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  1. I guess most of Brasil is pretty happy right now?

  2. sorry for that slash...


    But the guy tell me to "suck it up". I cannot stand....


    when people from other countries come here, we cheer for them, we receive them, we care them, we gave them food, hospitality...


    those 4 show how Americans can be nasty...


    everything for them is awesome in america while the hole world sucks...


    cannot stay quiet seeing this. sorry...


    PS: next men´s soccer game. Germany 14x2 Brazil

    1. debluvscanucks


      People from all nations can be nasty.  Or good.  So let's be some of the good ones, shall we?  :)

    2. Toews


      "Suck it up" means "deal with it" in case you thought @SabreFan1 was telling you to literally suck on something.

    3. SabreFan1


      Holy smokes @aeromotacanucks, continuing a thread that a mod closed on her own status board is a very bad idea.

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