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  1. 3 hours ago, Down by the River said:

    Bautista in the leadoff again eh? 

    Personally I don't like it, i know Gibbons had said as soon as Bats is back he would be leading off.


    1 hour ago, Down by the River said:

    I still am amazed by Estrada's record. Started 17 games, averages 6 and 2/3 innings, 100Ks (for a guy that does not throw hard at all), ERA under 3.00 (2.94), .179 BAA, and yet he has just 5 wins and 4 losses. The number of no-decisions is ridiculous.

    Estrada is a smart pitcher I can 100% agree to that now. I thought that last year because he doesn't throw hard so he's smart with his pitches, but I also credited Navarro a lot for his success. I thought he was going to fail this year without Navarro, I was wrong, he has shown he is a good pitcher. Sucks for his record but he has proven himself he hasn't been bad.


    1 hour ago, Pears said:

    We really aren't moving Sanchez to the pen...are we?

    I sure as hell hope not, would be stupid if he isn't tired or sore. The way he pitches is just so smooth and easy. He doesn't put as much strain on his arm, like other pitchers do to try and throw that hard, Sanchez does it with ease. This is why I believe he can continue going without getting injured tbh, his technique is perfect.


    36 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    nobody I hope...stupid move.

    I can't believe this stuff is for real it's ridiculous, just gets me so frustrated, and I know you feel the exact same way. STUPID.

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  2. 3 hours ago, YummyCakeFace said:

    Travis again. Almost runs into Sanchez and then bobbles yet another ball. He ain't no Barney or Goins at 2nd. 

    That is the one thing Travis needs to improve on is his fielding, but I'd have him in the lineup over Goins any day for his bat. It's a toss up with Barney tbh never thought I'd be saying that, but Barney has been so damn good at everything he does this year I want him in the lineup all the time, but I also want Travis in as much as possible lol.

  3. 21 hours ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:



    What burns me about the whole thing is that even if they didn't want to pay the PRICE, they may have been able to trade him after this year and recoup some assets. 


    I am of the belief that if he played here with the defense we have, he would have been the perfect fit here.


     No offense to Sandoval or Bogearts, but they are no Donaldson or Tulo on the defensive side of things.


    * Wow my quote thing is messing up, anyone else have this problem?

    That was another one of my arguments, why they didn't just sign him and have him for a year or two and then trade him for exactly assets. All they would of had to do is pay his contact for a year or two, and then be off the hook just made no sense, besides being cheap arses.


    It hurt a lot because you could tell he was having so much fun here and was a perfect fit with the players. Plus being a Jays fan I haven't seen an Ace on this team since Halladay, so it was hard to be teased like that.


    *Yup I have that problem happen a lot on the mobile app, I normally have to clear my cache and re sign in. The other new thing I have started noticing is when you want to delete something and move the cursor you start deleting it and it moves and deletes something else, and when you go to type it moves somewhere else. The app is all messed up, needs to be reformatted.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Talk is the Nationals...but who knows.

    Yeah probably this management is to scared to make a move where you could potentially lose prospects and gain nothing after the season. But the way I think is winning the world series this year, not in the future seasons. I would risk trading for Chapman to lose a couple prospects and risk not having him next year to have a better chance at winning the World Series this year.


    Because of the players we easily may lose next year, this is the year to win it.

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  5. 36 minutes ago, Pears said:

    He'd really only be worth it if we can lock him up for a few years if we got him. 

    No he'd be only worth it for this year and that's all I care about, the future isn't the same. People need to realize this team is being blown up after this year now is our time not next year or the year after. I just want Chapman as a rental player for this year, we need the arm help now.

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  6. 7 hours ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    Welcome to moneyball and trying to dismantle what AA built.

    Yeah tell me about it...... I remember at the beginning of the year arguing with someone on here about this exact thing. His argument was he was pleased with the guys we got in the off season for the bullpen, and felt they will do well. My argument was if we weren't keeping Price then we would have to get 2-4 of the best relievers in the game because we can't rely on our starters going 7+ all the time and our bullpen sucks. And the team went and got cheap players hoping they can fill the holes without going out and spending money for legit bullpen players. I saw this happening exactly before the season started. 



  7. 12 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I understand that it's hard to get behind Cecil right now and you may actually be correct. He may have lost it for good.


    However, my experience is that slumping players eventually return to their median performance level and Cecil is much better than he's showing right now. His best pitch is his curveball and he absolutely needs to command it. If you re-watch the HR ball he gave up yesterday, it was a curve that he hung up in the zone. When he's on, that pitch starts off at the bottom of the strike zone and is well below by the time the batter swings at it.


    I cut Cecil some slack, because he's still not far removed from being on the DL and it takes time for the finesse pitches to come around.


    I still think he'll be fine by the time the postseason rolls around. However, if Atkins has an opportunity to sign a quality lefty at the trade deadline, I think he absolutely should make that deal. I doubt we'd see a deal with the Yankees, but Miller is the guy that I'd love to have. (Yes, even more than Chapman)

    I tend to agree with Shaky on this guy, Cecil no doubt had a great year last year, but past has shown he has struggled a lot. I used to hate this guy when he was a starter he blew, and still didn't like him when he first went to the pen. 


