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  1. 9 minutes ago, stawns said:

    People are making out like petey is a 100 point player.  I love his game, but he's not even a ppg yet

    No I know, he's close though, 165gp 153p, pretty close, he's a skilled player no doubt, but he needs to strengthen up more before he gets huge kind of money imo, but my gut is telling me Benning won't be factoring that one in, and may even over pay because he's worried of the offer sheet.

  2. 2 hours ago, kilgore said:


    Too much truth for many on here.


    To be in a deficit of even your allotted picks, throughout a 7 year term, from a GM of a team mostly languishing at the bottom of the standings is unacceptable as far as prospects coming to fill the second wave.  Especially disturbing coming from a GM marketed to the fans as a build through the draft guru.  


    People criticize Gillis for not stocking the cupboards with new blood.  He at least had an excuse. We almost made it to top with him.  Benning has traded away two firsts, and multiple seconds during his time, while maxing out the cap, for a perennial underacheiving team.  Even when we finally make the playoffs last season, after the 2015 exit with the Gillis core, none of those latest core players could be retained because of past blunders, so that run becomes a blip. Now we take a loss on Holtby.  Really? Not even a seventh rounder?  I think JB has grown a soft reputation with other GMs. Now that Braden's bought out, one of them will snap him up.


    Its the cut of a thousand blunders. Its about losing value, even if its one drop at a time.  Value interpreted in different ways.  Terrible pro scouting on the effectiveness of incoming vets. Overpayment on contracts. (giving Pearson an above market value contract during a flat cap, according to hockey experts, as an example) Over extended contracts. (Beagle, Sutter and Rousell, you can add Gagner, and LE) Losing value for nothing..(Madden and a second).  Running out of time.  No communication with those waiting to sign, for him to do his one thing at a time, "day to day" management style. One or two blunders is acceptable, but when its one or two blunders every season, it adds up and becomes a millstone the hampers the future success of the team.  That is what I'm pissed about. I want the Cup here!


    I have no idea how JB is still here, and why he gets such a vote of confidence on this board.  I still WANT him to succeed, as its my home team on the line, but I just do not have a lot of confidence that his decision making won't need a good dose of lady luck as well. Which is fine. I accept that.  But I expect the Benning Booster Club to let me know I'm being too mean to him in 3....2....1.....


    They do know one day Benning WILL be let go too right?  No GM lasts for decades. When the Aquilini's get over their guilt for being a part of Jim's bad decisions,  which now I see must be the only reason he's not been gone yet.  If these were totally hands-off owners, and their GM hire had still had this kind of management outcomes, I doubt he'd be here.  When that finally happens,  we'll see a whole lot of those in the booster club jumping ship, just like they did with Gillis. 


    But hey, Go Jim Go!  Maybe it will all work out. I really hope it does.  OEL does revert to his prime production years.  Podz is an instant success. All his new signings live up or surpass expectations. (As you point out, they pretty much have to!) Heck, maybe even his Joulevi pick proves himself finally.  And that can he's kicking down the road will sort itself out, somehow some way.  As another big self promoter said about the virus "Like a miracle it will just disappear".   I hope all of that comes true.  Miracles can happen. I must go now to pray to the Hockey Gods.



    Nailed it!

    Drop Mic GIF by Captain Obvious

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  3. 11 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

    Read the post that you just quoted. It's not that complicated. Our toxic media twists quotes to suit their narrative. The whining sycophants use the twisted quotes as truth and ignore the actual quote.




    Another player agent just came out and said pretty much the same thing. Our media are toxic clowns who constantly spew negativity.

    Ok I get it, I get what your getting at my bad. Yes there are some media that will spin things out of control, that just part of the job, all about views, they do twist things on purpose and if you get people talking about, then they've hit a HR it's all about publicity and sometimes bad is good crazy enough. 


    Again though I was basing my judgment on a guy like Dreger then over our media here, I believe he heard things going on over the last few years and I trust his judgment. 

  4. 5 hours ago, RWMc1 said:

    So Colorado took Kadri, rosen and a 3d over Jake and a 1st?   It doesn't really matter because that wasn't my point.   


    People actually claim(ed) that Benning said that he was shopping him. He didn't. He even said that he wasn't.   Whether he was shopping him or not was not my point. I was talking about false claims made by fans based on a misquote.


    My point was that people twist quotes to suit their negative narrative. The speculation that you provided was based on "chatter". The Jake speculation thread, that was started on CDC, was based off of the quote I provided earlier. I wonder where the "chatter" came from.

    [Speculation] Canucks looking to move Jake Virtanen       P 27            T R & S



    You can see further evidence where Bo's agents words were twisted into him wanting out of Vancouver. It's always based on a negative agenda using negative assumptions.


