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  1. 18 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

    The other thing that is apparent is how much Tanev protected Hughes. Edler actually got his break when Vcr suffered so many D injuries and he never really looked back. He's played with so many coaches,  Vigneault , Torts, Wee Willy and now Green. He also played with a lot of quality D such as Ohlund and Hamhuis and flash back Luc Bourdoin, Salo and Bieska. So it's hard to judge for sure

    Tbh I liked how much Schenn protected Hughes more, but yes Tanev helped Hughes because he was a defensive minded first kind of guy, and that's exactly what Hughes needs as a partner, basically you need to find a Willie Mitchell somewhere for Hughes, but if guys like Myers and Edler are jumping up into the rush paired up with Hughes well that's an automatic fail, but if Edler is still on this team well that's an automatic fail again :lol:

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  2. 23 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    That's the thing though Chuck....I don't think anyone else in baseball cares enough to try. Look at everyone else in the field. Laughing and joking around after losing....Mancini acknowledging that he was probably going to lose before Alonso even hit...


    I get the feeling that PA would have been pissed....

    I do hope that's not true, I'm not going to ignore that could be a possibility, but I also see a guy who's now won it back to back and basically rubbing it into everyone's faces that no one can beat him, by doing this other players may not show it emotionally but inside because of their competitive nature it does bug them a bit even if their not showing it at the moment. Some players though also can acknowledge when someone is just better and they probably have no chance but will still take in every moment and just enjoy it and try their best. 


    I feel what Pete is doing is actually kind of helping the HR derby to make it more exciting by being cocky, it may help persuade someone else to try and take his spot now. Maybe another incentive to get someone else to try and beat him next year, no one has ever won the HR derby 3 consecutive times in a row, Pete now has a chance at that next year maybe someone would want to try and prevent that....

  3. 16 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

    Ah yes the Tortorella period, closely followed by Wee Willy, some say the good old days, others tell the truth. Enough said. It was the start of the the Canucks road to disaster   

    Or it was the start of Edlers decline... Edler couldn't even score a goal this year.... He's actually never scored less then 5 goals in a single year, but he literally scored 0 this year, if that's not a sign that he's declining then I don't know if you'll ever see one...


    Edit my bad his rookie season he only had 1G in 22GP

  4. 17 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

    I think you'll see a different approach from a defensive standpoint going forward. Green will have to adjust his approach to allow for Shaw's input. I'd prefer that the team get younger, bigger and stronger, and re-signing Edler seems to be a serious deviation from that. 

    I do hope so, and hopefully not everyone is trying to jump up into the rush anymore and only the ones offensively gifted for it try it occasionally,(cough cough Myers stay back). I really wanted to wait until Seattle picked their players to then see who would be available to grab still, but it looks like they just rather resign these guys instead, don't like this approach like you I want bigger and stronger back there.

  5. 2 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Soooo....what are people's feelings about Pete Alonso? Cocky? Confident? A breath of fresh air?


    I was one of the few who defended Nikita Kucherov after his post game comments, so I have to say that I like the fact that Alonso is so into the HR Derby and isn't afraid to show it. That being said, I was a bit surprised to hear him say "I think I'm the best power hitter in baseball" after last night's Derby win.


    My first reaction was, "No Pete, you're the best BP power hitter in baseball. Right now, 30 MLB players have more HRs than you and 40 have more RBI".....

    He's definitely a beast in the HR derby, watching him walk up and crush the first one in the finals was fun to watch, you just knew he was winning. 


    Let him be cocky that doesn't me, maybe it will help someone like Vladdy step up again and compete next year to shut him up lol, but as long as Pete doesn't trash the league that he's playing in at the same time, then all good, unlike Kuch crying about who wins the Vezna.


    As you mentioned when you look at stats others are doing better then him, so he can say what he wants but they may not mean much :lol:

  6. 1 minute ago, Sean Monahan said:

    It’s pretty common practice for a team to add a position player when a bullpen arm goes out, or vice versa more commonly. 

    There are a few factors involved with that statement, yes it can happen, but not always and it also depends on who you're already carrying on the team.

  7. 1 minute ago, Fred65 said:

    It's Greens cherry on the sundae, D'men jumping into the attack. It's been like that since his first season as coach and with ALL the D'men. It doesn't matter which D is out there they all make the same play. Despite what ever yu and I think Green trusts Edlers experience. Hughes by the way despite 2 seasons now has actually worsened in the defence, so if he''s learning it isn't showing

    Definitely surprising when most of the play in games under Green are in the Canucks zone, 75% of the games it seems the Canucks are outshot from the opposition and they normally outblock their opponents in shots most games as well. It's very interesting how he coach wants the D jumping up into the rush so much when they play most of the game in their zone already and rely heavily on the D blocking shots. The amount of games Markstrom stole for wins the last previous years was ridiculous to watch, but I haven't seen much changing, Demko is still bailing this team out when he's in net, the majority of play is sill in our zone every game, it definitely seems they play a more defensive style game, so this D jumping in the rush without puck possession in the offensive zone is a fail automatically by the sounds of it. Yes Hughes +/- was worse this year, but he still has a ways to go before he is as bad as Edler was 8 years ago with his league leading -39, but somehow Edler is still good....

