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  1. On 7/18/2016 at 8:01 PM, ShakyWalton said:

    who knows how innocent he is..but in my travels no one has been innocent so far..they will tell you they are...but its never proven.


    But it doesnt seem to matter in baseball..so its really a non issue.

    But normally it's pretty obvious, you can really tell in their body. Let's be honest here, sure didn't look like Colabellos bodied transformed into anything....  


    Sometimes I wonder what's really in American food/meat, because I feel they still put steroids in their meat, it was proven years ago to make their people bigger, so you never know...

  2. 7 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    He will probably be back by the weekend to clog up the works at first.

    Funny after I quoted you I saw you posted 20mins prior about Colabello lol. Honestly I'm still 50/50 on Colabello and his PED, why would a guy offer to take his test days earlier if he was using, why not wait to make sure.... Everything he went through to get where he was, why risk blowing it all away? It's just one of those things that doesn't sit right in your stomach or make a lot of sense, for me something just doesn't add up. 

  3. 12 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    I'm not one of them. Saunders seems to be one of those hot/cold hitters, but overall, he's been great this season. Like you, I worry a bit about the Jays' ability to keep him on the team. He's having his best season at the best time for him to get paid and I wouldn't be surprised if Atkins and Shapiro decided that he wasn't worth a big contract. (He's the left handed power bat that the Jays need, but his defense is sub-par and they might look at another option)


    Yesterday was disappointing for Happ, but I can't fault Gibbons for taking him out of the game when he did. The ball hit by Reddick was smoked as well and if it hadn't hit JA, the seventh would have been an even bigger problem. It was unfortunate that Chavez couldn't get out of the inning, but the pitch to Alonso wasn't that bad. Sometimes you just have to give the hitter credit.


    The thing that bothered me more (and I hate to keep harping on this) was the Jays' half when Pillar and Smoak led off with back to back singles. The sacrifice was the obvious play, but Lake's effort on the first pitch was as pathetic of a bunt attempt as I've seen in a long time. Then he swings at two sliders that were nowhere near the strike zone.


    Meanwhile, Zeke, one of the best bunters in the league is sitting on the bench.


    I understand  being a 3 run HR manager, but there are times when you need to sacrifice and this was one of them. Gibby takes responsibility for men LOB too often, IMHO.

    The thing with Saunders he's had a couple injuries in his career, but his last year in Seattle his numbers were going up. Then last year sucked again for injury, but this year his numbers are going up again, it looks like he just getting better. What really sold me on Saunders was back in 2013 when he played for team Canada at the World Baseball Classic and he hit over .700, it was insane that's when I knew this guy was good. I know what you mean by his fielding, and honestly I think he's just hesitant still from his injury last year and why he takes the safe approach to the ball instead.


    No I know pulling Happ is the right call, but with our bullpen it sucks because it's not dominant enough and it's scary. And it shows this year the amount of blown games by the bullpen is ridiculous. 


    I agree 100% on the Lake and Zeke, and Gibbons not knowing how to utilize his players properly. With Gibbons mentality as being a home run type manager, it makes other players who aren't the main guys for doing it, end up trying to do it to win games, when they should be playing small ball. Martin comes to mind a lot especially last year in the playoffs.





  4. 20 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Saunders should be offered more than Smoak..which is about 4.3   he gets 2.9 now...wouldnt cost an arm and a leg to sign him on a 2 year extension.

    Yeah I was thinking of Smoak and his new contract, and Saunders easily deserves more.  Agree he would be happy with a little more, but he's not going to be greedy I don't think.


    Just on a side note Colabello homered in his first at bat with Buffalo.


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  5. 1 hour ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    Yup I do too, but Shapiro won't respect that and unfortunately he was to cheap to address the Pen in the off season via free agents that wouldn't cost us assets. I mean he tried and failed big time with Storen. 

    It's tough to say if he is in Shapiro's plans or not, but Saunders doesn't come off as a greedy type of guy to me. Of course teams will be willing to pay big dollars for him in free agency, but I could easily see him taking like a $5M contract to stay with the Jays or if the number is higher and Jays offer it which will still be lower then all the other teams lol, he would take it to stay a Jay.


    Regarding the Pen I hated all the off season signings except for Storen, but the rest were the cheap route out and hoped for the best. I really thought and I believe others did as well Storen would become a good player in the pen, but as mentioned it back fired completely. Now he needs to fix the mess he made hopefully he does, and if he doesn't well it's really going to suck for us.

  6. 3 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    I guess it just seems worse than it is because when he goes on a roll he gets 3 or 4 hits a game for long period and when he goes cold its noticeable.

