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  1. Had a team that recently won 2 president trophies and had 101 points Benning's first year. Though maybe it wasn't the good players and it was all Willie D that gave us success.
  2. Nah Benning said he'll have no cap issues this summer so you'd figure he could resign a player that apparently has no value.
  3. Jesus Christ Benning traded an upcoming free agent for a draft pick? I like it! Though wish he did this 7 years ago when this team should have been rebuilding and actually had players of value to trade.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted and it doesn't include Holtby.
  5. How many absolute trash seasons is this guy gonna be allowed? How many more high picks and non playoff seasons before we're officially the Oilers of seasons past? Benning has been terrible since his very first move of signing Vrbata & Miller instead of selling assets to rebuild. Imagine the team this would be if Benning and our scouts had a bunch of extra draft picks for a few years. Instead we get a bottom feeder with no cap space. Been listening to Canucks radio and podcasts a lot and there were more callers excited about the Kraken than our upcoming season.
  6. I dunno man. CDC has been a cheerleading forum since I can remember. So you know that something stinks when there's this much criticism.
  7. The comment section on The Score website is just wild when it comes to this story. Absolutely nothing about hockey or the Canucks. Just a crap throwing fight if covid is serious and if vaccines work.
  8. Love it, should be great value long term. Sign the goalie coach next!
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