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  1. Twinkletoes needs to start laying the body more. He's trailed off recently
  2. Horvat is listed as 6'1 216lbs by the Comets in their report.
  3. Cassels is about 6'1 200lbs now if one of the reporters from training camp was to be believed
  4. I have a fully upgraded fast-charge rare fusion rifle and I love it. So many kills in close. Once you have the timing down and know your effective range its amazing.
  5. I just hope he can keep up with the NHL game and actually make it lol
  6. How's Calgarys prospect pool looking? I wouldnt be surprised if they traded Virtanen or Chase for futures if its not looking like they can contend for the next 2 years
  7. Okay! I've got the top 52 for single season U18 goal scorers in the CHL since 2000. I couldnt find an option for ES goals unfortunately but here it is:
  8. I'm going to take another look and collect all of the players down to 35-40 goals to get a broader range. Ill get on it once this World Lacrosse Championship game is done I'll see what I can do about ES Goals, I dont know if eliteprospects will have those tracked for every season and every player.
  9. I think had Honzik played in any league but the QMJHL he would have developed way better. He had all of the raw skills needed and really impressed with his pure athleticism. Demko is hands down the better prospect than Honzik ever was though
  10. It was the top Under-18 goal scorers, a category that Virtanen has been hyped up because he falls under. I completely forgot about Tavares. Anyways Im amazed at only having one mistake considering I did it at 4am
  11. I posted this on HF: For fun, and because I can't sleep at all, I decided to do some stat tracking to see where Virtanen sits amongst the top U18 goalscorers of the CHL (since the 2000-2001 season, turn of the century pretty much). Because eliteprospects doesn't track stats across all three leagues of the CHL I did it by hand and recorded the top single-season goalscorers of every league down to the "Virtanen Standard". Ties were determined by total points, if a further tiebreaker is needed, GP shall be used. Here it is: So, as I said, I did this because I wanted to see where Virtanen stood amongst prospects in recent years in his strongest attribute. What I learned from it is that Ehlers is a great scorer, like really good at scoring.
  12. Happy Canadeh

    1. TheRussianRocket.
    2. Pears


      Not too shabbeh

    3. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Free Ehgent Frenzy too.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNTqO-z0AQk short highlight vid of him exhibits a strong wrister from the point and a heavy slapshot, can hit, and he can skate very well. He could easily become a very useful bottom pairing dman who can eat minutes both 5 on 5 and on special teams, and thats on skills alone, without seeing how well he can think the game.
  14. Jensen can play either wing, same as Virtanen. And McCann spent a lot of time on LW last season.
  15. Good pick, this is a guy who I would have been alright with higher in the draft. Love those question responses, clever guy.
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