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  1. I get Dickinson and building a winner but doesn’t that mean you need to have your two best players in the lineup . these two are part of the core group and the foundation to build up from. signing support players is great if they have someone to support. I think till get worked out but at what cost now We needed a positive feel good camp after the disaster last season. Now this camp has started with a cloud over it and it’s Vancouver so if there’s a cloud the rain isn’t far behind.
  2. Op Hagahahahahahahahah. A #6 dman that has played for 128 gp at the age of 28 will not be better than tanev who is one of the best defensive dmen in the game. poolman has a better chance of being the contract we will be buying out or trading than becoming tanev. in fact we might have to get rid of him to get our two superstars signed. he shouldn’t have been signed till those deals were done.
  3. Yup totally agree . the price will only go up. Cornerstone pieces should have been done long ago. Playing hard ball with the two best players at this point will only breed long term contempt. 100% on the management , lame way to start a season especially for a team that’s been a bottom feeder and needed some good news.
  4. Just like makar is the extreme one way this contract is the rock bottom looks like a discount to stay Or more likely he wanted a contract that would make it easy to trade him so he can get out when he demands a trade. Either way Tells me this guy needs a new agent.
  5. Yup that’s it the exact reason JB has no choice but to sign them. the line up with out them isn’t a “win now” team. It looks more like a ticket out of town for JB. fans in the stands won’t be kind. we’ve all seen players who miss camp how long it takes for most of them to catch up. Any long losing skids even in October could be the season.
  6. Jb gets fired when his team misses the playoff and his two best players were sitting. only line he’ll hold is the unemployment. so trade your two best players hahahahahaha So restart the retool / rebuild disaster. Or maybe we can trade one of them for a 30 year old declining 7.2 mill dman with 6 years left . its crazy but it’s the market value- makar this kid , Brady Tkachuk this summer is the wrong summer to have top tier rfa talent getting resigned. 8-10 mill for ep 3-8 7-9 mill for hughes. 3-8 look around the league the best players are getting top dollar rfa status doesn’t have the same leverage anymore. Or get booed nightly then fired when the team is struggling with a dressing room full of p issed off players that wondering if being a Canuck is the best choice for them to Since they are tired of all the losing. rumor has it that’s already happened when toffoli talks “ ran out of time” And schmidt sure seemed to love it here. Lol .
  7. Hahahah trading ep and or hughes is like telling boeser horvat Miller that we plan on being a loser for much longer good luck keeping any of them. not signing them and letting them sit Jb might as well be in the stands chanting “ fire Benning” with the rest of the crowd on opening night. lol The Canucks gambled that the flat cap and Covid would negatively impact player salaries and contracts they lost that bet and they lost bad. I find it funny the same folks defending a declining 30year old getting 7.2 mill for the next 6 years are against and blame the player from giving 8-9 mill for 22 year olds that haven’t reached the prime. Market value has ep at 8-10 mill on a 3-8 year deal. hughes 7-9 mill 3-8 year The media is going to have a field day if these two aren’t signed and we have all seen players that miss camp rarely have stellar seasons when they are signed and it sure builds an positive atmosphere moving forward.
  8. Petey signs a three year deal which will still be 7-8.5 just he’ll most likely be getting over 12 on his next contract. Once again it seems pretty short sighted. the Canucks gambled thinking comparable contracts/signings would be less due to COVID and the flat cap they were wrong and it’s going to be an expensive mistake. even more so with hughes he might not be makar but that still sets the bar for a top tier young rfa DMan.
  9. Are people really upset because his brother stated the obvious .hahahaha. to funny the easily offended shockingly easily offended by being told one of the worst team last year was one of the worst teams. kid was asked a question he answered it honestly. I guess he wasn’t told Vancouver fans don’t like the truth and have skin as thin as a Chinese food take out bag after the chicken balls have been in it. so now we need to get rid of a franchise dman because his brother said one of the worst teams was one of the worst teams.
  10. Jb went all in this summer trading more first rders away to put a win now team together. He has no choice he can’t afford not to have both hughes and ep in the line up this club won’t win without the..they are the teams best two players. it would be a disaster for JB to start the season if one or both is not in the line up. He hung onto to his job by a thread could you imagine no ep no hughes some think I’m harsh wait till fans are back in the arena I’m sure the masses will be kind and understanding. ( didn’t a plane with a banner get hired) You think people are paying to see Pearson or poolman.a Combined 5+ mill. Yup they are depth yes we need players like this and yes in September these types of players can be found CHEAP and usually on one year deals. this teams been terrible players don’t usually take less money to join/stay with a team that doesn’t win. Do you really disagree? blame players for not maximizing their earnings they didn’t set the market value gms did. In eight years 9 mill for ep could be a bargain. he’s a 22 year old point per game top line Center, he sell tickets and merchandise he want to win. I rather see them take a chance on a 22 year old super star that giving out 6 years to 30 year old has beens.
  11. Lol yeah the two superstars on the team that sell tickets the franchise players aren’t in the line up for opening night and you don’t think it would be a nightmare for JB and the Canucks…. ok. It’s a win for the agent shows he won’t let cap mismanagement control what he’s willing to let his top tier clients take. people keep throwing That same contract out there because it meets your hopes and expectations there a laundry list of worse players getting paid more and better players getting less. 7 for three is a pipe dream so pay your best player less than a declining dman hahahahaha. 8.5 is the min I see EP signing for and hughes most likely the same. term Is my guess on the hold up ep probably wants 4 - 5 years max and that sucks for a gm that can’t figure out how to win or manage the cap. I think hughes is three but it’s not going to be the bargain most hope for (just my guess) once again we won’t win without them Jb job depends on winning lame idiotic excuses won’t save him anymore.
  12. I’d agree if we were a winning team players take discounts but rarely do players take discounts when the team been the laughing stock of the league. asking them to take less because the gm decided he needed a bottom six Pearson and a bottom pair poolman when we have capable farm hands and knowing cheap depth is always available right now (September) petey and hughes are the players you build a team around , cornerstones, franchise faces, players that fans pay to see. They should have been the top priority as soon as extending them was allowed. Because a gm is clueless with the cap the superstars need to take less. Petey hughes i don’t blame them one bit for not signing yet with the info that we have. Over pay for ufas so rfas need to take the discount. Jb has no choice they don’t sign he’ll be fired a PR nightmare especially if we don’t come out strong to start the season. I aready feel like if this team isn’t a winning team by mid November he’ll be gone and that’s with those two , good luck having a winning team with the two best players watching. market value it changes as the off-season goes just like trades now young superstar dmen are highly paid the gms around the league have set the 2021 standards like it or not. nhlpa takes issues to when guys take less it hurts the “ union” brothers.
  13. He’s hired an agent to get him the maximum amount.he’s not obligated to take a discount nor should he. lowballed or overpayment “it’s a business” It’s 100% on Jb if he can’t get his young core of superstars signed. that said I still think both will be resigned before camp. Jb has to much at stake this season to leave either off his roster. It would be A PR nightmare this franchise can’t afford.
  14. Our dump and chase is a bit different than other teams. It’s dump it in but then chase the play back to our own end. it’s been an effective system at getting high draft picks.especially combined with out defensive system of watch the puck. To this point we haven’t had the right players to retrieve pucks as a small soft non physical team.
  15. 1 hughes 2 podz 3 EP 4 OEL and Myers
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