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  1. Well... Hate to say that I told you so. But all these expensive contracts for bottom 6 players cost us. Tofoli would look good as a canuck right now. and losing Tanev... painful. Sure he is on the downward side of his career - but the team could sure use him now. All those posters who went on and on about the plan and assuring us all there would be money available.... well that just wasn't so. Not their fault - they didn't make those dumb contracts. not a big deal. but i do find it humorous ;) The future: Well the team is holding onto its core. but we lost some really valuable support players because we overspent on players anyone could pick up for fairly cheap (or we got them in their prime as defensive forwards, but we didn't need them at that time). Anyways, we have to wait until the dead wood is off the books before we can compete again. this year is a write-off. don't tell me that every team has players on the books chewing up millions that are equally worthless to the scoresheet - those teams don't win cups. Anyways, i believe next year LE is off the books. and then we can consider actually winning again. And JB isn't making dumb contracts anymore. Its just too bad he couldn't have learned that lesson with another team... but thats what you get when you hire a rookie GM. you get the ups and downs. Window opens again next season without LE! looking forward to it!
  2. Well he used to suck. Completely. Look at the contracts to the bottom 6. U could get that with half the money. This is the main reason the Canucks are not able to push through and win yet. Can’t wait until a few years when we can jetisson the mistakes. now he seems to have learned and his contracts are reasonable - more like an experienced GM. Which isn’t surprising - he was a rookie GM when he started. I like what he is doing now - I’ll bet he wish he could redo some of those Old contracts - beagle. Sutter. Rousel. Erickson. Just terrible contracts. Not terrible players.
  3. Agreed. the D core needs a revamp. I really want to give the young guys we have in the prospect pool a good change. when they are ready. The F lines were a bit slow - especially on the bottom 2 lines. Beagle looked better to me than Sutter (we need to keep one of them), he just needs some speed and size on his wings - Motte + ?... , and Sutter could probably be moved. The bottom 2 lines needed to take the forecheck to the knights, get the flow of the game going so the core can get on the ice in a better position, but were not able to match their intensity level - probably because they couldn't get there and couldn't win enough battles. I am excited about the new players coming up Hog and Pod look great for a 3rd line (with Beagle?). The real problem is LE. the cap and the league is too tight to waste 6m in cap space and still compete for a cup. So we transition over the next 2 years until we can get rid of that contract. I would hope he could re-negotiate - all his major $ is paid already - and we could keep him at a good salary, as I don't mind what he can bring still, but not for 6m. My only concern is that we sell Hog or Pod or Boeser for some quick term help - those players will be tough to find going forward??? probably??? . I wasn't a fan of the TT trade as I don't think we can keep him (I AM a fan of it if we can find a way to keep him) and we gave up too much for a rental. Madden would look better cap-wise right now - assuming he can play haha! The core would have had a good playoff run without TT anyways, so if we can't keep him fine - but we need to avoid that kind of mistake again. Anyways, bit of a rant. Defintiely the transition - the middle of the ice - was a huge problem and we need bigger and speedier bottom 6 and d.
  4. I disagree with some of the posts. virtanen. I thought he was ok. He threw his weight around a little. He scored in the Vegas series. He created some chaos. He fought. Threw some good hits. He will keep getting better these next few years gaudette. He has the wheels. Just needs a few years. Cheap too. He is just going to get better. agree motte should stay. Mcewan- will improve. So young u have to give him a chance what u need is a young bottom 6. With speed. Even if they don’t score a ton they can at least get to pucks and not get gemmed in their zone constantly.... And the goals will come if they play a forechecking pressure game The team needs to find the bottom 6 from the draft. No money for overpaying FA in the bottom 6 anymore.... We got to get rid of the ones we have
  5. Quit complaining haha! the team needs to learn that they need to play every playoff game with desperation. They haven’t learned that yet - but they will. It will take a while for them to reflect on the way the blues and then the knights were playing... especially the knights obviously. the Canucks weren’t playing like it was overtime the whole game - but the knights were. young team. Learning experience. This group can do a lot better and they should in the next few years. The support group for the stars will get better too - there are some slower players that have large contracts.... which is why the team wasn’t supposed to do anything yet! But the stars are so good they overcame it!
  6. Would rather spend the coin on some better talent - and then play the youngsters more. assuming the existing team is a good environment - which I think it now is. That was a problem before.... so this is a chance to improve the team
  7. My worry with JB is that he overpays easily. at least he has in the past - contracts for support players are too high... and might cost some of the core. We will see....
  8. The wingers are playing so wide - it isn’t working. they need to be close instead of getting the puck on the boards each time. - ready to take a hit
  9. Yes... this team was designed to win once those players retired.... all I can assume.....
  10. Sutter is looking slow. LE - forget it.... bottom 6 is a bit of a problem - compared to what Vegas has.
  11. Also Vegas is a better team well rested. They put pressure on their opponents way better.... but they are old. Second game they were tired. tomorrow they will be more tired. And we will tie it up. And then take the series. 4 games in 5 nights - as long as markstrom can hang in there we will win the series. It will go to 7
  12. Sometimes it is just about that extra sharpness. Being exact on a shot, making the save, etc. it’s called finish canucks don’t have it tonight. Vegas does. markstrom found his game but is getting no run support typically a team doesn’t find it halfway through a game. Too bad but we can tie it up tomorrow
  13. Brilliant read by Green. the problem last game was only 1/2 Canucks would carry the puck up the ice from the defensive zone that didn’t work so.... just treat your own zone like the offensive zone. All(well a lot) of players help bring the puck up the ice. that works. That was the Vegas advantage - they attacked at the weak point - I guess the Canucks got away with an easy carry upside the last 2 series. Now the advantage is gone. Brilliant read by Green.
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