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  1. 18 minutes ago, KariyaSakicAnderson said:

    LOL funny thing I wasn't a fan of the Hodgson or Virtanen picks. But I was a fan of the Podkolzin pick, though I also did like the Juolevi pick 

    Just saying I've seen this over hype train before around here, so trusting posters isn't the easiest :lol:

  2. 44 minutes ago, ohmy said:

    Did you even look at his deployment over the season or just strictly look at stats? Daniel Wagner tracked him extensively through the season if you want to indulge yourself. I've personally never overhyped him so I don't know where you get that from. Yet you either lack the knowledge of the player or just strictly trolling to garner a reaction which you achieved so kudos.  Is he a sure thing, no. Noone is because you have no idea what lies ahead for them. Should you be excited? Ya damn right you should be. The kid has a lot of traits you just can't teach. He'll only get better and I'm certain he'll be a fan favorite fairly quickly. Back your stuff up besides a Stat line. You SHOULD be excited about someone who tied for best EVER points in the playoffs for an under 20 player, who happened to be compared to Messier, who happened to be the captain of his Russian junior team, and who is driven to continue getting better. Get hyped or get left behind the wagon. I'm tired of this team being considered to have the worst fans in the league. We don't, but the loudmouth glass empty kids get all the play because Toronto loves it. If you look at this franchise as a whole then this may be the most exciting time ever to be a fan. And half of us will piss it away being cynical of it. I'm done with it. We are one or we are none. Canucks don't stray from the herd. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!!


    I noticed you claimed I need to look more carefully next time, but you replied with this and you wonder why I would think like that.... Hmmm okay... Maybe you should take your own advice. 

    3 hours ago, ohmy said:

    Why don't you look at stats that matter instead of the games they played with Podz during the season. Podz outperformed Vey in a big way during the playoffs. More than doubled Veys point total and tied for most points ever of an under 20 player in the khl playoffs. So yes, there a lot of reasons to hype this kid. Look more carefully next time. 


    If you actually look up a couple responses you'll see you're taking the words I wrote right out of my mouth :lol:, excited is one thing over hyping is another. 


    Here have a snickers

    bean snickers GIF

  3. 57 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

    I hear you,  and there's nothing wrong with skepticism as long as there's context to frame it correctly. 


    As for prospects,  statistically speaking the fact is that the overwhelming majority will never be NHL regulars so you're skepticism isn't necessarily misplaced - by all accounts however this particular kid is gonna be a player. 

    Hopefully so, just saying though seeing a guy named Linden Vey scoring more points than a young stud prospect doesn't scream excitement :frantic:

  4. 14 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

    There is nothing wrong with being a skeptic, it works for the great state of Missouri. The biggest problem with over-hyping is the potential for people being unhappy with anything less. That said, I’m stoked to see what he can do!

    Being excited is one thing that I understand, but hyping him up to be this top 6 guy already before anyone really knows is not the right approach, putting those kind of expectations on a kid when his numbers haven't really screamed that yet, is not the right approach.


    But props to him in the playoffs this year, promising good to see. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, KariyaSakicAnderson said:

    Sure Vey put up a few more points in the regular season than Podz but he also played several more games and more than double the minutes than Podz. Vey also put up 40+ back to back point seasons playing for CSKA. 

    But during this past years playoffs Podz put up more than double the points than Vey, 11 to 5, playing same amount of games. When the games mattered and when given a chance to actually play meaningful minutes, Podkolzin absolutely outperformed Vey. 

    We should be excited about him, he will be a beast. He will start the year on the 3rd line but given his drive, determination and character I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes the year playing along side Bo. 

    Definitely more promising by the looks of it in the playoffs so that's good, I'll acknowledge that, would almost be nice to see him play their 1 more year to see if the numbers would improve this upcoming year, by the sounds of how he played in the playoffs from you and others I would expect them to improve but it would be good to see tbh, but sounds like he will be here so I guess will have to see here.


    Just for the record guys who got hyped here and didn't work, before everyone starts jumping on me for being skeptical first, like I said Canucks fans have a record of this.


    Cody Hodgson

    Zack Kassian

    Jake Virtanen

  6. 1 hour ago, ohmy said:

    Why don't you look at stats that matter instead of the games they played with Podz during the season. Podz outperformed Vey in a big way during the playoffs. More than doubled Veys point total and tied for most points ever of an under 20 player in the khl playoffs. So yes, there a lot of reasons to hype this kid. Look more carefully next time. 

    So stats in a regular season don't matter anymore :ph34r: or regular season stats don't matter in your eyes when their not good enough :lol: go figure, ignore the bad and role with the good only gotcha. Hey Darren McCarthy I remember was good in the playoffs doesn't mean he was a superstar in the regular season :lol:, I'll acknowledge that Podz stepped up in the playoffs that's good hopefully that continues, but with any prospect you normally want to see consistency before penciling them in as a sure thing. Maybe next time you should wait until hyping someone up until they show consistency first.

