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  1. Markstrom clearly was saying that his and his teammates effort wasn't at an NHL level. He obviously wasn't saying he and and his teammates aren't NHL level players. But our wack media and fanbase is going to go way overboard with that comment.

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    2. ReggieBush


      That was my interpretation too. Not trying to justify it, but 3 games in 4 nights on the road, with a boatload of injuries was never going to be easy.

    3. Wilbur


      @Brad MarchandI can forgive TSN somewhat for their transgressions.  If TSN knows anything they know what an NHL team masquerading as an AHL team looks like as Toronto did that purposely for a few years.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Thing is, nobody is going to hold them accountable for it and people are still going to think that Markstrom said his teammates aren't NHLers instead of not playing like NHLers.

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