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  2. Probably Sergei Chibisov. “I’m a defensive dman who can join the rush once in a while,” Tryamkin said. “I can handle myself in a fight and protect my teammates.” “It may be easier for him to play in the smaller rinks,” Chibisov said. “We’d like him to get more mean, in a positive way. Cited from: http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/06/28/canucks-can-draft-russians-again-and-they-get-a-huge-one/ I like how he thinks and how Chibisov wants Tryamkin to develop - along the lines of Chara...but "in a good way". Just do not want to see Max Pacioretty type hits...too much potential
  3. DeNiro. PLEEEEEASE. Don't let him back on the bandwagon. I'm starting to get a headache from wanting to cut loose on him with four letter invective. Love how he steamrolls an opposition player. Skilled player with an abrasive edge. I like it.
  4. Good breakdown of what Benning could have used to determine his pick at 6. Sorry - can only +1 once.
  5. FFS...Just GO AWAY! Guess what. There's a team that needs a guy like you as their fan. You might know of them. They could use you in their fanbase. I think DopeyBrashear thinks he has a medical degree in arthroscopic surgery. Oh my F*NG god... I give Benning credit for having a SCOUTING background... YOU not so much!
  6. Dear God. Stop with the damned national puns. After hearing all of the country puns...Iran... Back on track... I like the fact that all three are on the same page. Now whether it translates to the on-ice product, well...we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. OK... "Bandwagon Fans". All off at the next stop! Both management and players have to be on the same page to be able to work towards the common goal. That's the recipe in every successful business. This is the most hope I've seen in 44 years. The Canucks are in good hands and I look forward to this season...as I have for the past 44 years. Maybe...just maybe... we'll see a Cup in our future.
  8. God almighty, that gave me nightmares of the 80s...
  9. For a "proven" GM; telling a head coach he can't "pick his assistants" - (if that's true); ranks up there in stupidity like Quinn calling Gretzky and telling him to "make a decision". Yeah, I'm sure Pittsburgh will be fine too...but I'll enjoy gloating over the fact that Rutherford got turned down for a while.
  10. Rupe. You're only as old as you "think you are". I'm 44 turning "14".
  11. Looks like PIT won't be trading with VAN any time soon. ~evil laughter~ First Benning, now Desjardins. Rutherford: "I thought we had a deal, then he decides to go the other way." Look at it this way, Jimmy, if Benning signed with PIT, you'd be out of a job opportunity.
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