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  1. I like all the changes other than maybe getting rid of our PP coach.
  2. Hey, had to keep Virtanen lol Remember all the talk on here how he was gonna develop into a better player than Ehlers and Nylander? Lol Good times.
  3. So according to the OP. 1. Can't blame Benning for anything bad. 2. Have to give credit to Benning for anything good. Sick thread.
  4. Not much said in this presser. "Want to get faster, have more depth, make the playoffs." This is just what almost every GM says every offseason. "Going to be aggressive." Going to trade draft picks away.
  5. Finally some good news. IMO.. The way players talked about him after the season, no way you don't resign him. I think they wanted to let him walk, but players were already pissed from last offseason.
  6. I'm not a newer fan, I've been die hard since the 92-93 season. So I'm used to having terrible teams in Vancouver. What I'm not used to is having zero faith in ownership/management. After 7 years I've had enough. I'm just venting, wouldn't straight up switch teams. But I just might have a 2nd team while the clownshow in Vancouver continues.
  7. I agree with some of that and disagree with some. You and me have argued most of these things for years so I'm not going to get into it point by point. I at least appreciate the effort at an actual debate and not throwing crap at each other. I understand why you see things a certain way even if I don't see them the same way all the time. I used to like debating with you.. How much did we argue if you need high picks to rebuild, does losing ruin prospects, would Vancouver fans embrace a long rebuild? But I think I'm just so done with Aqualini and Benning that I just don't care
  8. One of his biggest moves was a non move. By being a very rare GM that kept the old coach instead of bringing in his own. AV was a key piece of the team's success. People seem to have short memories and also forget that the Twins almost left Vancouver in 2009. Gillis didn't run out of time like Benning, he flew to Sweden to meet with them and got a good deal done. He also surrounded himself with quality people, which enabled the Canucks to get maximum value for their players with low contract signings. As well as looked into any advantage the team could have, like
  9. The plan the way I see it. 1. Make some big signings, go for another run with the Sedins. 2. OK, terrible season. Draft high, add expensive vets and get back to dominating. 3. OK another horrible season? Draft high, add overpriced vets, trade for more 23-25 year olds and sign more people. No way there's another bad season. Retool time. 4. OK so another high pick, just add more overpriced vets. No way it doesn't work again. You know what. Trade 1st and 2nd round pick to sneak into the playoffs. 5. OK retool again, well.. mos
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