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  1. Horvat is listed as 6'1 216lbs by the Comets in their report.
  2. Happy Canadeh

    1. TheRussianRocket.
    2. Pears


      Not too shabbeh

    3. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Free Ehgent Frenzy too.

  3. I would be so rattled if Hutts pulled a Schultz on us, doubt he would though. Even though some chick from his Uni interviewed him as a "Campus Sports Cutie" or something and he said his favourite sports team was the Colorado Avalanche.
  4. Just finished watching the first season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I watched it in order and loved it, should I watch the 2nd season? I'm looking at you Avalanche

  5. Joel Heyman

    Adam Polasek | D

    Polasek likely tired of being screwed around by the team. He outplayed Sauve and half our defensemen in Chicago at the end of last season and deserved a shot at playing in Utica. He was likely offered more money and opportunity to go play in a Czech pro league at home.
  6. The NCAA UFA loophole was patched in the with the latest CBA
  7. I think he should play another year after this, and after that it will be up to him whether he wants a degree or a contract to go pro rather than finish his Senior year. He definitely has the complete package, great size, quick feet, good offensive instincts and shot, and he can play defence (although he needs to work a little bit on calming down in the defensive zone working on his gap control, which Avalanche and a couple guys on HF noted). I also find it interesting how he has a very similar PPG pace as Shayne Gostisbehere, who Flyers fans are hyping as one of the best Dmen in the country. This is without the size (SG is 5'11 170~) or defensive ability that Hutton has. Definite diamond in the rough on our hands.
  8. Corrado is getting the Tanev treatment this season, he's playing in the AHL to get big minutes and is easily the best dman in Utica. He's less likely to get called up now because of how solid our defense has been and so that he can keep playing big minutes while we bench Weber/Alberts most of the game. He deserves to be an NHL'er and I feel that Management gave Corrado #26 in Utica as a show of faith
  9. Schroeder should have made the team this year, injuries are in the way and I expect him to spend the season up after a conditioning stint, barring any significant setback in his play from said injury. It also doesn't help that his #18 has been taken both years he's been on the team.
  10. WTF are you thinking??!! you forgot Oreskovich
  11. Low numbers mean you're on the team, like when Corrado went from #57 to #26 when he was called up last season. >40 numbers are for prospects. Rookie numbers have you. And yeah, Gaunce #50, Jensen #46, Horvat #53, Shinkaruk #48
  12. He wears it in respect of a passed friend. If we have #11, #28, and #37 unofficially retired, we should allow him to show that same respect in his way.
  13. Xbox 360 just bricked my hard drive with 1000's of hours of saves. Unrecoverable. Looks like this loser is going PS4 for next gen.

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    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      :'( All I did was talk to two farmers standing still in Skyrim too, then it froze and I restarted my Xbox to get an error code.

    3. :D


      Hey man, maybe it's a sign to stop playing vidya games

    4. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      No. Then I would have too much free time.