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  1. Well... Hate to say that I told you so. But all these expensive contracts for bottom 6 players cost us. Tofoli would look good as a canuck right now. and losing Tanev... painful. Sure he is on the downward side of his career - but the team could sure use him now. All those posters who went on and on about the plan and assuring us all there would be money available.... well that just wasn't so. Not their fault - they didn't make those dumb contracts. not a big deal. but i do find it humorous ;) The future: Well the team is holding onto its core. but
  2. It’s all a learning experience. Not bad for him to learn those lessons before he comes back to NA
  3. Politics: Clinton was no saint but Trump is a thousand times worse when it comes to breaking the law for personal profit. Trump is just better at it. And worse at getting away with it. Anyways I don’t think a hockey player would be much on the radar of the oligarchs unless they wanted to help launder money. Which is extremely unlikely. We would have to see him buy properties and sell them for huge profits to oligarchs for instance (like trump) family: holy crap we don’t really know jack about it but have crazy opinions. Kind of like the Clinton and Trump opinions. Just le
  4. probably in another 2 years this team will be a lot more desirable - with an imminent chance to win... will make a big difference
  5. Haha just tuned in here to see if there was any word on tryamkins return... and all I Got was this
  6. Haha just tuned in here to see if there was any word on tryamkins return... and all I Got was this
  7. I predict if the canucks have a good season over the next few years he will want to come back. Else he will demand a trade
  8. I blame WD. He wouldn’t let T have the keys to the submarine for any of the weekend parties seriously though... the team is desperate for a player like him. If we start being competitive maybe he will consider it again. or maybe if his family moves to Vladivostok.
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