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  1. 9 minutes ago, J-P said:

    If only more posts in this forum provided this level of insight and meaningful context.

    Well when I go check out some threads of the recent signings and going through the pages I keep seeing this one poster attacking other posters who are still not a fan of Benning, like that's you mission to just attack all the posters who are not a fan of Benning still really... 


    Just because the person likes him and likes the things he's done the last couple days, doesn't mean everyone is supposed to just start liking him now as well, but if that poster is just going to attack them then I'll stand up for them because they have a right to their opinion still. A couple days of moves and signings is not enough to justify all the bad crap he has done for the last 7 years to start liking him all of a sudden, just because a poster is in love with him and thinks everyone else should be as well.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Dazzle said:

    Oh look, another anti-Benning patrolling at full force.


    If you can't see Harmonic is an excellent Tanev replacement, you're not a hockey fan.


    Go watch cricket.

    You're just going to attack posters who are not a fan of Benning? Get out of here, he makes some signings and in your eyes everyone is supposed to just forget about the last 7 years and turn the switch and now treat Benning like he's some god in your eyes now, go play on Twitter.

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  3. Finally someone who will actually protect the young guys on this team especially Hughes. What Schenn did here last time was exactly what you want in a veteran D, when helping a younger prospect grow in the league, glad he's back because Benning had failed at protecting his young assests since Schenn left.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Dixon Ward said:

    If we don't do something spectacular, Ceci would be my first choice.  26 and best all around of the RHD available.


    OEL 7.25 Ceci 3

    Hughes 6.5 Savard 4

    OJ 1.5 Myers 6

    Rathbone .9 Bowey .725

    Brisebois Woo

    When I looked it showed he was 27, but on that list, I clicked on points and categorized it that way then looked at salary cap then checked age, for price range same as Hamonic younger why not, he also had a higher .ppg avg then Hamonic. Then the other rumor of signing Schenn, I think Schenn is the perfect fit for Hughes, let Hamonic go sign Ceci and Schenn, Schenn can also be that 6th/7th guy to allow chances for other prospects as well.


    Although Leafs fans might be confused :lol:

  5. 2 minutes ago, gurn said:

    Just where did you see somebody say that?

    Omg can we just drop this.


    The original quote from Hefty was those 3, he didn't use anyone else those 3, the other poster wanted it to be addressed again, I'm not into a debate on this issue why can't it be just dropped? Why is this so hard? Why do people want me and Hefty debating this so badly? I'm not doing it. I don't want to be stuck on here for hours tbh.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Nucksownyou said:

    What debate? He presented a fact and you couldn't deal with it. Cry more.

    What he used 3 players... You both are going to tell me Benning has only ever signed 3 RFA in his 7 years here and not over paid on any... And then the UFA players he has signed over the 7 years don't matter, because he signed 3 RFA players to decent contracts, Brock shouldn't be making more then Horvat but whatever. Like I said I'm not having this endless debate period, deal with it kid.

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  7. I'm definitely not surprised with him signing with Caps, that was a no brainer as he had said if he doesn't sign with the Caps he's going to finish career in Russia, but what kind of shocks me is the length of this one tbh, he still wants to end his career playing in Russia I just thought he was planning to do it before he was 40, I guess he does want to break the great ones record :frantic:

  8. 5 minutes ago, stawns said:

    I'm not buying the offer sheet risk at all.  Nothing more than the agent trying to leverage.  Ultimately Petey doesn't have a lot of options as an RFA and hopefully he sees the value in leaving $ on the table for depth.


    He's won a championship in Sweden, I'd guess he understands how important depth is

    Hopefully this is where the Sedins kind of step in and explain it better for him.

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