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  1. Actually that was my second post (in response to someone else's response to my first post.) You even reacted to my first post. And I still stand by everything I said. Sorry to hear your version of what I've said is bugging you so much.
  2. I'm suggesting they asked if he'd be interested because I'd be shocked if they didn't. (I'm sure they talked to Hughes before too. Because of course they did.) And I think he likely said no for whatever reason (not ready to commit long-term or, like Tocchet said in an interview about him still being too uncomfortable talking with teammates off the ice, whatever.) But you're free to think whatever you want.
  3. Sure, Alf. If it makes more sense to you that the team wouldn't bother to talk to one of our main guys about whether or not he'd want the job, especially if they thought it might factor into his decision to re-sign, have at it. I mean, it's insulting to both the team and Petey, but okay.
  4. There is your problem. How exactly am I trying to "stir up trouble" when I'm literally saying it's not a big deal and they made the right choice? So what trouble? For whom? And no one said they had made a decision, but that doesn't mean they didn't talk to him about whether or not he'd be interested. We know they talked to Bo about whether or not he was interested in the C long before it was offered. It's not unusual or controversial.
  5. You are making assumptions based on your assumption that Petey's English is too poor to understand conversations he had. It makes far more sense that they talked to him about the captaincy and asked him to think over whether or not he would accept it. His answer likely factored in significantly to their decision. Again, I genuinely don't get why people are being weird about it. Asking people if they'd even want a position like this is probably pretty standard.
  6. True! And that may have been a big factor. The team certainly doesn't want the embarrassment of losing another captain so soon. Even if he wanted it, I don't know if they would have given it to him if he wasn't willing to commit long-term. And frankly, fair enough. I agree also about JT, and for that reason I'm glad he didn't get it. (I was worried he would.) If Petey didn't want it, be it the C in general or a longer term commitment to this team, then Hughes was definitely the next best choice. He's a franchise player, high compete, level headed, and young enough he can hopefully serve in the position for years. He's a good choice.
  7. His grasp of English is good enough to understand the situation. And he certainly knows more than we do about the conversations he'd had. And he said that he was thinking it over. Of course it is. People rarely say they will think over things they aren't being offered. I genuinely don't understand why some people need to be so contrary.
  8. It was widely reported that he was thinking it over during the summer. I think everyone knows it was his if he wanted it. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/pettersson-not-rushing-canucks-captaincy
  9. I'm guessing that means Petey turned it down. And that is okay. You don't have to wear the C to be part of the leadership group. Congrats, Huggy! You're going to do a great job!
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