  8. 1 minute ago, Fred65 said:

    First of all the D jumping into the rush is a coaches mandate, it's the very essence of Greens system D on both side of the ice do the same thing especially young Hughes who I might add is the worse minus player on the team. The Green System needs tinkering with IMO. Benn for instance was not used to that and ended up as the best plus player on the team. It was a attack first system and the the D suffered as a result, fingers crossed Shaw can introduce some order

    Edler thinks he's 28 still, but plays like he's 48, he's just way to slow, even at the point he will lose the puck and has no chance in catching them he normally takes hooking penalties because he can't catch them. Its not just in the rush, but that's one of the issues. Whether it's the coaches pushing him to do it or if it's him making the decision sometimes, they both are a fail, and I hate the coach so that's easy for me. Hughes doesn't get a free pass from me either, I've acknowledge he needs to improve on his defensive side luckily he's still young and has time to work on it, where Edler is not young anymore and his time is done.

  9. 18 hours ago, Alflives said:

    This guy is a clown, someone posted a video of him taking about the NHL playoffs recently I believe it was BoKnows he seems to like this Stephen guy, I can't stand this guy I saw a video of him and that other guy having a debate about a year ago and I was shocked people actually watch and listen to these clowns. 


    Regarding this issue with Ohtani, his apology is meaningless because I saw on his twitter before he apologized he actually double down and posted another video trying to claim the same thing he did on the show earlier in the day. After trying it twice and realizing he's not getting the reaction he wanted from people he then apologized, get this clown out of here.


    Oh and he supposedly yesterday also got flamed for how he pronounced some Nigerian players name for Basketball I guess they weren't happy with him as well.

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  10. 9 hours ago, shiznak said:

    Because the Jays have Yates, Phleps, Merryweather, Borucki, and Cole all on the 60-day IR. Once one of these players come off the 60-day IR. Davis is most likely going to be DFA. 


    I mean, think of it like this……do you think teams would want a guy like Vesey as a sweetener if the Canucks offer him in a deal? 

    You do realize Davis is not a pitcher right? You listed all the pictchers on the IR, normally when a pitcher is injured you call up another pitcher not an OF.... If anything you should of just said because Springer was injured that's why he was up lol, but instead you want to use players that had no reason for him being up.


    I guess the Jays are the only team in the MLB with injuries, no other teams have those issues I guess, no other teams have pitchers on the IR that they want to bring up an OF instead to replace the pitcher with :lol:


    I believe you should try and shop him first before shopping your prospects first, that's a no brainer.

  11. Too bad some older Canucks fans have a hard time moving on from certain players and letting go, they seem happy with mediocre play and could care less for trying to improve, the fact that some of these fans have watched Edler get burned year after year and it continues to happen and they still turn a blind eye to the problem, and still try to defend him by even saying his in good postion... If you're saying that when Edler is notorious for jumping up into the rush and not being able to get back and be out of position, who are you even watching out there is my question now....

  12. 2 hours ago, gurn said:

    Until they have a better guy, he's the guy.

    Dealing Schmidt with out getting a d man back just ensures we see Alex, getting big minutes again.

    I'd say he would be a  good #5, and a really good #6  on a contender; however the Canucks are a couple years away from that.

    Keep him under 14-15 a game, his play will pick up with less ice time at this point of his career.

    More like until they sign another guy is the approach I'd rather take, but I understand waiting until after Seattle expansion draft to then determine what route to take with what players are available after. I've been on this train ride for 4 years now wanting Edler gone, hope it's not a 5th :sadno:

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  13. 26 minutes ago, gurn said:

    Well, there is all next season for that, as I really think he will be back.

    Hopefully on a one year $3 mill or less deal, and Hamonic as well.

    Especially if Schmidt is actually moved, with out another D man coming back.

    Sadly that's why I think he sat out the last game of the season, I think they thought will just sign him and let him try again next year, and I'm strongly against that unless it's for dirt cheap like 1M as a 6th/7th guy. He can't be relied on anymore as a top player, he's way to slow, his minutes need to come way down, but if that's not the plan and the plan is to sign him to still play top 4 role, then might as well just give up now and throw in the towel, because he's horrible and can't be relied on anymore in those roles.