    I know what you mean but that's the joys of baseball, it's a different story if he's batting under .250, then there's a problem, but he's still close to .300. It's frustrating, but as long as he recovers which he normally does I'm confident in him. It's the guys like Tulo and Martin that worry me, yes they've been doing better lately, but I expect those guys to be batting over .250, and in the last couple years they haven't.  

  7. 28 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    ..I like him  but he is invisible for long periods..then he goes on a tear.


    Im sure if you asked him today he would tell you he is in a slump right now.

    I'm not arguing that he's in a slump that's obvious, but he does break out of them they don't continue as long as Tulos normally do. Saunders had 26 hits last month, he has 15 hits this month, was batting .313 for the month before today's game.



  8. What sucks and is the problem and has been for years is their Bullpen, they were lucky to get a win today, should of lost because their bullpen is crap, luckily they have the offense. But seriously they need to make moves and get bullpen help now, it's a joke out there and it's too scary to finish the year with the bullpen they have.

  9. Really interested in Rich Hills pitching today, guy is having a great season and depending on what I see today from him, I believe he would be a great asset for the Jays as a rental player. Perfet Dickey replacement, plus Hill is a lefty will have the option to sign next year if he does a good job. Still not sold on Gray for an impact on this years season, for the future Gray will be good, but right now he's having a horrible year and his control problems are bad.

  10. Toronto Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins attempted to make it abundantly clear that the signing of first baseman Justin Smoak to an extension in no way handcuffs the team moving forward.


    "It has no impact on our ability to signEdwin Encarnacion, or anyone else for that matter," Atkins told Shi Davidi of Sportsnet.


    The Blue Jays are on the verge of a highly important offseason with Encarnacion, Jose Bautista, Michael Saunders, and R.A. Dickey among Toronto's most notable impending free agents. With Smoak locked up, the Blue Jays now have roughly $88 million guaranteed to six players for next season.


    Atkins: Smoak extension doesn't impact ability to sign Encarnacion


    Some fan reactions on Twitter about signing Smoak.  


  11. 22 minutes ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    Well that's the purpose of a company in all honesty is to make money.( which sucks that they're allowed to own teams)


    I think after this year, we won't be competitive and that's unfair to Donaldson, to Tulo, to Sanchez, Osuna and possibly Stroman. 


     I think AA will be back once Shapiro's model fails in 7-8 years and the fan support goes from 35,000+/game to 15-18,000/game. 

    Of course it is, but as I said they could have bigger gains if they spent more. Instead they're looking for the safe way out and prefer the petty gains. Fans will realize it eventually and yeah attendance will be back down to 10-15k. 


    They have the highest attendance in the AL this year, 4th highest in the MLB. Rogers is making big right now, but they're just being greedy now. I don't get why they would want to be so cheap, because they will lose fans and lose money... Instead they could spend money keep the fans and more, and continue making big. 


    This is why I hope they do lose the fan base if this is the real path they want to take, and once they do start losing money and realize it, they back out and someone who wants to win takes over the Jays. Just hope after this year it isn't 20+ years again before they are a dominant team again, man that would be brutal.

  12. 1 minute ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    That's what Shapiro is to stupid to understand. It's not the AL central anymore. It's the AL East where teams Can out Buy us by 100 million/year or more. We'll be back to the days of competing for 3rd in the al east at best, as soon as Tex, A-Rod and Sabathia are off the books for the yanks. To me this was a go all-in year, Because quite frankly we don't have any young prospects coming that will be 30hr guys. We don't have another Tulo coming in 3 years, we won't have another Donaldson, when his 7 years are up and he walks out on this team

    This is why Rogers wanted him because they're cheap and didn't like how AA wanted to spend money to compete to win. Very sad when a company that's all about making money instead of spending money to win, to make more.... Personally my bitterness towards Rogers wants them to fail in the future so someone else can buy them and want to win, but the fan in me wants to see the Jays win and continue to be a dominate team for years to come. Although I don't see it happening as long as Rogers continues to own this team.

  13. 42 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    They sign this guy for 2 years...watch them let Saunders walk..I can almost guarantee that Saunders. EE and Bats will be gone next year if not before.

    If all 3 of those players are gone next year, which is a possibility with this new management, and if they don't win a world series this year well we can all kiss it goodbye for the future that's for sure. I know I won't be following the team as much if they're all gone, will probably lose interest in the team sadly.

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  14. Wow didn't see this one coming... Jay's re-signed Smoak to a 2 year deal worth $8.25M. 


