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  1. talking about the series so far..not the 1st inning although they were booting the ball around pretty good..people cheer the way they want..who cares.

    The series so far had been 1 game against a pitcher who owns the Jays. No argue there they were booting the ball and it was ugly, but this team is an offensive threat we have seen it all year, just can't believe people would throw in the towel before they even get a chance to bat.

  2. He said at this point they dont deserve to win..he is not wrong..you are dragging this out.

    1st inning of the game and they don't deserve to win, who the hell says that in the 1st inning of a game? Like really...pretty pathetic.

    Canucks playoffs 5 mins into the game they let in a goal, oh well they don't deserve to win, might as well just give up now like really? Not True Fans says it all.

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