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  1. I just can't believe Rogers had to cheap out this year, it still pisses me off. AA should of been here for 1 more year, he knew what this team needed instead Rogers was scared with the contracts AA was going to offer or go after. Bringing in someone new a year after your team made the playoffs for the first time in 20+ years it's just retarded. Wasted to much time re evaluating his new team to figure out what needs to be done, just a complete joke imo and I put all the blame on Rogers. 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

    It was earlier in the year.  Now, the important parts of the bullpen just seem gassed.  They had to be perfect for too long and are starting to leak.

    First half of the season they sucked. After the All Star break they were decent, but last quarter they're garbage again. Basically 3/4 of the season they've been trash.

  3. Well that sucked, it looked so promising then just fell apart....


    This game was exactly my argument back before the season started, and about having a strong bullpen. Come playoffs you won't be outscoring other teams by 8-10 runs(not like that really happened as much this year), they're going to be close games and your bullpen needs to be strong. This was exactly like what playoffs are like, and it didn't look good how it ended. 


    Obviously Grilli and Osuna have screwed up a couple times here, but they've been good all season and you just hope they bounce back and don't have these again. When it's playoffs, you can't be having these mistakes or your out of the playoffs, this was exactly like a playoff game situation.

  4. 16 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I don't see Travis as an RBI guy. To me he's an ideal #2 hitter. He handles the bat extremely well and has the ability to shoot the ball to right field and take advantage of the gap between first and second when they have a man on first. He can also pull the ball when he wants, which means that the defense has to play him honest, rather than shifting to the right side of the infield in that situation.


    He makes good contact and along with his ability to hit from "line to line", it makes him an excellent hit an run guy as well.


    Bossman has pretty good speed, but he strikes out too much for a leadoff guy, IMO and he'll likely be needed in the middle of the order to offset the loss of some of the power bats this offseason.


    Travis was in the top 5 last year in RBIs before he was put into the lead off spot, then his numbers dropped, then he was injured. No question the guy can put the ball anywhere in the field, but hes adjusted his approach more because he's in a lead off position and isn't in a position to drive guys in. He's an amazing hitter and imo knows how to adjust to be put in any position actually.


    Will also add with Travis it's amazing how many times he goes down 0-2 at bat. He battles up there whether it's watching balls or fouling balls off, and get a hit or walk not many walks but more hits, still he's a great batter.


    Regarding Upton, I go back to last year with Revere. Revere who is a lead off batter, was not put into that position at first so he's in the middle of the lineup and needs to adjust his approach. He struggled and my argument was to have him leading off especially with his speed, finally after so long Gibbons puts him lead off and what happened? He excelled at it because he's most comfortable being in that position. Same goes for Upton he's always been a lead off guy, but here in Toronto he's in the middle of the lineup so his approach is different to try and drive guys in. Put him in his position where he is most comfortable being a lead off, and chances are he will excell at it because that's where he is most comfortable.

  5. 4 hours ago, Xbox said:

    This is my issue as well. A lot of Gibbons pitching choices are awful and I dont understand why they pull good pitchers so soon or why they leave in pitchers having an off night for so long. It's killing our season.


    This has been a problem for years he doesn't read his players properly in a game as it's going on. But he gets all this credit for being good, with a stacked line up to win him games, it's ridiculous.

  6. 3 hours ago, Sean Monahan said:

    "Brawl" my a**. I hate when that crap happens. If you're gonna clear benches, somebody please throw a punch. Otherwise just sit down, shut up, and play. It makes the league, the players, and the game as a whole look bad. Baseball's just a few more of these "dust-ups" away from being laughed at the way soccer is. 


    Buck and Tabby saying Smoak didn't hesitate to charge the mound. He absolutely did hesitate. He stopped and looked to his bench before making any move, and then was restrained by the ump with little to no effort. You're telling me Smoak, a big man in the physical prime of his life, couldn't have gotten after Severino if he actually wanted to? This little old man could actually hold him back? 


    It's all posturing and chest-puffing IMO. 


