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  1. 3 hours ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    Catch 22, would a mini A-rod, or Tiny Bonds  have been as great? I mean pump the breaks and knock Er back about 20% bud. I wouldn't expect 55-70+ home run seasons without the roids. But you have to look at the era. Look at the pitching. 


    Clemons, Schilling, Gagne, Pettite, Brown.


    I mean some of the best pitching of the era was on roids as well. To me we're seeing what baseball looks like when most are clean. 35-50 home runs amongst the very best in the league. 


    If you want to know who cheated baseball by going roids... Write down a list of every player from 1990-2008ish. Then pick 10-50% of them. Those are the numbers that are suspected of being on roids at some point during their careers in the duration of the steroid period in MLB.


    I mean 59 players got caught since 2005. And there's literally hundreds that have tested positive and about 500 more that were suspected of using but never caught in the pre 2005 era when congress got involved and forced MLB to get serious with their testing, punishment and publicly announcing names.

    This is why I believe Ken Griffey Jr. Is the best player to ever play this game, the numbers he was able to put up with what he was up against was pretty impressive, just to bad injuries affected his numbers.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Bautista is seasons removed from his last start at 3rd. Longo is still playing there. I would have no qualms about starting him at third base after 50 or so starts at first.

    I just wish Smoak was never given another contract tbh, he complains about not being a starter and not playing frequently that was his argument at the beginning of the year when Colabello was here. You then bring in another player to become the new 1B and Smoak will be crying and it will suck because he's locked up for a couple years. Anyways if EE is not here next year I have no problems having Longoria here to replace him, just wish Smoak is gone tbh. Plus I don't like the idea of forcing a guy like Donaldson to sit or rest or DH more to allow Longoria time at 3rd sometimes. Just my opinion and my view, but I see your side of it as well and yes some players can play both still, but sometimes it really can screw with them.

  3. 2 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    This may be true with some players, however I doubt it would be an issue with a player like Longoria. Plenty of major league ball players play multiple positions and do so quite well.

    Would you play Bautista at 3rd base again? I know I wouldn't, but he did used to play it well. Even EE I wouldn't move him back to 3rd since he learned 1B side now.

  4. 16 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    4 million dollar backup. Late inning defensive replacement and spot starter for those games where JD needs a break and Longo plays 3rd.

    Once you make a player transition into a new position it's not always that easy to throw that player back into his previous position. A player needs to learn a whole new side, practice reading balls on the other side being in proper position. Then they go back to the other side and they're over thinking everything and start making mental mistakes. It's different for a player that's labelled as a utility player, because he has no excuse and just needs to step up and they do make more mistakes normally because they can't get used to one side. Longoria wouldn't be a utility player, so if a transition to first was made they would have to stick to it I believe. But Shapiro wanted Smoak as a cheap replacement for EE, I don't think he is willing to spend more money when he wants to be cheap already...

  5. 17 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Crazy thought:


    Yesterday, Buck and Tabby were talking about Longoria and how he's getting tired of losing in T-Bay. We know that Bats is likely gone after this season and with the year Edwing is having, someone is bound to throw more money at him that the Jays can match.


    So........what if Atkins could work out a deal for Longo in the off season and he converts to a first baseman?



    Longoria for years has publicly called out the fans in the past, I remember years ago they were in a pennant race and he asked why no fans were showing up for support. He has had frustration with the fans for years and sounds like he still is, if the Jays don't keep EE, then I agree would be a good player to transition to 1st he's to slow for the outfield, but what about Smoak....

  6. 2 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Saunders SOs are through the roof..Im finding it hard with this guy now...I like him but his at bats are so futile lately its unreal.

    I know exactly what you mean it has become frustrating, it sucks because I know how good of a hitter he is but what he has been doing lately is just brutal. It's making me think of wanting someone else in instead of him and that sucks.

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  7. Didn't watch much of this series and didn't see todays game, but I'm actually worried about Stroman going by stats today. It's kind of reminding me of Romero 2.0. I don't know what they should do with him tbh because he's struggling and things don't look like they're getting any better. To much pressure on this kid, personally either a move to the bullpen, or even a stint down in Triple A to build his confidence back up or change some things around.

  8. I am totally against having Sanchez in the bullpen for numerous reasons, but I have come up with a proposal that maybe just better for both players. 


    If you look at the leaders in innings pitched Sanchez and Stroman are in the top 10 in the MLB. So why not just keep them both as starters kind of.  Limit their innings pitched but let Sanchez start and pitch 4 innings, then have Stroman be the guy after and pitch 4 as well. Basically having 2 starters pitch the same game, I just don't like the idea of screwing with Sanchez and having him pitch up to 3 days in a row when his arm has been trained all year to have days off. 


    Liriano can become the 5th starter for now, but you can also limit both these young arms for the rest of the season with out screwing with their routines.

  9. 13 hours ago, gmen81 said:

    Everyone in the ALE except Sox  are 5-5 in past 10, sox are 3-7. Orioles had just lost 5 in a row before beating us last game. All these teams are gonna go on skids and they are sure to go on a bit of a streak. 


    This team does look a lot different when you take JD and Tulo out of the lineup. 


    my ideal lineup would be 


    Upton RF

    JD 3B

    JB DH

    EE 1b

    Tulo SS

    Saunders LF

    Martin C

    Pillar CF

    Barney 2B


    I would even try and maybe drop Bautista down the order a bit until he can get his bat going. 

    That's the way the lineup should be with of course Travis over Barney. Guys like Revere last year and Upton this year are lead off batters, that's the role they know why it takes Gibbons so long to see this is ridiculous. JB hits way better in a 3 or 4 spot not a lead off, yes he has a good eye and can walk but so can Upton, and Upton has more speed. Gibbons did this last year with Revere, had Tulo leading off and struggling but kept doing it, when everyone knew Revere should be. It's deja vu all over again, both guys struggling but he doesn't switch it up, just wasting wins or better chances to win imo.  

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  10. 1 minute ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Upton was saying all the right things...says he is here to help and win a ring..whatever way they want to use him...he is starting in RF tomorrow.

    Yeah you put it in his perspective, and you don't have to play all the time but when you do take advantage of it, but you get a chance to win the world series pretty good gig I'd say lol.

  11. I'm only in the 2nd inning, watching it late.


    Anyways regarding Upton and how much he and everyone plays is now on Gibbons. I'm sure he's not happy about it, but I heard the announcers saying Gibbons mentioned how Smoak might be the odd man out more then often now. So sounds like Gibbons wants to keep Saunders in the lineup, EE to 1B more often, and Bautista DH, which I credit Gibbons if he sticks to it.


    Sucks for Smoak, but Shapiro is to blame for the log jam.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Chris said:

    My bad; I misunderstood and thought you were referring to the show's actual content and not the awesome new set they came out with.

    I just have this gut feeling they want to recreate another WCW vs WWF feud, but with a RAW vs SMACKDOWN feud. I like how it's just all walls around looks better, reminds me of the old days!

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