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  1. On 7/8/2016 at 8:30 PM, ShakyWalton said:

    I agree..I dont want Saunders gone..but if this trade shakes down for Bruce  ,the outfield could take on whole new look...but Im sure an outfielder is going back ..who it is,,dont have a clue,,if it was Saunders Shapiro would face some pretty big backlash..trading a Canadian and allstar that the whole country voted for...but Shapiro is a tool so nothing is impossible...thei is the 2nd game in a row that Barney has played 2nd..Travis is as good in the field and has a bigger bat..dont know whats going on there..Goins is almost ready to come back..then what???

    Toronto would lose it, and probably riot if they traded Saunders, I sure hope they don't try it and see what happens. It would be the stupidest thing they could do to lose money on fan base now.


    I just saw your post about today and Barney, but believe it or not Barney's bat is better then Travis's right now. Yes Travis has more pop in his bat, but he's not hitting as well(avg.) as he was last year, Barney is hitting better then him. Of course you want to get the young guy in there as much as you can, but when the other guy is technically doing better to help the team more you got to get him in. Travis needs to start getting more base hits and having some multiple hit games to be playing more at the rate it's going for these two. You look at Travis's stats for the last 8-10 games he gets either 1 hit or 0 hits, not good the 1-7 game was pretty horrible. Barney has more 2 hit games then 0 hit games, so going by stats Barney is the favorite right now. It's about winning right now with this team, not developing players like the Canucks it's a different mindset, basically Travis needs to start hitting more consistently like he was last year, but he hasn't showed it which I'm surprised by tbh.

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  2. 52 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    It makes no sense unless they are just dying to get rid of Saunders...I dont get it,,,a friggin all star and you know there will be an outfielder going back.....guess who..just like they took Saunders out today and put Lake in...its always Saunders coming out...and you can bet that Carrera will play more when Bats comes back. I dont get some of Gibbys decisions,...like why is Barney playing over Travis now....

    I don't think they are dying to get ride of Saunders, I feel they want Bruce for Bautista replacement, just don't know why now, unless they're trading Bautista now..... don't get me started lol. Maybe Zeke and Goins for Bruce, as much as I've liked what Zeke has done except for his outfielding he's not the greatest at it tbh, maybe just lack of seeing and reading them. I don't know I'm so confused and frustrated, just don't want Saunders gone or not playing.


    Honestly on who plays when Bats comes back I believe Gibbons will play Saunders. Come on you know Gibbons he likes power hitters over base hitters, he'll have Saunders in over Zeke. I do see where Gibby is coming from sadly when he always pulls Saunders near the end he wants faster legs over there, Saunders isn't the quickest and takes the safest route to the ball normally, it's a toss up for what's better it can go either way in the end.


    Another one that's hard to decide in who's playing with the jam at 2nd/inf players. Barney has played so well this year its tough to have him sitting on the bench. I think he's just trying to even them out right now. The way I see it, it's going to be a battle from now until playoffs for both of them, but even tougher if they both continue doing good. Beginning of the year I would have had Travis pencilled in starter all day, but as said Barney has played so well it's 50/50 right now unfortunately, but also good....

  3. 47 minutes ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    My neighbour is the biggest Jays fan I know(goes to T-O, usually 2x/year to watch a couple series). He was telling me that the Jays are trying to pry Sonny Gray out of the As. 



     As for Bruce, If he should be aquired, that'll probably be the writing on the wall when it comes to re-signing Bautista, which in turn means that EE probably won't be back either because those 2 Dominicans like eachother and Shapiro is probably to cheap to hire a translator lol

    He's a good one for the future but not now.... Personally if they went after a starter for the world series I would want Verlander always have liked him and he always reminded of Halladay. But cheap Jays won't want his contact. What this team needs is bullpen pitchers, and good ones because in playoffs there are a lot more tight close games and pitching is normally what wins or loses you games. The way it's gone this season with our bullpen who have blown a bunch of close games, we won't win in playoffs with them. We can't expect our starters to go 8 innings all the time, even though right now that's the safest way to win. But if a starter is having a bad game we're screwed.


    This Bruce crap also had my mind thinking along the same lines unfortunately. Replacement for Bautista and was wondering if they might think of Saunders as cheap replacement DH for EE. But as mentioned you'd still think an OF would be involved in the trade from our side, but who knows with this management now.

