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  1. Through 18 games this 2015/2016 NHL season, the Vancouver Canucks currently sit 3rd in the Pacific Division with a record of 7-6-5 (19 points, good for 15th in the League). This blog will detail both team and individual aspects of this Canucks team as they’ve been through the first quarter(ish) of the season, resulting in me giving them a letter grade (from A+ to F) for both the team overall, as well as each individual player. In the first section of this blog, I will be focusing on the Canucks team stats, to analyze how they actually match up against their peers league wide The Canucks
  2. To open up this blog post, let's review some of the top prospects available in this draft. The following is my ranking of the top-60 players available in the draft this year. Picks are ordered in terms of rankings of player ability/projections in my opinion, not necessarily taking into account team need. NHL 2015 Draft Rankings 1st round 1.) Connor McDavid ©- Elite speed, agility, acceleration, hands, and hockey sense. This kid is a future superstar and could be the new face of the NHL. NHL projection: Generational #1 center. NHL style comparable: Crosby 2.) Jack Eichel ©- Another generati
  3. Looking for members for an NHL15 GMC League (play) on PS3!

    1. Tangelos


      Ditto but for the sim league

  4. Thank you for your input. @the_grinder: Grenier is a solid prospect, but I believe that the guys I listed all have higher upside. If I had an honorable mentions list, he would be on it. @Absent_Canuck: I'd like to hear your reasoning for these assumptions. All scouting reports indicate that Virtanen very well could be a 30 goal NHL player, he was one of the best, if not the best, pure goal scorer in his class. As for Gaunce, like I said, he looks to be a very good 3rd line center.I compared him to Berglund, who has had one 50 point year, but is usually more in the 35-45 range, which i
  5. ^ a few of these guys could be with the big club next year. I still consider Jensen a prospect, as he has not broken in with the Canucks full time yet. I would rank Fox in the 12-15 range. He may be good, but he also may be a complete bust. Hard to tell with overagers.
  6. Hamhuis2

    My prospect rankings

    Good job. You forgot Corrado though!
  7. The NHL 2014 Entry draft is finished, and much to the disappointment of some fans, the Canucks did not trade up for the 1st overall pick. That being said, having dealt Ryan Kesler to the Anaheim Ducks, the Canucks ended up holding the #6 and #24 overall picks. With these picks, the Canucks drafted speedy powerforward Jake Virtanen and solid two-way center Jared Mccann. This blog entry will focus on ranking the Canucks current prospects, including the ones just drafted, as well as providing a brief insight on how and when these prospects will make an impact in the NHL. I will finish off th
  8. Wow I was way off! The Canucks ended up in the best possible position that they could.
  9. ^Good call, I completely forgot about that when I wrote this. I'm not gonna edit the blog post, but thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Well, the NHL regular season is winding down, and the Canucks currently sit 20th overall in the league. While there are still 10 games to play, the Canucks are not going to make the playoffs this year. There are too many teams ahead of us with games in hand, and our quality of competition is too great. That being said, this isn't a bad thing. Many fans, myself included, believe that it's time to get younger and start bringing in young players who can lead the next generation of Canuck players. What better way to do this than through the draft? --------------------------------------------
  11. After tonights win, Lu sits 5th in GAA and 8th in SV% (discounting goalies with under 25GP). I'm glad we kept him!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      The question isn't numbers. They speak for themselves. It's does he want to stay here or be closer to his family. One way or another that has to be resolved.

  12. I assume you mean Kessel on wing above. Also, not convince Big Buff can handle the big ice. He'll definitely get a look though
  13. Spezxa is a great player, don't get me wrong, however I feel that their are just better options than him. He is a great all around player, but is not dynamic enough to play over guys like Duchene or St. Louis in the top-6 or as solid as guys like Perry and Bergeron in the bottom-6.I believe a healthy Nash is a lock, he has performed well for Canada at every international event. Giroux on the other hand, while at the beginning of the season I would have picked him, has played himself off of the team in my opinion. As for Seguin(who is making a strong case for himself) as Lupul, I just see too m
  14. With the news of Stamkos' injury, IF he is not ready to go, who do you guys think takes his roster spot?
  15. With only a few months to go before the 2014 Winter Olympics, I'd like to share some of my thoughts about everyone's favourite event...hockey! (Note, Olympic rosters consist of 25 men, however I only included this number for Canada, as the rest are pretty obsolete). THE ELITE: These teams have the best chance at medaling, any one of them could win gold. TEAM CANADA SOCHI 2014 (Projected) Stamkos-Crosby-St. Louis Duchene-Tavares-Nash Perry-Getzlaf-E. Staal Bergeron-Toews-Couture (M. Richards, Benn) Weber-Doughty Keith-Seabrook Pietrangelo-Subban (Hamhuis, Letang) Luon
  16. Edler and Tanev should switch cap hits...

  17. Hamhuis is a BEAST!

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