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      can i still reach you at FarkingLick on AIM

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      Donatello was better.

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      A legendary poster with the reputation of a new user. ;)

  2. Bought Grid 2 the other day on PC. First racing game i've played in years and it's quite good. Have also been playing Persona 4: Golden on Vita and it's an amazing game but taking a break 30 hours in. Long RPG.
  3. I was pumped at how much fun he looked like he was having. Kid had a HUGE smile on his face the whole game and after when they interviewed him.
  4. I'd be shocked if Schroeder was called up to the Canucks. Winnipeg bound and I hope they can get Hodgson there too.
  5. There's alot of snow up Grouse Mtn today.
  6. Anyone on the Northshore know what the seabus will be like for the next few weeks? I have heard semi-conflicting reports and no one seems to know... ?
  7. Hola LickTheEnvelope. How've you been? :)

  8. Oddly warm and very wet. On the plus side at least my car isn't trapped in a mountain of snow like last year.
  9. Was snowing a bit but barely snowing at all now here in North Van. Roads fine i've been out a few times allready.
  10. I think clutch got run off the board... still a funny thread though.
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