  4. 5 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Seems like there is alot of legs to the Jay Bruce deal of him coming to TO..I ask why..an OF would surely have to go in return...what doesnt Shapiro like in Saunders...Bruce has 1 year left at 13 million..Saunders would no doubt sign for less than that...I dont get this management...just go out and get some Gawd dang pitching help.

    Just saw this on the score and came to rant again about management glad you already have. I'm just so frustrated that I'm even reading the Jays are looking for OF help why? Like seriously if I could curse on here I would be banned that's how upset I am. Pitching has been this teams problem for YEARS... seeing Price last year was exciting because we haven't seen anyone like that since Halladay left. But it's Pitching we need that's all that matters not fielders grrrrrrrrrr

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  5. 8 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

    Found out EE cant speak english...he has an interpretor for interviews...I imagine he has a few words he can speak ...but for a guy who has made his living in the states and on American and Canadian teams for as long as he has..I find it strange.

    Wow never knew that, I searched interviews for him on YouTube and only found 1 lol.



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  6. 8 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    There isn't. That's why the NL squad is pretty much the Cubbies every day lineup.


    I voted for Saunders as well, but for Trevor Story on the NL side. I can't explain why, but I've never liked Braun (although he's a great player) and Trevor is just a great "story".

    Yeah I saw that pretty stupid, I'm still shocked how the fans are allowed to vote when home field advantage is on the line for the world series...


    To be honest never was a big fan of Braun either, but I also don't follow the NL really that much except for Ichiros stats. I picked my vote based on this season's stats, and Braun was the best IMO but very very close with Marte.

  7. 36 minutes ago, g_bassi13 said:

    They may trade a bench/platoon player or two for help, but that's about it, I think. Nothing big. You're right that they have no excuse though.


    Nice to see the Jays crushing the Royals again today.

    Barney, Carrera, Goins, Colabello/Smoak. Reason I put Smoak because his value his higher, Colabello could fit back into that role if Smoak is used for a trade, plus EE can play first. Those are just fielders, then you also have the pitchers we need to replace for better arms. Like said no excuse.


    And yes glad to see the bats working for once when Dickey is pitching, about time.

  8. 1 hour ago, Standing_Tall#37 said:

    They should investigate Carapazza for throwing games. 


    Thank goodness EE put his hands behind his back... That saved him more from a suspension standpoint 

    Couple things, first when I was watching the game yesterday, sometimes you can just sense something is not right and that's how I felt yesterday with the ump we had. You could just sense that he had it in for the Jays, it's like he was getting off on arguing with any Jay and was looking for a reason to toss someone, like he was holding a grudge....


    Then I find out last year against Texas in the post season he was just as bad, also the game went in extra innings, but sounds like Martin was giving it to him last year as well.


    Also heard yesterday from a friend that there is supposedly a site where umpires are rated and he is at the bottom of the list, definitely makes sense. 


    Anyways agreeing with you that the ump should be investigated, was thinking about that also half way through the game yesterday. Just the way he was presenting himself on the field was not the right matter. It was obvious he can't take criticism or even have a conversation with someone who doesn't agree with him, without power tripping, that's not proper umpiring.

  9. 21 hours ago, g_bassi13 said:

    Smackdown is still on Wednesdays until it goes live on July 19th, when they do the draft and all. I haven't watched this week's, but it recorded on Wednesday on my PVR like normal.


    Don't know how you saw it on Tuesday, lol. Even the Sportsnet listing says it will be Wednesday next week.

    I thought it was on TV on Thursdays didn't know they showed it on Wednesday, I don't own cable.... I saw it online on Wednesday and was just wondering. 


    I know for years they did the actual show on Tuesdays, but didn't show it until Thursday, when did they change it to Wednesdays?

  10. In pro debut, Jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hits jack with his dad in attendance


    This past Friday, after rain pushed the rest of Guerrero's pro debut to Friday, with his father in attendance, Vlad Jr. recorded his first hit and his first home run in a 9-4 win for the Bluefield Blue Jays.




    Video in link.

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  11. Well I guess one good thing for today, don't have to worry about Machado getting a hit against the Jays today. I swear he's like the new Ortiz against the Jays always hits against us.


    Orioles infielder Manny Machado will begin to serve a four-game suspension for charging the mound and punching Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura on June 7.


    Machado dropped his appeal of the penalty Saturday after getting three hits against Toronto. ''Let's just get this past us already and keep playing baseball,'' he said.


    The two-time All-Star is batting .317 with 17 homers and 42 RBIs. The suspension will end his streak of 229 consecutive starts, the longest current string in the majors.

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