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  1. How many gms have kept there job for 8 losing seasons. While being capped out and trading 1st rounders? how many needed a phone call to tell them they weren’t fired? one bad move from being fired? Umm I think we’re way past that. These owners want to win they’ve over paid failed ufas for years nows the time to play hard ball with the actual future of this team and legit super stars.
  2. Does it - can he afford to have another losing season? Does that depth offset what hughes and EP bring on an off the ice. He acquired a 30 year old that’s has 6 years on his contract for a 1st and guys that had one season left. That’s a long term cap hit. and garland seems good but is yet another very small/slight forward we have a lot of small players. And I’m not sold on poolman and his 4 years Dickinson was the best signing disagree but for me Jb has put this group together to win and that means you need your top line Center and top pair dman.
  3. I don’t believe Jb has a choice he can pretend to play hardball but bottom line his job is on the line. if your job was on the line would you go into a season without your two best players and fan favourites. Owners want to win, jbs traded away multiple 1st rounders so what his two best young superstars sit and he can ice a sub par line up and lose another season and his job. That picture seemed like a set up from the agent saying show your having fun and not worried about the contracts it’s a game and jbs job depends on these guys being here. the agents and entire league know this is Jim’s last chance season to put up or get out. capped out once again he can’t afford his team to do anything but win. Contracts are screwy this summer most thought contracts would go down due to last year Covid and flat cap but it’s been the opposite especially for high end young rfa D. I just hope these two are in the line up sooner than later regardless of my dislike for JB losing sucks and we’ll be in tough without them. And this isn’t bashing JB for those that are over sensitive.
  4. Read a lot of negative comments about OJ last night. I thought he played a good game simple not flashy he was physical and in good position. I think the only way for OJ to improve at this point is in the nhl. hunt played good but he’s strikes me as a biega Rome Alberts type solid and reliable but fades away not really a regular. with out hughes and ham OEL Myers poolman oj rathbone schenn and hunt rotating in for schenn oj and rathbone . gets a lot tougher if hamonic and hughes play almost have to put hunt and oj or rathbone in the farm until the injury bugs starts to do it’s annual decimation of of d group.
  5. I think this guy gets paid for every time he can say kraken. it’s like meow on the super troopers.
  6. The more I hear kraken then more I dislike it. I didn’t mind it but at first but after one period I hate it. And I hate that they say it over and over.
  7. Can you get to Center ice app on your tv or Apple TV or fire its free on Center ice.
  8. It’s a business they are maximizing the return for the product. . There might not be an I in team but there in is individual which is what these guys are when they are working on the business side negotiating what they feel is best for them regardless of what we think. and they are free adults to do as they please since they are not under contract they went to a foot ball game and people here are offended or angry geez. to me it’s almost the agent playing games pose for a picture showing that your not concerned and not caving. I hope they had a good time looks like they did.
  9. Same could be said about hughes and ep right now. market value has these guys in 8-10 for ep and 7-8 for hughes
  10. Is it really , 7.2 for six on OEL has way more risk. To a lesser extent 2.5 for 4 for poolman is risky.he’s barely proven at 28!! I don’t see hughes or ep falling of a stats bridge in the next 6 years. Both a far to driven as individuals. 21 and 22 both have contracts expire before they are 30 and if salaries keep going up these two would be on bargain deals in 6-8 years at 9/10for ep 8/9 for hughes. what I find kinda funny is I have more confidence in JBs draft picks that the folks on here that adamantly support him.
  11. Because true Over paying for a 30 year olds has worked out so well around the league but especially in Vancouver.
  12. Why Keep saying over pay. Ep is the teams best player top line Center so he’s 22 you’d be okay with 12 mill when hes 24? Oh he’s a UFA so it’s okay to throw money away then. Ive never liked the bridge deals I remember when subban signed his bridge now look at what teams are paying for now. Lol what a bargain.
  13. Lol. if they don’t sign that’ll be fixed to since Jb wont last another losing 10 game skid or season
  14. How many have we won by doing what we’re doing? you think this team stands a chance without those two? I don’t. Over paying is a pretty loose term maybe an a slight over payment today but what do you think hughes and ep will want in three years after being cheaped out on. “Hope they take a discount” after this lol good luck. I hate the oilers but they have a group that’s one or two good moves from being a powerhouse. Hawks over paid there guys after they won and are paying them for declining. I rather pay a premium now to lock in guys that haven’t hit their prime than over pay a 30 year for six years. (Cough OEL.) doesn't Tampa have some expensive contracts didnt the kings Win when they had capped out with stars. long term will be a bargain in 3 years as apposed to doing this again in 3 years when they are in their prime and want double. “overpay” to see you asset grow 22-28 or “overpay” and watch you asset diminish 28-36.
