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  1. Ha, good luck with your arb case Jake!! Just sign for 2.5M over 2 already.
  2. For this reason I think we should try an sign Hamonic...if Ferland comes back, Trade Jake, if he doesn’t then your cap should be fine. The only thing that sucks is Ferland has attempted to come back a few times and failed now. Really tough predicament we’re in with his contract.
  3. I do think Subban will have a bounce back year....however .... I’d rather stick with Sutter expiring next year and be one more year with LE after that. Maybe after riding the bus in Utica this year LE will finally retire next year.
  4. When you say lock mean on one year contracts right....
  5. Ottawa still has tons of cap space, would you guys do Loui, Jake and next years 1st if it meant we could sign AP....and would you you do 7 x 7 for AP? I mean it’s pretty much the same deal we all would have been happy with for OEL but fills our RHD slot and has a slightly less cap hit.
  6. His baking was worked into Markstrom and Tanevs contracts
  7. I think a lot of the big names are finding out there is no money. Some big names might have to settle for short term low dollars.
  8. Benning haters can’t hate on him today. He never caved on OEL and he made the right move in net .
  9. Signing halted once Markstrom camp saw Murray contract....haha
  10. Why not if your the Red Wings. Good pick up by them.