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  1. Happy Canadeh

    1. TheRussianRocket.
    2. Pears


      Not too shabbeh

    3. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Free Ehgent Frenzy too.

  2. Just finished watching the first season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I watched it in order and loved it, should I watch the 2nd season? I'm looking at you Avalanche

  3. Xbox 360 just bricked my hard drive with 1000's of hours of saves. Unrecoverable. Looks like this loser is going PS4 for next gen.

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    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      :'( All I did was talk to two farmers standing still in Skyrim too, then it froze and I restarted my Xbox to get an error code.

    3. :D


      Hey man, maybe it's a sign to stop playing vidya games

    4. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      No. Then I would have too much free time.

  4. Im starting a Distillers cover band

  5. Well, my bs sensor is tingling and Project Phoneblok was a viral marketing scheme for Motorola to announce Project Ara or whatever methinks

  6. Nostalgia is expensive... at least I'm enjoying the 2DS and Pokemon Y. Trying not to feel shame.

    1. Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Wedge-tailed Eagle

      Nostalgia is the best. Pokemon Yellow ftw

    2. mau5trap
    3. stonecoldstevebernier
  7. I swear to god I just sat across the bar from Todd Bertuzzi at the Park Royal Cactus Club

    1. JE14


      awkward moment when bertuzzi was playing a game in detroit.

    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      Bertuzzis stunt double

    3. BananaMash


      It was probably just Keith Carney.

  8. Congrats Weise! I wonder if Hunter Weise has a huge chin too.

  9. Stood in line next to PauseUnpause on the ferry today. Awkwardly tried to figure out if it was actually him before saying "Excuse me" and reaching for some cutlery then walking away.. hahahah

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    2. Joel Heyman

      Joel Heyman

      popular youtuber, big Native guy who plays video games and just moved to Duncan from Winnipeg

    3. TACIC


      wow spence really wood freak if he found out lol

    4. Joel Heyman
  10. Awe yeah Six Nations! Awesome game! Got to go down on the floor and celebrate with the players while right after the Mann Cup was awarded!

  11. When did we sign Colin Stuart??

  12. Hahahah Six Nations get both of their goalies booted for illegal equipment and have to put Colin Doyle in net, still win 11-8. Only in the Mann Cup

    1. :D


      The 15 people that follow Lacrosse are probably really worked up about this

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Lacrosse is an awesome sport. Wish it got more exposure.

    3. MANGO


      Well, the arena is sure full for 15 people