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  1. It’s a win and in regulation. If that’s the response game from a bad Buffalo game it left a lot to be desired on the “ intensity” side.
  2. Oh that’s it for Burroughs he will be benched for the rest of the game and a heathy scratch next game green hates guys that stand up for team mates.
  3. That’s the system it’s by design. Lol I guess that “ intense” practice paid off.
  4. Oh the high intensity passive pk. the high event system on full display.
  5. Does A one legged duck swim in a circle… thanks Cory.
  6. So Schenn and podz out? “ we need to be more physical” Hunt doweling highmore in. It’s actually comical. time for some more “high event ” hockey. lol. looks like we will be fun to play against again tonight. 4-3 van in a shootout.
  7. He cleared … shocking. so keep guys that will clear instead of guys that won’t makes sense. Must be a good pker.
  8. They should change that because it isn’t and hasn’t been working. high event hockey lol Sounds like another excuse for just being crappy defensively. high event hahahaha if green is coaching “high event “ hockey by design he should be fired immediately. Some coaches the teach trap he teaches giving up tons of chances , good stuff I can see why people want him to stay however it’s mostly other teams. 3+ years of hoping the goaltender steals the game, giving up odd man rushes and a lot of high quality chances we might get shots but they are of the low quality.
  9. Demko Second in shots against second in saves and that sounds like a team playing good and he hasn’t even played all our games. This club hasn’t played well. they play good for very short spurts then chase the play for long durations.
  10. We’ll actually I was excited when Jb was hired. I thought we’ll here’s a guy saying all the right stuff and has a great back ground in drafting. draft develop build he then Went in to say he thought we still had a window to win…wtf. then proceeded to continually trade away picks and prospects not develop any of our picks and build top ten picks that get developed elsewhere and of coarse through aged ufa vets and waiver wire trash. nothing has changed. Again when green was hired I was excited the farm team coach he must like young players but nope he wants “trusted “bottom tier vets that have been tossed away by worse teams And so we lose even more of our own prospects so we have veteran pkers that flat out suck. just listen to greens post game interviews riddled with excuses and praise for the opposition lol. Did he really just say we need to hit more be more physical did he not see who he chose for HIS team…. Why is demko the only pick that we’ve developed on the roster rathbone is getting an opportunity but he better not stumble and really hunt over OJ…. doweling over gad highmore over Mac or Lockwood is the drafting out of the top ten so pathetic that hunt petan doweling highmore are better option or is it the miserable continued failure of a bad coach. just listen to his post game interviews… and those example are just this summer .ffs. the sample size is there if you look at the big picture and it’s actually really easy to see. bieska - Canucks are fun to play against- our incredible goaltending has held us in every game we haven’t deserved to win any more than we and we got lucky in that one even though hart couldnt stop a beach ball. Blame the refs, the quick whistles the Nucks get breaks to but much like green and Benning some refuse to see it because making sad sack excuses (just like JB does) are easier than accepting the alternative. At the end of the day We better start winning games and stop make it excuses.
  11. 7 season for Jb 3 + for green different players (again) same results. the sample size is plenty large enough. most organizations around the league would have made changes at the end of last season. Only three gms that have a record as bad as jbs have lasted as long as him ( milbury McLean) bad coaches even less. home games should be fun well maybe not for Jb and green if things continue. The time for pathetic excuses is over.
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