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  1. Dammit dude you're making all Rodrigos out there look crazier than our usual... Btw my 1st name is Rodrigo
  2. Dear Trump apparently according you the attack itself killed more than 3x the entire population in Sri Lanka... Well maybe you should just check this a little bit Mr. Trump...
  3. I don't know the exact values but I think it can be done, or even using helicopters on small releases instead going it all at once. The technology is there so let's use it right? Why not drones too? Ok maybe drop 7tons over it will create problems but how about drones releasing 10 or 20kgs of water 1 after another on a precise targeting? I think the technology is there and we can use it
  4. Not hitting directly because yes that will be bad Imagine this. Get one of those high pressure water hoses, if you shoot it directly you will hit and cause damage BUT let's suppose I point it up and shoot it, it will not hurt you but will create an "artificial rain" that will wash you gently and around you because you're spreading the water over a large area If you get a water bomber and drop the water let's say at 100m or more you will not be unleashing the water to the ground at full force but the air will do the job of spreading the water over a larger area since the water will encounter resistance util it reaches the ground. The higher the distance more drag the water will suffer and since the amount of water dropped is tiny compared to the air around it (since it wasn't raining there) the final velocity will not be huge I think it can be done, cropduster pilots do all the time, they release the water above us at 100m or more and for us in the ground we feel it's like a common rain
  5. The concept is not directly water bomb because yes it will be a bad idea it but create an indirect effect You drop the water high enough to bring moisture to the atmosphere, do it enough and you can induce a light rain over a large area, so instead directly doing it you're spreading water over a large area which your target is inside it and also avoids fire propagation Let's say 8 tons of water at 100m above the target, will not damage the target will will surely add a lot of moisture to the local air This happen all the time in the Amazon, a single rain nearby can unleash a large effect over a huge area because you added moisture...
  6. Not dropping directly but above it creating a cloud of moisture in order to provoke a light rain over the entire area
  7. Actually this is not a bad idea. They could use a Canadian CL415 waterbomber or if they need a heavier one a Russian Beriev B200
  8. Canadians talking about freedom: a reasonable debate (most of the time) Americans talking about freedom: Ok which country we have to invade now?
  9. Thanos dies in the end! Feel free to hate me now...
  10. My hometown Manaus/amazon jungle/Brazil
  11. And people took 3 months to cross the north Atlantic instead 7 hours we take now...
  12. We have to consider if regulations will allow a full automatic car like this... I don't think so...
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