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  1. Thanks SSAL, I was hoping people would enjoy them. I'll post some new ones after tomorrow's game.
  2. TLG Limerick #3 Alex Reaches For His Goals (Game 2) Alex Burrows is his name, And he is gaining fame, Cuz you just can't teach, A guy to outreach, The tallest man in the game.
  3. The Eve of Game #2 (Of the Stanley Cup Final) As Game Number Two loomed, Milbury became consumed. His team can’t handle the tension, And can’t win without a suspension, So the Bruins are totally doomed.
  4. The Morning After Game #1 (Of the Stanley Cup Final) Last night I had a hunch, That Burrows did not eat lunch, Cuz when Bear-geron brought up his paw, Alex just opened his jaw, But nobody heard a crunch.