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  1. We’ll then for the record I have a solid head of hair. POSTS 7,844 JOINED July 17, 2003 Best wishes and goodbye to all of you. take care.
  2. Myers will have good value at this years TDL or if a a contender loses a D during the season. if we pay to get rid of him now expect that team to flip him and get a decent return at the TDL. garland and other wingers(pearson) are the guys that should be moved out /given away to make cap space.
  3. PROJECTED CAP HIT : $88,484,167 PROJECTED LTIR USED : $0 PROJECTED CAP SPACE : $0 (-$4,984,167 ) PRE-SEASON LTIR CANDIDATE ESTIMATES: CAP HIT OF LTIR CANDIDATES : $5,750,000 CAP SPACE WITH LTIR CANDIDATES : $765,833 why bother with PTO when they cant sign him or anyone else even if they like them. they got to get some cap freedom before adding fourth line one dimensional plugs.
  4. It’s funny you think that’s worst case scenario .
  5. 1 Petterson is going to irritated and frustrated with the endless barrage of false trade rumours signing $$$ rumours and media question. a distraction this club can’t afford. And a real con when EP actually does consider if he wants to be here long term. the last deal he signed he said it’s a show me a direction and some winning so far the organization has failed to live up to their side. 2 we will be horrible in the faceoff circle
  6. No Bo is a Big Downgrade down the middle from last year. D is improved but it’s yet to be seen how much Health of demko is better than last seasons start We still need to shed salary some teams got worse (Calgary) If everything goes right for us we might get a wildcard sport Slow start ,1 key injury or underperforming star we will draft 12thOA.
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him. 5’11 173lbs below 49% in faceoffs good defensively personally I would have preferred to see more size/grit or at least a face off machine. Hopefully he pans out and fills the 3/4c role and isn’t just another highmore megna dalphe ect ect ect signing.
  8. Hope he’s heathy and can play….just not in Vancouver. I never cared for him as a Canuck a soft easy to play against Benning special. just another often injured bad trade.
  9. Maybe you can’t but I can judging him on his body of work others that are unaffiliated still show the leafs Coilers and flames bias ,rays been pretty neutral . it’s been his lack of personality that bores me. I’d just like to see a tryout with a few guys that could do the job. see who got the chemistry with shorty. Nobody’s filling cheeches shoes,he’ll be a tough act to follow for who ever gets the gig.
  10. Government should mandate cheech back to work. anyone and everyone is a downgrade. Ray is better than a some of the options out there but they needed a big personality like a bieska that can add humour and insight.but still know when to be quiet (unlike galley) someone who appreciates McDavid and other stars but doesn’t just constantly gush for them. ray is the typical nothing special analyst. they should have a season long tryouts Hansen ray and others get games. I liked Gary Valk back when he was on.
  11. McLean was at least ten years past his best before expiry date.he and his stupid comments won’t be missed. Bieska didn’t say enough negative comments towards the Canucks, he had a personality and added humour ( they don’t like that) so it was only a matter of time. He also upstaged Rudy and friedman so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had something to do with it. So it’ll be back to dry boring muppet Friedman and a panel of “how bout mcdavid” “ Mathew’s Mathew’s mathews” let’s not forget they might need a longer segment for the endless and horrendous gambling analysis (cabbie the clown and his puppet) and more gambling ads. the mute button going to get worn out.
  12. Myers not going anywhere till after sept Move Garland and pearson while we wait for sept.
  13. Nikita Tryagain So did he manage to run up his salary using the nhl again. guy had no intentions of coming he doesn’t have the mental toughness to play in the best league never has never will
  14. if he’s able Move Myers garland and pearson would be good. myers and pearson if they can stay healthy will have decent value at the TDL expiring rentals. garland is the odd man out he needs to be moved the sooner the better PAs done a nice job so far this off-season
  15. Big bodies finally were not loading up in mini me’s might actually have a d group that can protect the net and sone for checkers that can hit and not fall down.
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