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  1. Yup an offen injured plug that turnoffs every check and refuse to throw a single body check just what we need on the bottom line. wouldn’t want to UPGRADE lol sutters a huge down grade over beagle. But he’s cheaper so sucking is ok.
  2. So why wast this cap does no one want to come here now after his the last batch of mistakes were handled so we have recycle guys that were worthless for the last 4 season. If the farm after 7 years still so empty that we don’t have one depth center where are all the super drafters picks where are the players from the farm development. Meh good for sutter he found a sucker to pay another mill to do nothing no surprise it was the same fool that paid him 4 mill
  3. Lame. Another soft bottom six forward. so much for being tougher to play against loading up on minis and buttercups
  4. Gross I hope not. he Was a disappointment his entire time here.Another butter soft bottom six.
  5. 5 mill per year is all the trade protection it needs.
  6. we got a third back. One year free rental with no late fee. Was never a Schmidt fan soft and small over paid and over rated kinda like OEL but…
  7. They should be, JB is proven to be clueless. An offersheet is 100% Jb fault. but maybe he wants the first round picks so he can trade it for a declining 30 year olds “ ran out of time”
  8. Garland worth 5mill a season for 5 years.. yikes well if he’s worth 5 I guess EP should hold out for 9. gross deal 3.5 should have been the max. that cap space must just be burning JB. Oh it must be ufa time when Jb make mediocre players long term mistakes.
  9. Pretty clear Jb still hadn’t learned same mistakes every summer. 7 years now able to buy his way out of trouble this year but we’ll be cap buried within a month again…
  10. Holy crap that’s almost enough to run for US president. If it’s true that guys a POS and is cancer on the team and community good riddance.
  11. Recoup some picks nothing retained cap dump for us. no first last year or this year no second next year we’ll have a gap in depth and nhl youth in a couple years.
  12. 7.2 and garland apparently wants 3-3.5 and Dickinson will be the same so he we cleared what? we moved out some mistakes added one new (OEL) one an undersized forward and a solid third liner. so we moved out 14 mill 4 picks and got around a 14 mill cap hit back. Of the three Dickinson is probably my favourite move addresses the total lack of any physicality this team has. OEL will help but 7.2 hurts long term and he’s know as being “ permissive” in the d zone so the d is still butter soft snd easy to play against. garland would be great if the team wasn’t alread
  13. To bad I had high hopes for him when he was drafted and the following years. He’s still young and hopefully this makes him wake up for his own sake. unless of coarse he did what he’s been accused of in which case good riddance.
  14. Who? are they better than giving rathbone and OJ a legit shot. wouldn’t want to save any cap space.
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