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  1. Holy hockey puck. I did not see that coming, but I'm glad I saw it happen! Way to go, boys!!
  2. Toronto is whining about the schedule and demanding it get changed because otherwise they'll have to play 5 games in 8 nights. https://info.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/report-leafs-pushing-back-against-nhl-on-condensed-schedule-expect-changes-to-be-made?fbclid=IwAR3EfZJDQbzmC_vsJkHs1sa-gJ0RqIRTzDSy2kMJ1R_05XL9ZDRkFYSz1EY Boy, wait until they hear about the Canucks schedule from the very first week!
  3. It is a known serious potential side effect, especially for those who have been hospitalized. Covid-19 is known to cause massive amounts of inflammation and any illness that causes inflammation can result in blood clots. However, studies have found even more clotting in people who have died from Covid-19 than in patients who died of other illnesses (meaning just being bedridden doesn't account for all of the clotting that's being found.) Also, the chances of having a stroke are higher for people who had Covid-19, including those under 50, than the general population.
  4. I still don't think we're going to have all of the other players available nor do I think there's a reason to push them back. But I hope you're right and if they do have to play that as many of them as possible are willing and able to return and no one suffers any serious injures. Guess we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best.
  5. Assuming the list I saw is up-to-date, we have 7 players who are out due to injury, illness, or required quarantine. (Pettersson, Bowey, Pearson, Schmidt, Virtanen, Hoglander, and Hawryluk.) And that doesn't include any who might still feel unable to play or feel unsafe playing who aren't on that list. That means we don't have 8 players to swap out. Even if we could ice a full team, we wouldn't have enough to allow for much rotation as the tightened schedule continues. And just a couple of injuries (which seem exceedingly likely given that the guys are being expected to play more hockey while
  6. I don't get people saying the team has full control over who plays. Did we do away with the salary cap system and no longer have to meet the basement? Do we have an unlimited number of players on the roster and can easily get players from Utica here on command? If they have to ice a team, how many options do they actually have? This isn't a few players, it's a significant portion of our team who are still recovering and/or who feel unsafe playing right now. Add to that such a rough, condensed schedule that will require them to play more games in fewer days than the rest of the leag
  7. I really liked Tryamkin and am saddened that he won't be returning. I wish he'd like playing here enough to work his way up the pairings. But, if someone doesn't want to be here then what's the point? Wish him all the best.
  8. Like it or not, professional athletes are role models for children. They get media training in part because everything they say reflects not only on their organization and sport as a whole but also because it can be so influential with children. What they said was rude, disgusting, and uncalled for and if a child said that kind of thing about a classmate we'd call it bullying. It's time to set an example and start holding adults to the same level of self control we expect from children. It's not about whether or not the Sedins had their feelings hurt (and I don't believe for a second they gave
  9. Nice work on the goalie #s in the Lu thread! ;)

  10. Drybone, I'm not sure what the intent of your snarky message is or even what "basic facts" you think I need to "deal with," especially when at least some of your basic facts aren't facts at all. But thank you for reminding me to add yet another fact to my list above: FACT: The NHL does NOT own the Stanley Cup. Beyond that, what is your point? I don't disagree nor have I argued with the fact that owners are essential. As I said above, they are not any more easily replaced than the players are. And, your point about players being replaced over the course of years is exactly what I said abo
  11. There seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around about the CBA negotiation and related terms. I'm not an expert by any stretch nor do I intend to represent myself as such. However, I do absolutely believe that it is in our best interest as fans to be properly informed if we have even the slimmest of chance of someone listening to our opinion. So below you will hopefully find some useful information to help inform your opinion. To the best of my knowledge, all of this information is correct. But please feel free to not take my word for anything and do some research yourself. Only by
  12. NHL Fan Spending Lockout Pledge I pledge to not spend a single penny on anything NHL related during any season where a single game is lost due to a work stoppage of any kind. If an entire season is lost due to a work stoppage of any kind, I pledge to not spend a single penny on anything NHL related for the entire next season. If you don't play, I won't pay! ..... If you agree, take the pledge! Spread the word! Use the graphics! (Just don't claim any of it as your own work!)
  13. While I usually get my Canucks related chuckles from CDC posts, today I got my dose of 'nuck humor via TSN's list of free agents when I saw the following: (source) No matter how you feel about him as a forward, the thought of Dale Weise suiting up as a goalie is funny as &*#@!
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