  7. 1 hour ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    I think people are looking at his style of game and thinking that, if he eventually can be a top six player, that he could be a nice complimentary player to Petey, in a similar vein to what Burrows brought to the Sedin line.

    I'll agree with that type of statement, I think that's the better approach to take first, hopefully some fans can lower their expectations before hyping him up to be this top 6 already :lol:

  8. 4 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    Most projections I see have him starting on the 3rd line. Nobody here is expecting him to have a rookie season as productive as Boeser or Petey. I think the hope is that, with better players around him, a smaller ice surface (which on paper should be a better fit with his game) and a coaching staff that actually gives a $&!# about his development, he could eventually become a top 6 player.


    Again, you need to look at everything in the proper context. His ice time, his linemates, his defensive vs offensive zone deployment, etc etc etc...

    No I understand that, I don't live in Russia so following the KHL isn't on the top of my priority list, and I get those things factor in. Just the hype I've seen here basically since he was drafted was he's going to be this top 6 player for the Canucks, and when he comes over he's going to be this beast, that's kind of how this fan base has sold him for a while, and I'm now starting to question that.

  9. 4 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    I would like to see more production out of Podz too, but you're ignoring the context completely. Linden Vey was an established player that had done well.at both the CHL and AHL level, and had already played in the NHL. Podkolzin was still a teenager up until about 3 weeks ago. He's still developing and hasn't been gifted the minutes and opportunities Vey has. Let's also keep in mind that, considering every one of his coaches knows he's NHL bound, they don't really have much incentive to develop him.


    And when he finally did get a chance to really play during the playoffs, he shined.

    I'm just going by all the hype I see regarding him on here, and with all the hype I see and read I was expecting more results especially when seeing a guy like Linden Vey doing better them him a guy who can't find a NHL job. 


    I get that he's young, but the KHL isn't no NHL, the NHL is a tougher league with better players still if there was one league close to the NHL it would be the KHL but it's still no NHL, and if a younger player is struggling in a league that's weaker then the one he's expected to eventually join, then I have questions and start to question maybe he is over hyped a bit, Canucks fans do tend to do that a lot with their players :lol:

  10. 11 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    Linden Vey has always been a great player in lesser leagues. His CHL, AHL and KHL numbers are a testament to that. Some players are just like that. I'm can't be assed to look into specific examples, but I guarantee in the CHL and AHL Vey outperformed a number of guys that went on to have great NHL careers. 

    I believe Vey size factors in for the NHL, at least he found a place to play, but he is a fringe NHL player still, but when I see a top 10 pick who is constantly praised on this board as the next superstar coming, to then see Vey out produced Podz, in Podz 2nd full year, that's not something that looks promising especially for all the hype I see he gets here.

  11. 13 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    You clearly don’t understand how the KHL works then. They brought Vey in as a veteran import and gave him top 6 minutes. 

    Podkolzin as a 19 year old had to fight for his minutes. That’s how they develop players there.


    That was Veys 10th season as a pro vs Podkolzins 2nd. Vey has been pro since he was 20 years old (older than Podkolzin) and put up points in every league he’s been.


    To compare the two shows a lack of understanding about the KHL and AHL and the difference 10 years makes for a pro.


    When the hype is that high around here for this kid he should be able to out perform a fringe NHL player, his skill should of bumped him up the lineup but looks like Vey had his number.


    So are you trying to imply that the KHL is tougher then the NHL because they have men playing.... That's your excuse for why a young skilled player was out played by a fringe NHL player? So the young kids who come into the NHL won't be able to out perform a fringe NHL player because by your logic a fringe NHL player has more experience playing with men over a young player.... LOL okay

  12. 2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

    It says that Vey was 29 years old and Podkolzin was 19…


    Do you really expect a 19 year old to outperform a 29 year old In a men’s league?

    It also shows this was Podz 2nd full year with them and this was Veys first. And yes I kind of do when a fringe NHL player is out performing a top 10 1st round pick, I will start to ask questions then. 

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  13. Is this guy over hyped a bit? I decided to look at his stats for this year, and what shocked me was to see Linden Vey out performed Podz this year, by quite a bit and Linden Vey isn't anything special so what does that say about Podz....

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  14. 5 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

    Not sure what you mean but my point, is that the young core JB was able to build will perhaps give the Canucks a good chance of competing for a cup.  Ofcourse, there are no guarantees - so who knows; and it will be our descendants to witness the Canucks winning the cup

    Basically what I'm implying is I'm skeptical, but I get your optimism with them, no question I see lots of skill in them not ignoring that, but I also see undersized vulnerable players hence being skeptical.

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