    This first bench clearing was sad, the 2nd one was kind of weak, but if you watch the replay Smoak is actually throwing the fists into someone I'm surprised he wasn't ejected. 


    It looked like Smoak wanted to hit the catcher with his bat but resisted, then Pillar went to rush the pitcher and play tough then backed off thought that was pretty weak on his part. I do want to see Martin go at it with someone, he reminds me of a hockey player sometimes he just wants to go one on one with someone, but there's always to many players holding guys back unfortunately.

  7. 3 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Totally understand Chuck, and to a point, I agree. If Atkins and Shapiro let him go next season, I won't shed any tears.


    Earlier in this thread, I made the suggestion that the Jays might be wise to consider a change of philosophy next season. Instead of trying to replace the power lost by the departures of Edwing, (someone will pay him more than we can) Bats and Saunders, find a legitimate leadoff guy (Travis is a perfect #2 hitter, IMO) and start playing more small ball. They still have enough RBI guys, in JD, Tulo, Martin, Upton and possibly Smoak. (I think if he plays every day, his power numbers should approach 20HR, 70RBI)


    IMO, it makes sense to change managers if you're going to change your overall offensive philosophy. Gibby has pretty much always been a 3 run homer type of manager.


    I agree with Travis watching him last year the guys got power, he fits better in a non lead off role too drive players in, could take EEs spot. Personally I don't see why Upton can't be the lead off guy especially with his speed, but agree they need a legit leadoff guy who has speed. 


    I would rather have Justin Morneau then Smoak at first. Maybe someone can find the stats on Smoak, but what's his average as a RH vs being LH at bat... Because I feel he needs to be better on one side before he continues being a switch hitter, he looks like a better LH hitter, but he needs to just stick to one side and become better IMO. 


    Like I was saying about Gibby last year in playoffs, playing Colabello over Smoak was the right decision. Colabello was the better overall player at the time, and watching Smoak yesterday he had 2 chances to pick balls and didn't come up with any, would rather do without him.

  8. 3 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I know him better than you, apparently.


    35 out of 39 saves. No manager ever plans for a guy with those kind of numbers to fail.


    You've really made a point of trying to hang blame on Gibby this season and in some cases I agree that he's made mistakes. But blaming a manager for expecting a closer with Osuna's numbers to get the job done is a pure case of 20/20 hindsight.

    I came off harsh my bad, don't want to make it an argument, I like you.


    I've never been a Gibby supporter and just don't like the guy plain and simple, not going to beat around the bush about it. Didn't like him in his first stint with the Jays and was upset he was given a 2nd chance imo. The one and only time I gave him a little benefit of the doubt was last year in playoffs, felt he finally made the right choices for who should of been playing, other then that no haven't liked him, and don't think I ever will.


  9. 7 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Meh. I thought going for the stolen base was the thing to do in that situation. People around here do a lot of complaining about Gibby sitting back and waiting for the home run, but a soon as he tries to play some small ball, they criticize that as well.


    A manager doesn't plan for his closer blowing a save.

    Well let's be honest here if you knew our closer at all he has a flat straight fastball which causes a lot of deep fly balls, so all it takes is one home run and the game is tied, why risk taking your best hitter out of the game in a 1 run game when your closer is known for giving up deep fly balls. Gibby has a problem and has for ever reading situations as the game progresses, and he has a horrible time reading his own players in what they are doing. Osuna is no Mariano Rivera here, yes he's good, but not great at this time of the year your putting a lot of trust in your closer and not thinking of the worst case scenario, personally I wouldn't of taken Bautista out because your never know especially when your playing the Yankees. 

  10. I hope the Rays can beat the Red Sox today, the Red Sox need to lose a game they're on a tear, if they lose one sometimes that's all it takes and they get rattled. If jays can sweep the Yanks, sweep Baltimore, then finish the year sweeping the Red Sox and the Red Sox lose 2 games from other teams, Jays and Sox will be tied in 1st place.... I know it's thinking outside the box, but hey you never know!

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