were allowed up to 5 devices connected per cable subscriber. 


    Best part about it though was no PVR needed, just click the arrow back for the schedule, and click on any show that was on earlier!

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