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  1. 10 k's. As I type, Barney dings a dinger.

    Griffey Jr was always my favourite non Blue Jay player. Ken Griffey Jr Presents MLB for Sega is the only sports game that ever cam close to NHL 94.

    Griffey Jr was my idol growing up, still think he was one of the best to ever play this game and he did it without cheating (steroids), like all the others who he played against.

    The game you speak of is NES, but yes was a good game, but was playing to much NHL 94 on sega at that time lol. I still think MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr for N64 was one of the best ones, played hours and hours of that game.

  2. I've always bashed Cecil but right now I love him!! Sanchez just lost his spot. I wouldn't mind Cecil pitching in the 8th or be the closer. He has been lights out!!

    Same when he was a starter didn't like him, and even when he went to the bullpen still wasn't excited about the guy. But hats off to Cecil, he has obviously worked at becoming a better pitcher out of a newer position, he has grown on me and after that outing how can you not like him lol.

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