  14. 9 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Really? Based on this conversation, it appears as though you want to trade our 5th outfielder and a middle reliever who's currently struggling.


    I, OTOH, would get behind (depending on where you slot Grichuk on the depth chart) our 3rd or 4th outfielder who's having a career year, along his 10 million dollar contract for bullpen help.


    Now going back over our conversation, it appears as though there was one post where you countered Grichuk with Gurriel and that does make some sense. However, if I was the GM, I'd prefer to keep the guy who's 2 years younger and locked in for three more years at 3 million AAV, rather than the guy who has the balance of this season and two more a 10 million per.


    That is also besides the fact that I believe Grichuk is having a career year and Gurriel is just coming into his own. However, this is just speculation on my part and is certainly up for debate.

    Damn right I want to move Dolis he's trash, if you want to have games blown out more I guess you keep him, but I prefer to win so I'd get ride of him asap, he shows no emotion when throwing it looks like he's just there to throw the ball and get paid, I want someone who looks like they actually care to throw the ball. I'm also banking on Dickerson to heal up to be our 5th outfielder maybe 4th if he heals up and starts hitting like he has in the past, but that is also lingering in my mind for moving certain players.


    I wouldn't care so much on the 10M and freeing that up, they have space to add dollars if they acquire someone. Tbh when the Jays originally signed Grichuk I was against it I didn't think he was worth that much, but props to him because he changed my mind over the last few years, he definitely wasn't no Mike Trout, but he got the job done with some decent numbers and I feel he's one of those clutch guys who you can rely on deep in a game to get a hit, where Gurriel I'm still skeptical he can be clutch enough when you need that hit.


    We agreed to disagree on the Grichuk or Gurriel conversation and when comparing the two players in WAR Grichuk is the better player, so I don't want Grichuk traded I want Gurriel traded if anyone of the two, but I also said if they can move other players and save Grichuk and Gurriel I would be in favor for that, but that's a stretch I do believe one of then has to be moved though.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

    Well you can try to include David instead of a prospect but I doubt any GM’s would bite on it unless that prospect was like a 24 year old struggling in high A, I.e.: an incredible long shot to make the bigs. Davis is the kind of player who would get moved for a player to be named later or maybe cash considerations, but more likely the former. 

    You have to have that mindset of trying to get ride of dead weight first, and not getting ride of prospects first, but if your mind is already set on trading prospects over other dead weight sounds like an automatic fail approach imo. If it was a single trade regarding Davis then yes I agree just cash, or player to be named later, but if you're throwing him in to sweeten a trade for free you do it over throwing a prospect in there first, you don't just show your cards right away.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Alflives said:

    McDavid, without the puck, is a horrible player.  He will not help Kieth in the D part if the game.  Keith is used to guys like Toews, who play as hard without the puck than they do with it.  He’s in for a big surprise with the Soiler softies.  

    I'm pretty sure if Keith gets on that PP at all his points will go up :ph34r:

  17. Just now, Alflives said:

    He would for sure play for less in a new room than he would accept here.  So yes.  

    Like I know he has a place here and wants to stay here, but Seattle isn't that far, he might be willing to try that for a year and see.

  18. On 7/6/2021 at 10:28 AM, gurn said:

    I"m fine with Edler staying, hopefully as the 2nd or bettter yet 3rd d man on his side.

    I just thought it was silly, last year om March 28, to not play the rookies and younger players.

    I was positive at that point the team was not going to get into the play offs, so why burn up a vet, when another could learn with that playing time.

    I believe they were letting him play so he could hopefully get his 100th career goal.

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  19. 1 minute ago, RUPERTKBD said:

    Not what I'm saying at all.....sure you give it a shot, but I don't believe a player like Davis moves the needle for the opposing GM at all....


    Also, your hypothetical trade makes little sense to me. You wouldn't move Grichuk to get a "similar player" back and you wouldn't include Dolis. Grichuk, although having an excellent year, plays a position that is an area of strength for the Jays. If you move him, you do it to address an area of weakness. Right now, that's the bullpen.


    For that same reason, it makes no sense to include Dolis, because even though he's had his struggles lately, he has been effective in the past and moving him just weakens further the area you're trying to upgrade. Besides that, his current struggles mean his value is low and much like Jonathan Davis, would bring little if anything of value in return.

    The problem with you and sean I believe you kept thinking in your minds I wanted to trade Davis for like one for one and expecting a good value back, but never once did I say this or imply this, but it seemed like you guys had this stuck in your head. I made that trade proposal to show you a better picture of what I'm wanting to do with Davis, and added Grichuk in there just for you because you want him moved over Gurriel and I don't,  I don't even want to trade Grichuk I just did that to show you something :lol:

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