  15. No we would have signed ep and hughes FIRST and had plenty of time to get the deals you called easy to do done. oh no not 4 bottom six rfas unsigned you think there would be 200 pages of those 4 weren’t signed. And it’s pearson poolman were the mistakes that we didn’t need to sign until of top line Center Calder winning all star and top pair Calder runner up was under contract. And we needed a positive camp because this teams been a total disaster for 7 seasons. The gm had to be told he WASNT FIRED. Now the 8th is starting off without our two best players. good thing you don’t care.
  16. I get Dickinson and building a winner but doesn’t that mean you need to have your two best players in the lineup . these two are part of the core group and the foundation to build up from. signing support players is great if they have someone to support. I think till get worked out but at what cost now We needed a positive feel good camp after the disaster last season. Now this camp has started with a cloud over it and it’s Vancouver so if there’s a cloud the rain isn’t far behind.
  17. Op Hagahahahahahahahah. A #6 dman that has played for 128 gp at the age of 28 will not be better than tanev who is one of the best defensive dmen in the game. poolman has a better chance of being the contract we will be buying out or trading than becoming tanev. in fact we might have to get rid of him to get our two superstars signed. he shouldn’t have been signed till those deals were done.
  18. Yup totally agree . the price will only go up. Cornerstone pieces should have been done long ago. Playing hard ball with the two best players at this point will only breed long term contempt. 100% on the management , lame way to start a season especially for a team that’s been a bottom feeder and needed some good news.
  19. Just like makar is the extreme one way this contract is the rock bottom looks like a discount to stay Or more likely he wanted a contract that would make it easy to trade him so he can get out when he demands a trade. Either way Tells me this guy needs a new agent.
  20. Yup that’s it the exact reason JB has no choice but to sign them. the line up with out them isn’t a “win now” team. It looks more like a ticket out of town for JB. fans in the stands won’t be kind. we’ve all seen players who miss camp how long it takes for most of them to catch up. Any long losing skids even in October could be the season.
  21. Jb gets fired when his team misses the playoff and his two best players were sitting. only line he’ll hold is the unemployment. so trade your two best players hahahahahaha So restart the retool / rebuild disaster. Or maybe we can trade one of them for a 30 year old declining 7.2 mill dman with 6 years left . its crazy but it’s the market value- makar this kid , Brady Tkachuk this summer is the wrong summer to have top tier rfa talent getting resigned. 8-10 mill for ep 3-8 7-9 mill for hughes. 3-8 look around the league the best players are getting top dollar rfa status doesn’t have the same leverage anymore. Or get booed nightly then fired when the team is struggling with a dressing room full of p issed off players that wondering if being a Canuck is the best choice for them to Since they are tired of all the losing. rumor has it that’s already happened when toffoli talks “ ran out of time” And schmidt sure seemed to love it here. Lol .
  22. Hahahah trading ep and or hughes is like telling boeser horvat Miller that we plan on being a loser for much longer good luck keeping any of them. not signing them and letting them sit Jb might as well be in the stands chanting “ fire Benning” with the rest of the crowd on opening night. lol The Canucks gambled that the flat cap and Covid would negatively impact player salaries and contracts they lost that bet and they lost bad. I find it funny the same folks defending a declining 30year old getting 7.2 mill for the next 6 years are against and blame the player from giving 8-9 mill for 22 year olds that haven’t reached the prime. Market value has ep at 8-10 mill on a 3-8 year deal. hughes 7-9 mill 3-8 year The media is going to have a field day if these two aren’t signed and we have all seen players that miss camp rarely have stellar seasons when they are signed and it sure builds an positive atmosphere moving forward.
  23. Petey signs a three year deal which will still be 7-8.5 just he’ll most likely be getting over 12 on his next contract. Once again it seems pretty short sighted. the Canucks gambled thinking comparable contracts/signings would be less due to COVID and the flat cap they were wrong and it’s going to be an expensive mistake. even more so with hughes he might not be makar but that still sets the bar for a top tier young rfa DMan.
  24. Are people really upset because his brother stated the obvious .hahahaha. to funny the easily offended shockingly easily offended by being told one of the worst team last year was one of the worst teams. kid was asked a question he answered it honestly. I guess he wasn’t told Vancouver fans don’t like the truth and have skin as thin as a Chinese food take out bag after the chicken balls have been in it. so now we need to get rid of a franchise dman because his brother said one of the worst teams was one of the worst teams.
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