    Look don't get me wrong he's a decent player, but he's not your typical power home run 1B. Yeah he can do it, but not consistently he is a .230 avg hitter nothing special especially when he isn't your team leader for home runs. I'd honestly rather still have Lind then him. Just seems like they want him signed, because they believe EE will be gone and this is their cheap easy way out to save them.


  15. Blue Jays Looking At Rich Hill?
    One of the most rumored names on the trade block is lefty Rich Hill. The Oakland Athletics starter is drawing plenty of interest, including from the Dodgers,according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. Cafardo reports the Blue Jays sent scouts to Hill's start Thursday, as did the Red Sox, Royals and Orioles. While Hill might prefer a return to the Red Sox, per Cafardo, Hill will be dealt to the highest bidder.


    Toronto Interested In Josh Reddick? 
    The Blue Jays have already been linked to Jay Bruce, and although he remains an option, the Blue Jays are looking at other outfielders.The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Blue Jays have scouted OF Josh Reddick, who appears to be on the trade block. Reddick wants a longer and more expensive deal than the A's are willing to give him. Reddick's offense is struggling a bit, but he's still providing quality defense and effort. The Royals, Giants, Cubs and Dodgers are among the other teams already linked to Reddick. 



    Rich Hill, the A’s top starter and their best bet to be traded before the Aug. 1 deadline, was scratched from his Friday night start against Toronto with a blister, the team announced Thursday.


  16. 7 minutes ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

    AA did a lot of good things for the organization, especially towards the end of his tenure, but the Dickey and Halladay trades still bother me. They got pretty much nothing for one of the best pitchers in baseball- arguably the best. Drabek and d'Arnaud were good prospects but Drabek went nowhere and d'Arnaud was flipped in the package with Thor for Dickey. 

    Yeah your totally right he made good moves near the end if his time because he finally started realizing the game, he was a rookie at the beginning and was learning it still and was frustrating as a fan. The Dicky trade was garbage no doubt about it, but the Halladay trade I understand it sucked for us in the long run, but it's one I let slide. The reason why, Halladay was just such a class act type of guy and deserved a chance at a world series championship. He knew it wasn't going to happen with the Jays and just wanted the opportunity and I respected his decision after giving is all for an organization that wasn't willing to spend money to win. 

  17. So glad we got ride of Anthony Gose, always felt he had a chip on his shoulder and felt like he was cocky. Just read he was playing in triple A got into an argument with the coach in the 3rd inning, and was kicked out of the game and dugout. Then Gose decided to no show the next day for their game, I saw this attitude in him just glad he's not here anymore. Another great trade AA made didn't realize we traded him for Travis, can't believe AA pulled that one off score!

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  18. 10 hours ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

     Would anyone be opposed to trading


    Dickey+Thole+Carrera and a couple prospects if it meant aquiring a Sonny Gray?

    Not opposed to trading Dickey and Thole, but I want to keep Carerra and the more I think about it, the Jays really need to keep Carerra. He's become a reliable asset that can get it done, he's the perfect 4th outfielder for this team, he's capable of filling in when needed. I'm not sold on Lake yet, and I always think of the what ifs....  


    I don't see Oakland wanting an old pitcher and a bad catcher, but maybe with enough youth. Goins, Lake, Prospect, Dicky, Thole. They can send us their bullpen catcher and use him for Martins backup lol.


    Btw the poster above me, is losing his mind lol, just roll one already chill out.

  19. 3 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Travis missed a whole season almost...Im a Travis fan..want to see him do well...its obvious Gibby is a Barney fan

    I'm a Travis fan as well I see big things for him, and saw what he is capable of doing last year. He's obviously not at the same level as he was last year right now, and understand he missed a lot of time, but when the other guy is doing better offensively it's hard to argue it. I'd pick Barney over Travis right now everyday because I want to win everyday, but if Barney was starting to struggle, he'd be out and Travis would be in. Of course Gibby is a Barney fan he's done everything asked of him this year, and has excelled at it better then anyone has thought. This is what has made me become a Barney fan, no question he has stepped it up and deserves to be playing.

  20. On 7/8/2016 at 10:48 PM, Pears said:

    Carrera and Goins for Bruce should do it. Then what about Bautista for Gray?

    Personally I'm totally against the Bruce trade all together, I don't mind if it happens after the season, but not now it's just pitching they should be trading for now. Don't want Bautista traded at all, I want him on this team this year for their push for the world series. If he's gone next year it will suck but I can accept it, it will suck to lose him for nothing, but it will suck even more to lose him now and possibly ruin their chance at winning a World Series....

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