    I started liking him a bit in 2014 more because he started becoming better, but what he did last year was amazing. He obviously worked at it and learned more at what it takes to be in the bullpen, so no doubt I liked him last year and was hoping for more success this year.


    But after his injury last year he hasn't been the same Cecil, he's becoming more like the old Cecil again. He started the year and sucked, then was injured again and so far he still sucks. I hear what your saying about giving him a chance and I agree as well, especially in blow out games is the perfect time for him to get some innings. I want him to be the Cecil from last year, but it's just we've seen this Cecil in the past before.... 

  8. Blue Jays' Marco Estrada: On track to be activated, start July 22
    (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )


    Watch: Bautista goes yard in 1st rehab AB
    (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )


    19 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Could you imagine the Yankees with both those guys...I wouldnt put it past them ....did you hear what the personal issues for Saunders were,,,I dont even know if he dressed today?

    Blue Jays' Michael Saunders: Dealing with personal issue, may return Friday
    (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )


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  9. 9 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    yeah,,Barney is a big surprise this year..probably the biggest for a waiver pickup...plus he will be able to play in the playoffs if the Jays get that far,,not like last year....Bats is back on Monday...I guess we will see some shuffling then....and Goins and Colobello around the corner.....trade deadline in less than 2 weeks I can definitely see some moves with the crowded house.

    Barney has been insane, the way he's playing, he's proving to be an everyday player again. Something has to happen..... and time is slowly running out. If Goins isn't traded, because I don't see Tulo going anywhere, so I don't see a roster spot for him on the Jays, Goins may have to go down to triple A.

  10. 3 hours ago, g_bassi13 said:


    But why create such a strong A show/B show dynamic right off the bat? It's possibly to create an underdog dynamic for the show, but almost all of the underdog wrestlers themselves ended up on Raw somehow anyways.

    The way I've been seeing it lately, they're trying to bring back an Attitude era 2.0 and it's kind of working, the promos are getting a little more serious hopefully they keep it going and up it more. Now with that said, I also feel they're trying to recreate a WWF vs WCW type feud again, but of course with just the WWE. I just don't think with the limited talent smackdown got it will be strong enough to over take Raw. Unless which I could see which would make the rivalry like the WWF vs WCW era, guys leave raw and sign with smackdown, or Shane goes and signs or brings back some greats to his roster.....

  11. 33 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    They said yesterday that they have pretty much found their 8th inning guy in Grilli...he has been nothing short of outstanding since his arrival...where Cecil has been nothing short of crappy..although he is a leftie...

    This is why I would like to see them acquire Chapman for a rental player, having another lefty who can throw heat. Get ride of Storen and maybe and a prospect and a utility player.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

    Well added strength could help him st the plate in a lot of ways. Increased bat speed would allow him to get the barrel to the ball more often, ground ball outs suddenly have eyes and make their way through infield, jam shots turn into blooper singles, fly ball outs become doubles and home runs, etc. I think the increased bat speed would be a big one though. 


    Ultimately you still have to be able to hit, the steroids and their benefits just make it easier to do that. I played with plenty of guys that juiced- some of them saw major improvements, others saw minimal. 

    Definitely can agree on your points the bat speed for sure, I just don't see why he would risk it all after everything he did to finally get where he was, but yeah you can argue he wanted to make sure he stayed in the bigs. I just can't pick a side yet, but I still want to believe him for now. 


    When I played with the Coquitlam Reds back in the day, had a couple pitchers go down South to play with some Americans. They came back and said it's crazy down there everyone is doing roids, guys are all like 6"3-6"4 just jacked. They just want to get to that next level, but everyone they are competing against are juicing as well so they need to beat them. This was 13 years ago though.


    And just on a side note I play against Michael Saunders in my last year on the Reds. And also played against Adam Lowen, who did play for the Jays a couple years ago. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    true,,he isnt what you would call roided up for sure...they also put hormones in beef to make the beef bigger...that could be...anyway..he has served his 80 games..what happens now we will have to wait and see....but he wasnt doing much before he got suspended.

    Well he is pretty much a right off for the season, because I read he isnt even eligible for playoffs if the Jay's make it, so not much for him. I really believe being known in advance that no matter what your being suspended, and it played big time in his mind and he couldn't concentrate at all.

  14. On 7/18/2016 at 9:04 PM, Wild Sean Monahan said:

    I'd bet he was juicing last year, or did at some point prior to the season. It just seems a little far fetched that a guy would jump from Indy ball to hitting well over .300 in the bigs at that age. 

    I see that side of the situation as well, and as mentioned why I am a still 50/50 on the whole situation still. Like I'm not going to lie his whole body language, posture, fielding doesn't look like a regular type player, but somehow he got it done. As mentioned to Shaky though, we never really saw any size or more athletic ability to his overall body, so how did it really help him become better? Had better eye vision to see the ball?

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