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  1. Kinda reminds me of when we lost Volpatti to the caps via waivers. Solid fighter but it’s unfortunate he couldn’t come up with a better preseason... Looked great two years ago... I guess Bo is our best fighter now
  2. Random, I know, but is it just me or does this guy look like an Asian version of Brock? been listening to him for a minute now, and always thought he looked familiar.... only occurred to me recently that it’s Brock I was thinking of
  3. Haven’t watched too much of Patrick in the NHL, but the few times I did he actually looked and played a lot like Adam Gaudette.... maybe a bit better of a skater than Gauds but remember being tripped out at how similar they were...
  4. Nah, actually liked Sbisa here. Just preferred him to get selected since I thought Gaunce still had more to show.
  5. In an alternate universe. Glad we live in this universe where Sbisa was taken.
  6. Second bike stolen from me in a few months. Both were secured in parking garages and locked... smh thats 2.5 k down the drain... 

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      Two words:

      Shotgun Stakeout. 


    3. Fanuck


      GPS Tracker

    4. Bell


      My daily bike is an old 91 Nishiki mtn bike and thieves never bother with it.  It has Shimano xt parts and is a horrendous green and white colour.  Scummy thieves leave ugly crap alone.  Sorry about your loss.

  7. Sad watching Hughes exit interview last year. Something along the lines of “these guys (Tof, Tanev, Marky) bring a lot to the team on and off the ice, and I’m sure management will find a way to bring back all of them because of how much they bring to the team” seems like he was set on all three if not at least one coming back. wonder if it’s as frustrating for the young players as it is for us to see all those guys go
  8. Hughes exit interview 3:00-3:30

    https://youtu.be/cUYC1g4svvw 3:00-3:30


  9. Oreskovich was a beast physically in some of the games he played and a non factor in some as his physicality was really the only thing he offered... but he made some crushing hits. believe he’s a financial advisor last I heard... but yeah I think louis impact is similar but in a different way, his defence is very solid but other than that not much to offer (hopefully I’m wrong) Oreo was strictly a 4th line guy, didn’t play any PK, and rarely ever played more than 8 mins a game
  10. That Miller play reminded me of when Ballard did an end to end rush against Nashville in rd 2 2011 and absolutely bowled over some dude after shooting and getting to the net
  11. Sutter looked a bit like Kesler out there last night. i feel like if we could fuse players; Sutter, Motte, and JT Miller would make a prime Kesler.
  12. Just realized with Olli playing last night... Horvat, Virtanen, Boeser, Juolevi, Pettersson, Hughes Canucks have one of their first round picks from each yr since 2013 on the roster. crazy difference if you look at how the 5 players before this turned out for Vancouver Gaunce, Jensen, Schroeder, Hodgson, White, Grabner (traded w the 2010 1st pick)
  13. idk if its just me (maybe been missing hockey for too long) but this is the most ive seen centremen on both sides kicked out of the faceoff dot. Seems like every other faceoff at least
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