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  1. Hockey Widow has a new interesting read.

    1. -DLC-


      Glad to see you back, DC.

    2. The Drunken Crunker
  2. So much fun.

    Then we got the TSN update about the Riders (beating the Esks)....so that required another beer. ;)

  3. I think you picked the right game to go to!

    What a night!

  4. I'll be the (only) one wearing a Bieksa jersey. ;)

  5. LOL. Lucky bugger! ;)

    Enjoy! I'll look out for ya in the crowd!

  6. Going to the game...so a win it is. ;)

    I'm predicting 4-3. Pretty excited for this one...should be a beaut.

  7. Hey, thanks 4 the wb Deb! :)

    I've been around but mostly just lurking as of late.

    Psyched for the game yet? What's your prediction? ;)

  8. Hey, good to see ya.

  9. OK, good to know. Thanks again for the comment. That Bieksa thread (in Trades, Signings, Rumours)has some really great posts and discussion in the last 5-6 pages. I felt like I needed to throw my own two cents in.

  10. In general, but your posts in the Bieksa thread is what motivated me to comment.

  11. Hey, thanks for the comment (and the continued support ;)! Were you talking about today's posts in the Bieksa thread or just in general?

  12. Seriously dude, love your posts! Keep on keepin on good buddy... me's like the cut of your jib!

  13. Torres joins Pratt and Taylor @ 5.

  14. Boondocks it is.

    (will people put us down?)

  15. Why hello der' Deb. It be's crunking mighty well - and may I say thank you for asking?! Care to join me for drinks and a bbq down by the boondocks?

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