    Just look in this thread. All the whiners are assuming that OEL will play badly and are already whining about it even though he hasn't even played a game for us yet.


    It's all part of a pattern that keeps repeating from the snivellers and the media clowns.



    I really don't care what Benning says tbh, because its not always the truth, when playing poker do always show your cards all the time? Probably not. Well you originally quoted me after having a conversation with another poster claiming Benning wasn't shopping him that's all made up media crap, I don't know where you're going with this anymore tbh.


    Regarding Bo and his agent there is something there actually, its not much but he did in a way say there is frustration and it is taking a toll on him, not enough though that he's going to request a trade or anything like that, but definitely if things don't change in the next couple years when he needs to resign he may look elsewhere that is always a possibility especially if things don't change like standings wise and making playoffs. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, gurn said:

    They lost too many pitchers 

    David Phelps

    KIrby Yates       both gone for the year

    Carl Edwards has been out since June 17, expected back Aug17


    This link shows them missing 8 pitchers.


    Don't see any link, but I know they took a hit early with injuries, but they still didn't really do anything before the season to get an ace starter in what they needed to compete, and definitely another strong middle reliever, instead they decided to spend the money on Springer to boast their offense when that was needed.....

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  6. 7 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

    That quote was from right after the Playoffs.


    He refuted shopping Jake before last season started. That's when he said that he was giving Jake    a wake up call. (paraphrase)


    Many media people perpetuated that but the original rumour started from the quote that I provided.

    Well the rumors have started all the way back in 2018 tbh at the draft when he was almost moved that barley anyone knows about, but there was this one in 2019.


    The latest one comes from longtime Colorado Avalanche writer Adrian Dater, who is reporting that he’s heard trade “chatter” concerning the Vancouver Canucks.


    The Canucks, Dater says, are offering Jake Virtanen and a 2020 first-round pick to the Avalanche in exchange for defenceman Tyson Barrie.


    Who Dater is I don't know but again Dreger came out and said Canucks were interested in Barrie


    Dreger - Teams have been talking with the Avalanche and kicking the tires on Tyson Barrie and Carl Soderberg. Vancouver and Arizona have been in the mix there. There's other activity surrounding the Canucks as well as the Rangers. Things should get interesting tonight. #NHLDraft


    I just don't believe everything Benning says, he also claimed Loui Eriksson was going to be this scoring forward for the Canucks, looks like he lied there :lol: 

  7. 1 minute ago, RWMc1 said:

    This is the quote that everyone twisted into Benning is shopping Jake.


    “I thought he worked and competed hard in the playoffs. He scored that big goal for us in Game 6. To be perfectly honest with you, though, I was expecting more from Jake in the playoffs,” Benning said on Sportsnet 650 on Tuesday afternoon. “He can skate, he’s strong. He can get to the net. He’s a guy we’re going to have to talk about here going forward. We’ve been patient with him in his development, but he’s a guy I was expecting to produce more for us.”


    Whether he was or not, I don't know. I'm saying that Benning never said that he was shopping Jake, yet people claim that he did based on that quote.

    Well as you can see I'm trusting a guy like Dreger for if Virtanen was being shopped or not at the deadline, and he seemed to have inside scoop that there was something going on I trust that.


    Regarding that quote, it seems more like frustration from Benning for not moving Virtanen :lol:

  8. Looking at the standings it says the Jays are 4.0 games back of a wild card spot, Oakland has 56 wins Jays have 49 wins I'd say they're 7 games back really, without getting the pitching help I just don't think it's possible for the Jays. Blame management on this one imo, they've waited too long should of done something before, should of never signed Springer and just got help for what you needed PITCHING, just seems like a waste of a season because they couldn't address the area that needed to be fixed before the season started, and they still can't get help, what a waste. 

  9. 40 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

    I don't make crap up. I have a memory. I'm not searching for the quote to mollify you though. He said what he said.



    I never said he never said that, he probably did, but that's not what I'm addressing with you. You want to make a claim that he wasn't being shopped at all because Benning said so, and it was all fake news media creating a buzz, so why would a guy like Darren Dreger who's been around the league for a long time for credible rumors just decide oh today I'm going to just start making fake news rumors on Virtanen, with all the sources he has why would he just wake up and make a random rumor then? You can believe Benning all you want, but they also don't tell the truth all the time, but when a guy like Darren Dreger comes out with a rumor of something he heard I'm going to trust his judgment a bit more because I do believe he has a lot more inside credible sources than anyone on CDC.


    Dreger on Insider Trading says some teams do have interest in Jake Virtanen and those teams are paying close attention to his TOI.#Canucks want a young forward in return. Dreger says keep this one on the watch list.


    Oh but Benning said he wasn't shopping Virtanen, so this guy is just fake news then?

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