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  1. Broberg's skating on full display today at the U18s, Soderstrom's decision-making and responsibility on display too. While Soda isn't as dynamic a skater, his all around game is much better. Depends on what you want - an elite offensive guy in Broberg, or someone who can play D, chip in offensively, and do everything well but not one thing to an outstanding degree.

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      I'm really hoping Broberg falls to the Canucks. 

    3. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      One complaint scouts have on Broberg is despite his offensive skills, he often lacks decision making in his own zone  and is prone to turnovers.  Reminds me when Luca Sbisa was first touted in his draft year in 08, good offensive skills but has issues exiting his own zone.  Soderstrom on the other hand is far more superior in that area, but doesn't have offensive flare like Broberg.


      Considering that moving the puck and making decisions in the defensive zone is what has hampered us for a while, I'm more inclined to go the safer pick and take Soderstrom.  He may be small, but Craig Button and Cam Robinson scouts on Vancouver Radio have said that Soderstrom plays bigger than his actual size and is far more engaged in his own zone than Broberg is.  

    4. S N Y P E R S 7

      S N Y P E R S 7

      Both exciting offensive guys and safe guys, defenseman-wise, are really difficult to find in free agency or trades. Can't really go wrong with either through the draft.

  2. Anyone want to talk offer sheets?

    1. goalie13


      OK...  From proposals I have seen on here from time to time, it seems people often forget that the free agent player needs to actually accept the offer.

    2. naslund.is.king


      there hasn’t been a successful offer sheet since the Oilers signed  Penner in 07


  3. Is it strange that when Arthur Kaliyev's name comes up in conversation, my first thought is the closed Arthur fist? 

  4. Real talk, though. Does Edler use Just For Men: Touch of Grey on his beard? 

    1. -AJ-


      If he does, he's evidence that it can look dang good.

    2. naslund.is.king


      way to look outside the box

  5. I honestly liked seeing Pearson play with Boeser and Pettersson. I think that line should stay together, with Horvat playing with Leivo instead. Leivo and Baertschi or Spooner. 
    What's with all the line juggling? They're never going to find chemistry that way.

  6. So... what up everybody? Gonna be doing game recaps for the UBC Thunderbirds, and some writing for the Ubyssey on the down-low. 

  7. and with that the Canucks just told us who they're going to draft... maybe? Elias Pettersson? Dahlen's linemate?

  8. good god have you guys seen grant mismash hit? I'm pretty sure somebody shot his dog or something because he looks like john wick on skates... pissed and ready to take a few heads off. he can also score and makes life hell for goalies. he chirps em up after he scores too. fkn svg

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    2. Devon Jade

      Devon Jade

      Last name matches his actions.


      His name is Grant Mismash

      Nuxfanabroad can't sell Mismash

      But damn look at that ass

      I think he's consuming grass

      It's not spelt Mishmash

      It is spelt Mismash

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      What's that mush all about? Misnomer?


      Cocerning the topic, that rambling's a mismatch! :^)

    4. Devon Jade

      Devon Jade

      What was all your mush about? 


      Otay otay

  9. damn Gaudette has some fire cellies lmao 

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    2. Pears


      Getting those over to Utica for next season would be lovely. 

    3. Pears
    4. Mr.53


      I mean really, If you don't have a good celly, can you really be that good of a hockey player? If i'm a scout, and you got have a bad celly, pass...

  10. Having a tough time figuring out what Cody Glass can't do... he's a really good prospect. One of the best centers in the draft. Rocks faceoffs, great speed, puck control, hands, shot - I guess his aggressiveness could use some work. He's a legitimate competitor. Could definitely be a top 6 forward at the next level. A lock in my top 15

    1. S N Y P E R S 7

      S N Y P E R S 7

      Interestingly enough, reminds me a bit of Dylan Strome. A very poor, empty-pocketed man's Dylan Strome is the way I'd describe Cody Glass.

    2. RRypien37


      @S N Y P E R S 7 So a one dimensional overrated scorer X 2? 

  11. I wish the draft were today

    1. Salmonberries


      Me too. I love the draft -- and I'm stoked about that extra second round pick.


      Let the draft begin!

    2. Jam126


      Your profile pick best describes your emotion right now. :lol:

  12. so... I finished Pokemon Sun on Saturday, finished the postgame on Sunday, started a part-time job at BestBuy on Monday, realize I have a two-part assignment due today, two comedy assignments due on the weekend, a dialogue and prose assignment due next week, a four page essay due next week, and a final the week after... and I'll be working most nights.  POKEMON IS A HOLE >:(

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    2. S N Y P E R S 7
    3. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal



















    4. RRypien37


      18 points in 22 games so far this year. You were right...*Bows to Master Resident CDC Scout

  13. overheard two women talking in the lab. "I wouldn't marry, let alone date, a guy who isn't 6 feet. At least 5'11 that's the lowest I'll go."
    Shoot me now :)

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    2. Odd.


      @RRypien37 Jesus 4000 calories a day? Meh, i don't think I can take all that in but 2500 calories wouldn't be out of reach for me. Intaking my carbs while cutting down on the sugar and upping my fat and protein in those 2500 calories will do. 

    3. hatedkid666


      im 7'5 so im good 

    4. RRypien37


      @Odd. Have to be willing to do what it takes our else can't complain that you can't gain weight