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  1. 33 minutes ago, MJDDawg said:

    Epic Edwin bomb.


    This Rangers series should be fun. 


    I'm sure most of you have seen Sid Seixeiro ripping Sam Dyson during last year's series, but here it is again just in case.



    Sid at it again ripping the Rangers recently.




    Best quote ever!


    "Section 85B Rangers Choke in the Post Season"

  2. Hottest bats imo Travis, Tulo, Bautista. Other notables Martin, Donaldson, Edwin.  The rest is up in the air, lately though Carreras been good for a bunt if needed. Pillar sometimes is a hit or miss, but he's normally swinging so I'll take that. Saunders has been a complete mess the 2nd half of the season, but I'd think he wants this so bad this is a child hood dream come true and I hope/expect him to rise to this occasion.

  3. 2 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    I havent been to confident about the Jays lately but I feel today will be different..they have had Tillmans number before and its time to get back to playing good ball..


    From what I have read they had his number last year, but this year they haven't, but doesn't mean they can't.


    That's what it comes down to, don't try and do to much just do your thing, and play good ball.

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  4. 3 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I think this is the key. If it looks like Stroman is going to struggle, you need to bring Liriano is right away. Personally, I think that decision will probably be made in the 4th or the 5th, much as they did with Dickey last season. This is assuming, of course, that Strom doesn't get lit up right away.


    I think that as much as Gibby likes Marcus' ability to step up in a big game and his intensity, he likes having a second lefty in the pen that he can rely on.


    Another bit of possible good news: It seems that lately, Stroman is alternating good starts with so-so starts. His last time out, he gave up 4 runs on 9 hits. But the previous start, he was dominant against the Yankees, allowing one hit over seven innings. That pattern seems to repeat over the final month of the season and it means that he's due to have a good start.


    It should also be noted that over Stro's last five starts, the Jays offense has given him five runs. That includes three shutouts, so his W/L record means very little to me at this point.


    Well yes you hope he can give you 4 or 5 strong innings, I think that's what everyone is hoping, but if he can't you obviously don't push it and try and get 4 or 5 and just make the move to the pen. It all depends on the score as well and what our offence is doing.


    I was reading the stats yesterday for the pitchers, in the games they have played against each other, not going to lie Tillman has much better numbers then Stroman this year in head to head games. Let's hope your stats are right and he's due for a good outing this time.


    The Toronto Blue Jays named right-hander Marcus Stroman the starter against the Baltimore Orioles for Tuesday's wild-card game at Rogers Centre, despite him owning a 7.04 ERA vs. the AL East foes in 2016.


    Chris Tillman, Baltimore's answer in the game, has a 3.63 ERA against Toronto this season.

  5. 2 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    I dont mind this at all...the Jays can get to this guy.....but if gets lit up early they probably will pull him quick....Jimenez most likely.


    Exactly, Baltimore fans aren't to happy about the choice don't blame them, but hopefully we get to him quickly. You have to think both pitchers will have short leashes, in a game like this.

  6. 29 minutes ago, Down by the River said:


    The average human being metabolizes around one standard drink (0.6 oz of ethanol) per 90 minutes. 




    Liver breaks down the alcohol by releasing enzymes. These enzymes target the alcohol not before it enters the blood stream, but after. So, what you're talking about again has nothing to do with what I said. 


    These guys aren't drinking 1 glass every 90mins lol. Plus they're mostly drinking Champagne which has a much higher alcohol percent, and they're not sipping it they're slamming it, plus they're mixing with beer. So many factors that easily can get them drunk in 30mins. 

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