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  1. Made a game of it... thanks demko if the oilers ever get a good goaltender they’ll be great. Markstrom would have put them over the top
  2. Megna looking like Highmore coach willies 1 point second liner . oilers are playing fast.
  3. Thinking this team has any pushback/ toughness is hilarious. Jb era his model has been smaller slower and softer than ever before. Just Like the last 7 years( and limited playoffs) our only chance of winning is if our goaltender stands in his head.
  4. Wow oilers goaltenders made us look like an actual threat but then our goaltender is actually why we won. 40+ shots against in another demonstration of terrible team d. not sure how JB can justify protecting Pearson over Macewen who’s the only guy on our team that plays big,goes to the net ,stirs the pot,hes fast,hits,fights for himself and his teammates and is only going to get better. I like Pearson but long term Mac is the guy I’d want. ep Miller boeser horvat lind gadovich macewen Oj hughes demko priority for protection
  5. Sucks we will mostly likely lose macewen at i expansion rather have him than Pearson. not a knock on Pearson but we don’t have guys let alone young guys that play hard hockey like Mac.
  6. NOT!! respect and appreciate all he’s done here for us but it’s time to move on. No more old and slow. hard for a team to improve when the same declining players are resigned. same team = same result ... it really isn’t that complicated.
  7. Nucks haven’t been in charge of there own destiny since the 8 game losing skid to start the excuses I mean season. magic number is 0 that’s how many wins we need in order to draft the best in every round. JB build isn’t a playoff team in the AHL let alone nhl.
  8. We need an experienced coach that knows how to teach a team to play defence. also a coach who isn’t afraid to play young guys over veteran plugs. I don’t think JB should be given yet another mulligan. (coaches signing trades ect) a new veteran GM that’s proven should be the first and most important move. new gm new coaches
  9. Highmores on pace for 1 shot per game lol. with 15 minutes of ice time . add vessy Boyd and hawerler to the list and not sure how anyone can be surprised. developing the future that’s not greens way. play the ineffective plugs over the actual future.
  10. Checking the looooonnnng list of excuses to find the ones that apply tonight.
  11. Lack of depth - 7 years of throwing away picks prospects and assets will do that.
  12. 6-1 EDM Highmore vessy and Boyd are our high minute go to guys.the score reflects that. Coach Willie loves the plugs. lind gets his first.
  13. Just like the team he’s assembled. the other gms in the league will be happy as will all our divisional rivals. maybe some more waiver wire picks bad trades and over paid ufas that don’t play will fix it this time..... time for some more excuses.
  14. Every game gaudette plays makes this trade look even worse. 4 points three games second star of the game. How many mulligans does this guy get. woukdnt be a trade deadline with out Jb throwing away a pick prospect for nothing just like it’s not the off season with out signing him a terrible contract. I know FA needs a yes man puppet but geez a dead monkey couldn’t do worse.
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