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  1. In pro debut, Jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hits jack with his dad in attendance


    This past Friday, after rain pushed the rest of Guerrero's pro debut to Friday, with his father in attendance, Vlad Jr. recorded his first hit and his first home run in a 9-4 win for the Bluefield Blue Jays.




    Video in link.

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  2. Well I guess one good thing for today, don't have to worry about Machado getting a hit against the Jays today. I swear he's like the new Ortiz against the Jays always hits against us.


    Orioles infielder Manny Machado will begin to serve a four-game suspension for charging the mound and punching Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura on June 7.


    Machado dropped his appeal of the penalty Saturday after getting three hits against Toronto. ''Let's just get this past us already and keep playing baseball,'' he said.


    The two-time All-Star is batting .317 with 17 homers and 42 RBIs. The suspension will end his streak of 229 consecutive starts, the longest current string in the majors.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    Because you know you could stand in there and hit the guy?  

    I do believe this! In the league I play in over 30, I was able to hit off a guy who was throwing 85 I broke his no no hitting it between 3rd and ss, then also pulled one for a double in the gap in RC. I'm also hitting .643 after 5 games, don't mean to go off but I do believe I could hit off Dickey.

  4. 26 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I tend to agree, but I don't think it will happen.


    My guess is that Travis will be the every day 2nd baseman. Barney will be the infield insurance and Goins will continue to work out in LF, where he will become the 4th outfielder. (5th when Bats returns)

    Of course I expect Travis to be the Jays 2nd baseman, his bat is too good. Although sometimes you need to ride the hot guy and that is Barney. Yeah Goins is the last man out as long as Tulo is on this team... I felt since last year if someone was expendable it could be Tulo for pitching depth, and that leaves you Goins in SS and Travis at 2nd, as mentioned Goins has the better arm. These 2 are young and they could build some great chemistry together now young. 

  5. With Tulo back it really creates a jam now up the middle. Of course he gets SS, but 2nd base is going to be tough, someone has to be moved.... For now the guy who deserves to play is Barney, he has proven to be a solid player right now and it's hard to argue with that. I know Shaky isn't going to like it, but I am a Travis supporter the guy is going to be good, but Barney IMO right now is the guy who deserves to be playing.

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  6. Was doing some research for Vladimir Guerrero Jr and what's going on for him this year, I want to see this guy do well. Anyways it may be a good reason to keep an eye on the Vancouver Canadians this year. Guerrero may join them later in the season if he is doing well in Bluefield. Also didn't know about Craig Biggio's son.


    There could be some notable names coming to the team later on in the season. The Blue Jays drafted Dante Bichette’s son Bo, a shortstop, in the second round out of a Florida high school last week, and Craig Biggio’s son Cavan, a second baseman, in the fifth round out of Notre Dame. High schoolers don’t often make it to short-season single-A in their first summer of pro ball, but college players frequently do. As well, 2015 international signee Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., was reportedly being assigned to Bluefield, Toronto’s rookie affiliate, out of extended spring training. He’s just 17, but could be in Vancouver at some point if he excels.



  7. 16 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    Washington literally shut down Strasbergh just prior to the playoffs a couple seasons ago for the same reason.  They said he had a capped number of innings, and once reached he 

    Yes and it sure didn't help the team.... 


     The last five games of the Washington Nationals’ 2013 baseball season will not matter. That became official on Monday night when the Nats lost — in an  appropriately cruel twist — to the St. Louis Cardinals, while both thePittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Redswere winning their games.

    That reduced the Nats’ not-so-magic number to avoid missing the playoffs to zero. Another season gone. Another long winter ahead.

    And now it can be said, with almost no doubt, that the decision to shut down Stephen Strasburg last September didn’t cost Washington one chance to win a World Series, it cost the team and the city two chances. Because if one thing is clear about the debacle that was this summer it is that it was set up by the disaster of last fall.

  8. 21 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Buck and Tabby hardly ever mention Saunders when they are talking about hitting on the team,, Saunders is always a throw in....they say every body is starting to hit  blah blah.....when Saunders has the best BA on the team as well as best OBP ..also the 4th most dingers..lol

    Shaky finally starting to like Saunders.......:)

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  9. 7 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    exactly...Sanchez is a horse and their second best pitcher right now...

    He is, and the way he pitches is just so natural and smooth he makes it look so effortless. I've also heard Jamie and Zaun discuss this before, that he doesn't over pitch to try and get people out he just has a nice perfect pitching mechanics, that it will probably prevent him from getting injured. It never looks like he is trying to over throw to strike people out like some pitchers do, and that's when pitchers can get hurt, Sanchez doesn't do this. I just don't get it and can't stand what they're planning on him 100% disagree.

  10. 9 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    That pitcher for Philly last night is 23 and has been a starter for 2 years..he is a big boy like Sanchez...why cant Sanchez handle the starting role?

    Well that's the thing Sanchez can.... This is why I am so frustrated with the decision, because I know he can handle it, but they just want to use it as an excuse to play it out the cheap way to fix the bullpen. This is a guy who the Jays weren't even sure was going to be a starter for them, now all of a sudden they are so worried about him and having him over pitch for their future. Well I'm sorry their time to win is now NOT in the future. The only way I will agree to shut him down is if they're already in a playoff spot, until that happens there is NO reason to shut him down unless he asks for it. 

  11. So by this logic we will have Sanchez and Stroman going to the bullpen later on this year? You can't say no for Stroman then because he is a young arm and is your future, but I don't hear his name coming up just Sanchez. This is why I believe it's a cheap strategy excuse for Sanchez without actually saying it, to make moves to fix the bullpen. Of course the reasoning they're saying makes it sound like it's the right call for the future and tricks people to make it seem like it's to protect Sanchez, so by that logic then it looks smart. But it contradicts it self if Stroman doesn't get put in the bullpen as well. 

  12. Just came on here to rant about what I read this morning at work, about how Gibbons has said it will happen eventually that Sanchez is going to the Bullpen. Their excuse is to save his arm because he's been so dominate, that he has pitched more innings then all the other starters. One of the stupidest things I have heard from a professional team in a long time, just a sad excuse to help out their bullpen instead of actually trading pieces to fix the bullpen. Frustration with this organization is really getting to me, and Rogers.

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  13. 23 hours ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

    My one concern- will players respect him knowing he juiced and still wasn't very good? Lol

    Nothing was ever confirmed that he did though.... So don't know where "knowing" comes from since it was all speculation, he has denied the rumors and as stated if you read reports they all say nothing was confirmed that he did, all speculation.

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